Aldi Winter Cycling Gloves

I gave the gloves their first try out in anger yesterday and was really pleased with them.
Somebody at Aldi has beem doing their homework as these gloves are excellent.
It\’s the small thing that you notice when you actually use them.

The glove is pre formed to the shape of  the hand i.e the fingers are slightly curved for a start. The cuff of the glove goes along to watch level on the wrist so if they were tucked under a jacket water wouldn’t run inside the glove. Water proof to boot. I haven’t tested this yet but it\’s bound to happen. 

It wasn\’t particulary cold yesterday but it was windy and my hands felt fine all day. Two of the Northenders were also wearing them too.There is also a piece of re-enforcment between the thumb and index finger that is absolutley superb for riding on the hoods.
I’ve had mitts where you can gett a bit of chaffing on the side of the palm that rests on the hood.

Scotchlite detailing built in as well so you can be seen by motorists. Runny nose wipe too. All for the grand sum of £2.99. I’ve paid 10 times that for gloves in the past and still haven\’t got the ideal pair. Sealskinz are too cold but are waterproof. The Madison ones are too short in the cuff so water runs down into the glove. You just can’t win with some things.

I’ll post a picture when I can get around to it.

I bought two pairs and wish I had bought a third as I’m always looking for the other glove when I want to rush out.
I bought Cycling weekly on the way home as they are reviewing winter clothing. Gore Vulcano gloves  get a 10 out of 10 and these cost £39.99 and aren’t even waterproof.
For £99.99 you can have the  Assos System 123 gloves and no I\’m not joking about the price. This is serious money  and for what I can gather isn\’t waterproof either. 
10 Nov 07 I\’m out on a ride with the NorthEnd  and a chap whose name I don\’t know mentions the Aldi Winter Cycling gloves on the ride. He has a pair too, he has a problem that he is too tall and skinny to fit into the normal sizes.
I’ve a similar problem with the medium  sizes just a tad too short for a perfect fit. Jacket is fine.
That\’s two rides with two unsolicited comments. The gloves feel fine throughout the ride. The cuff is long enough to be tucked under the Aldi winter cycling jacket. That means there are no rain running down into the glove issues.


6 thoughts on “Aldi Winter Cycling Gloves”

  1. Dan Says:
    November 17th, 2007 at 10:13 pm e
    I finally found a cycle top and jacket (non hi-viz) today at a local Aldi, I was hoping to find the trousers as well but all the shops I’ve been to so far had sold out. The quality seems good and the fit is good, though seems to be out by a size or so (I’m normally a large but took a medium). I’ll try a couple more stores for the trousers before giving up and spending a lot more on the same thing!
    The gloves sound good, when do they normally have those?

  2. Dan, I’ve moved your comment over to this recent post.
    The sizing is for the general public and not cyclist fit. Your lucky to have found anything as its only on offer for one week.
    Aldi offers are priced to sell out in a week as they need the floor space for next weeks offers. Some lines don’t sell too well and will still be there a week or two later.

    The gloves only come out twice a year, in the spring they do fingerless mitts with a gel palm that will see you through the summer.

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