Weekending 4 November 07

Monday: Spinning class at Europa pools when I can get through. Then home to try and configure the new broadband connection. Just squeezed into the class at West Kirby and logged it on the Forerunner 50. From the look of things I’m running at about 75 to 80% as I’ve picked up a cold. Once I’ve got enough data I’ll start overlaying data from various classes. Barbara,s classes should be easy as the music tracks are the same week in week out.
Then it was off to Europa Pools for the class I had originally booked. There were only 6 of us in this class but I was first reserve as it was down as full.  Sheila,s classes are the total opposite of Barbara,s  she is out to lookout  for her girls. Donny Osmond got a mention as she had been to see him. Just as well Donny doesn’t do anything to spin to.
As it was it was a relaxed class, I mentioned to everybody that  I had just done West Kirby and the reply  was that it couldn’t have been much good as I was fit enough to do another. The data I have says you take it easy in the second class, stands to reason you can’t do two of them at the same intensity.
Shower, home, and the new broadband connection to sort out. Oh and write it up while trying to watch Diehard 4. An interesting day.
Tuesday: Work. Maybe a class after work have to see how it goes.
Managed to get a class at West Kirby, someone must have upset Barbara as the class was changed and you wouldn’t get saddlesores in this class as we were never in it.
To confound it all I couldn’t get the Forerunner 50 to pair with the Garmin cheststrap I took as I now have two. I timed the class but had no data which was a shame as it would have been good to compare the classes especially with what happened later.
I’ve only had the new broadband connection a day and decided I needed to see what the Garmin Connect account was about. After messing around with the login password I managed to get the page up. There is already some data in it and looking at it, it was tonights class. This I initially found strange as I’m not wearing the watch, it’s still in the gym bag in the hall. The bluetooth USB stick had detected its presence and uploaded the data to the site, brilliant stuff. With the 705 due out soon it’s going to mean an automatic upload of data as soon as you walk in the room.
Just seen the Dave Llyod  mega challenge on July 2008. This sounds like an event I want to do on mt own at one stage. Never mind the official event it’s just a challlenging route to do maybe once in a lifetime.
Wednesday: Ride day. Maybe a trip out with the NorthEnd. The last two weeks have been a tad slow and I need to get back into it. I’m starting to think about next year now as this year is going to take some beating. L’Etape du Tour sounds like some thing worth a giving go. I’ve had a good time doing the Audaxes and they cost peanuts compared to the sportif events.
Rode out to the Eureka via the cash machine at Gayton roundabout and ended going to Utkinton Garden Centre. I’ve promised to post a link to the ride route and I’m in the process of doing it. 69 miles for me and a pleasant day out.

Link to Map of ride. opens in a new window.

Only took one photo one the ride and that was the North End fixing a puncure at the Cafe.

NorthEnd fixing a puncture.jpg

The ride out was fine with Jack leading the ride. The only thing of note was my new backlight bouncing down the road. I managed to loose the clip in the process. The new Cateye EL530 fitted to the Toys Aero bar so the front was taken care of it turned dark.

Back to the Eureka as we were mustering outside for the ride there is a familiar Garmin bleep. I look around at mine as it should have been switched off and it was. The bleeps are coming from a chap in CSC gear with a 205 on the stem. Turns out he knows me from visiting the site. He then strikes up a conversation with “young” Sandra who is well chuffed with the compliment.

Fast forward back to the ride, before we got to the Cafe there was a section of road that had all the hedges cut, badly. The road was a mess, the NorthEnd opted to walk, I rode on picking the best line sure that 100 psi would see me through. Well I got to the next junction and waited and I did think about turning back but the Cafe was just up the road so I rode on knowing that first at the counter meant I was going to get fed first too.

Jacket potato with tuna mayo for me and it turns out Sandra has ordered the same. A bit later as we had finished the Chester Road Club with Ray turned up. Ray got ne started on the routplanning on Marrengo and although our paths have diversified we still meet up for the Audaxes.

More a bit later  I’m off to the spinning class.

Spining class tonight  was at West Kirby and I had a session in the gym before the class. Miles turned up for the class and then there were two of us that sweat buckets in these classes. He set a PB of 700 kcal in this class  according to his Polar Sx 725 HRM. I wouldn’t doubt it,

Thursday: Tried to get a new bracket for the Cateye rear light without much luck. Not riding today but will do a spinning class to get the recomended  half an hour in a day. 
Barbara,s spinning class at West Kirby. This is the fifth class this week. Water bottle got topped up before the class along with a few weights. Logged the class on the Forerunner 50 which had an average heartrate of 142 BPM. with 169 as a max.
I’ve done enough classes to know what is good for me. I don’t do seated climbs full stop in a spinning class. Barbara is calling out all these climbs in the seat and from what I can gather the rest of the class is dialing it in.
This is not what I want so I don’t do it. I’m not looking to bulk up and I would think  99% of the women aren’t either. Most of it is a question of tension. Why struggle to turn an impossible gear when if you were on a bike you would select a lower gear  full stop.

I spin up hills these days and apart from going out with the likes of the NorthEnd  where the pure climbers drop you it works pretty well.

Friday: Ride day.Decided to do a circular Wirral ride as the sun was out and I wanted to be back early. As it turned out I should have had a go at the Steve Cummings training ride again but it was a good day all the same.

Copy of DSCF3460.jpgCopy of DSCF3461.jpgCopy of DSCF3462.jpgCopy of DSCF3463.jpg

The forecast was good and it wasn’t a day for the Aldi Winter gear but there was enough wind to make me put on the Discovery Channel Windshell. Stopped at New Brighton to take pictures of the swans on the boating lake and again at the cycle path leading to Moreton. It was really quiet out, even the front at Seacombe was deserted. I’d booked a spinning class at Europa pools on the way out as this looked like it was going to be an easy day.
First stop was Morrisons in West Kirby for the Afternoon Tea for £1.99. Pot of tea, 1/2 an egg sandwich and a scone. This was 21 miles in and it was 11 o’clock. Most of the others seemed to be having full english breakfasts brought out. The car park chaos takes some beating and it was a good job I wasn’t in a rush to get out as the exit out of the shop is half blocked by a poppy stall and a firework stall. No messing around taking the flat route out of West Kirby these days it’s straight up the hill.
The benefit is going down the other side. Thurstaton cutting is the next climb and once past the Cottage Loaf I took the cycle path. Where it finishes by Mere Lane another rider in Discovery Channel kit passes me but he is on the other side of the road.
Next stop for a Gel and a bit of water is Parkgate. then it is up the road to Neston where I catch site of a rider in front. He gets passed before the Wheatsheaf and I push on a bit knowing he is having a good go. Our paths diverge at Denhall lane where I go down it for the first time.
There is a Bentley on the back of a lorry blocking the road at the bottom but I squeeze  by, once along the front it is the modest climb back up to Burton then along to Puddington. Next stop is the Eureka.
I end up spending 2 hours here talking to people I’ve bumped in to, American Dave is there telling us about his session on the track at the velodrome. The Sunlight all came down in their cars for some reason as November days don’t get much better than this. We talked about Dave Llyods ride in the summer, this looks to be the toughest thing in the UK 140 miles up the steepest climbs in North Wales. You could do a couple of these and say youve had a good ride but this has about 12 of them in.
It could become a classic.

On the way home I decide to give the missing Link another chance and it proves to be OK. Further on by Thorton Hough I come up upon Charlie and see him take avoiding action from a horse that takes fright and sidesteps across the road into his path. We ride together until our paths diverge  past Thornton Manor. The ride was 46 miles at my own pace, the headwind was a drag but I was just looking to have a good time on my own.
A bit less mileage than I had planned but I shouldn’t have spent so much time yapping but at least I had the spinning class to fall back on. I didn’t set any records in Sheila,s class, average heartrate was 130 bpm but the class wasn’t structured to break any records. The new Forerunner 50 doesn’t count calories like the Aldi HRM but it does log the whole class. I’ve moved on a bit from the calorie counting, now it’s about logging the spinning sessions. It would be wrong to compare instructors classes as they so different you may burn more calories in one than another but does it really matter at the end of the day? Another good day, I can’t ask for more than that.

Saturday: Work.
Sunday: Work.Not planning to do much. Maybe half an hour on the bike to try the lights out again. It’s just a question of the running time now I know what the LED colours mean. Two days riding for the week wasn’t too bad and I did get 6 spinning classes in as well as a set of weights.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 4 November 07”

  1. Spinning Junkie by the look of things. I’ve still got to sort out a routine for next year. The main problem is finding the right group to go out with, once the pace gets too high it ceases to be enjoyable. There is the rub I needed to get battered now and again to improve. I’ve slipped into maintenance mode which means I’ve slipped a bit and are no longer improving.

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