Weekending 18 Nov 07

Monday: Started the week by doing some crunches. Not thought about tonight yet if it’s not a class it will be the treadmill and the gym.
I’ve been pondering over the DaveLloyd mini challenge route and whether it is doable as a ride from the Eureka. The Mega challenge route definitely needs training for.

Went to Europa Pools for a spinning class but before that I had a session in the gym. 1Km of rowing in 4 minutes, 1 mile of running @ 9.4, 10.4 and 12 km/hr. All logged on the Forerunner 50. Auto uploaded to Garmin Connect when I got home.
Downstairs for Louise,s spinning class once we had put the bikes out.
As I hadn’t done a class at West Kirby Louise promised me a hard class and so it was.
About 7 bikes were free and I had the last place in the class so a few hadn’t turned up.

Class finished with a sprint to Darude with two sets of 8 x 8 out of the saddle.  Basically a set is 1 minute and 4 seconds of sprinting out the saddle, then a rest then do it again. Hanni led the count. The second set is usually 32 seconds but it was the full hit tonight.
I’ll try and post the plot of the Forerunner 50, running gets the heartrate up to a max fastest. It is just a question of pace.
Shower, home.

Tuesday: Work, on call. Nothing planned, yet. Called out, got back in the early hours

Wednesday: Work but managed to get the day off due to the callout and Lieu time
Rode out to the Eureka for breakfast and picked up a ride with Jack from the Northend.Ride was to Delamere forest visitor centre.

DSCF3473_edited.jpgThe Northend fix a punctureNorthend in formation past Waverton
Ride out to Delamere was a bit chilly and it never really warmed up for the whole day. The pictures were taken when the sun came out. No link yet but rode home via the missing link and booked a spinning class.

Link to Map of Jacks Ride

Turned up at West Kirby in god time and just turned the legs over for 15 minutes and then Miles turns up. Miles is dripping in sweat even before we start the class.
logged the class on the Forerunner 50 and uploaded it to the Training Centre and the Garmin connect site. This is still a truncated post. More details when I can.
Thursday: Work. After a cockup by DHL the new toy has arrived and Val phones me with the good news. spinning class at West Kirby after work much the same as last nights class but now I have the Forerunner 50 I can overlay the data. What was remarkable was comparing the two classes, I was on my own tonight but last night I was up against Miles. The graph says I took it easy at the start lastnight but finished harder. Average pulse was higher for this class as was the max.
The Flying Scotsman was out on loan at Blockbusters so came home empty handed.

The new “Retro Toy” arrived at long last after a DHL cockup and it is a joy to behold. A Colnago Carbitubo circa 1991. Colnago,s first forray into carbonfibre with the help of Ferrari. I have one that I broke twice but this one is in a different league it deserves to be kitted out in vintage Campagnolo Record of the period. I’ve got enough redundant kit to get it on the road but it cry,s out for top of the range kit of the time.

So Sora it is untill I can get all the right stuff. I’m going to enjoy all the comments as I know there are going to be some.

Friday: Off but have a lot to do, booked in to Europa Pools for the last of the weeks spinning class.  Need to do some weights too.

Sheila,s spinning class at Europa Pools there was a waiting list of 7 but there were still bikes free as lots are booking and not turning up. Logged it on the Forerunner 50 and went to the gym after the class. Weights and then ran a mile on the treadmill at 12 km/hr. Average heartrate was 158 bpm with a max of 172 bpm.
Saturday: Ride day, another day out with the NorthEnd expecting a battering  as this is the day I try to join them.

Link to Map of Ride

Not a hilly as last weeks ride with a faster pace once the group doing a longer loop split at Waverton. Around Tattenhall we encounter what looks to be the Cheshire Hunt out foxhunting. Foxes aren’t in any danger from this lot as it apears more recreational than an illegal sport.
Five rode on to The Plough for a liquid lunch. Chicago Dave telling of his encounter with some of Nestons under age drinkers.  58.7 Miles.
Sunday: Might get to ride out to the Eureka for breakfast but it is not a ride day. Got to be back for about 10.30.
Rode out along the Chester High Road into a bitter headwind. The pace was about half what it normally is. Only two other riders at the Eureka when I got there and it was still fairly empty at half nine when it is usually packed. Rode back via the Missing link, The Aldi winter gloves were starting to feel cold in the fingers but it was a bitter day. I didn’t relish going out in such conditions. 16.5 miles.
Another good week mind you I don’t know when I last had a bad week. You get out of life what you put into it.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 18 Nov 07”

  1. Dave, thanks for posting the link. I’m planning to put it on Marengo. There is nothing in the short route that most of us haven’t ridden. Worlds End is steep but do able.
    As for the Mega route that really is a challenge. 15 miles longer than I have ridden and 20 of North Wales finest hills.

  2. Hi Frank,

    Hope you’re well.

    Am interested in your comment re. Forerunner 50 – are you saying that you can log the mileage you do on a treadmill into a Garmin Product? I thought it was all GPS based – am now thinking I need a new toy!!!

    All the best,


  3. Paul,
    it’s a bit misleading. The Forerunner 50 is not GPS based, the 201 and 301 are. The Forerunner 50 needs the footpod option @ £99 inc for it to log mileage. Mine comes with the chest strap and as the calorie counter is time/distance based like the Edge that dosn’t work either.
    It is just logging the heartrate of the gym and spinning classes at the moment. The other night it logged a rowing session followed be a run at various speeds followed by a spinning class.
    The ANT bluetooth stick is good you hardly have to do anything to upload the data.

    On a different tack what do you use to put your data on to your blog, your totals come out far better than mine do in WordPress.


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