Garmin Training Centre

Now I know there are a lot of you out there that don’t like the training centre. It’s partly Garmins fault as the base map is so poor. It becomes a whole lot better when you purchase one of the Mapsource products.

Well for the thrifty out there, there may be another option. Garmin have just released an upgraded version of the package that ties in with the new Forerunner 50 and the forthcoming Edge 605/705.

One of the facilities it has is the export of your ride to Google Earth.
Now I’m heavily into Google Maps and didn’t want to download Google Earth as well after a disaster with the beta version but I took the plunge.

I’m glad I did, its a good halfway point for those that don’t want to purchase a Mapsource product. I decided to take a look at a local ride up to Tesco,s to get my copy of Cycling Weekly. The detail is stunning, you can see where I have took a shortcut around the cash machine and parked the bike in the cycle rack and then ridden around the carpark.

It also means you don’t have to export your rides to MotionBased to re-export them on another format.

The next thing I want to try is to do a Course on the Training Centre with the MapSource map. This would be using the Garmin inbuilt icons rather than using waypoint naming.

Some months later 26 Apr 08
I now run the latest version of the Training Centre that supports the Edge 305, Edge 705 and the Forerunner 50.  There is a bug in the Course planning page that only allows you to use the generic icon and not the turn icons. I’m hoping Course Points don’t have a 100 waypoint limit but haven’t got around to researching it yet. I wouldn’t mind swapping a few of the oddball ones for more direction based ones. 
Anyone know what the Course Point limit is.
03 May 08 Missed an update to the TrainingCentre that deals with the Generic Icon issue also had a reply to the Course Point limit question. You are not limited to 100 CoursePoints so you could literally use hundreds of them on a course. This would give you the bleeps for the turns. I’m going to try a Course with CoursePoints ride it and do a comparison with a Route.

12 Nov 08 CoursePoints are the way to go, all the advantages of waypoints but without the 100 waypoint limit.  TrainingCentre is the only Garmin product to allow you to edit them and you need a Garmin Map rather than the basemap. allows you to edit CoursePoints in Google maps and I would highly reccomend it.

6 thoughts on “Garmin Training Centre”

  1. Frank, are you referring to Garmin ‘ANT’?
    I’m like a lot of other Edge users, I’m not a fan of Training Centre. Sporttracks gives me everything I need, if I want to see my tracks overlaid on either a satellite map or google maps, I can do it all inside Sporttracks, no exporting or right clicking or whatever.
    I don’t see that this latest version of TC gives anything that Sporttracks can’t provide?

  2. Dave, it is the ANT compatible version. I’ve used Sprttracks when I have had to split a course but don’t use it automaticaly like I do with TrainingCentre. TrainingCentre begs for a decent map to be put into it. It’s no wonder I and a load of others have had to use third party products to get the best out of an Edge.
    I’m still waiting for the 99p City Select map to turn up. It needn’t cost a bomb to upgrade the TC into something useable.

    Forerunner 50 is exactly the same as sticking the 305 in the pocket while switcthing to 1 second logging. Switch the GPS off as it goes crazy in the Gym. Neither count calories while stationary.
    Still no new news on the 705 I see.

  3. Yes, you won’t be able to install the ANT bit though. When you next run Training Centre you will find you have the latest version.


  4. Hi Frank.

    I’m a member of AUK and ride 200s and 300s. I will attempt a 400 in 2009.
    I have been using a Garmin eTrex Legend for two years but just upgraded to Edge 605.
    I am concerned about battery life. To that end, I have found an ’emergency AA battery pack’ to suit the Edge. On the web from the US.
    Do you know about them? Do they work?
    Can something like this be constructed at home? What are the ‘pin-outs’ on the mini USB connector?

    Yours, Jim

  5. Jim, follow this link.
    I made one up with 4 AA cells and a 5 volt regulator.
    I’ve also been looking at one of the Maplin ones this week for £3.
    It needs to be attached to the bike as there is never enough time in a control for it to recharge an Edge.

    You can Google the pinouts for a miniUSB connector, just make sure your soldering skills are up to it if you go the DIY route as there is no second chance if you get it wrong. The DC/DC convertor devices like the Maplin Camelion allow you to charge a 5volt device from a 1.2volt cell.

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