Weekending 25 Nov 07

Monday: Work, no exercise of note. Looking at what is coming up this is going to be a difficult two weeks for me with work commitments geting in the way of things.
Tuesday: Work and on call. Did some pressups before I went to bed but it wasn’t enough and just confirmed the fact that I need to get some exercise in at some stage.
Wednesday: Work. Folowed by a Lifestyle and Weight management followup class. Not a bad turnout seeing England were on the box. A few turning up after a break of a few months. The main theme tonight is exercise with a focus on the weights and why we all should be doing more of them. I probably don’t do enough and it’s an area that I will need to sort out.
When I was logging the weights I could see the improvement, now I know I’ve probably stuck at something that doesn’t tax me enough.

Went to Europa Pools straight from the class where it was rowing, running 1 mile, weights, crosstrainer, more rowing. Logged on the Forerunner 50 the treadmill was interesting as I upped the pace for the last half km. The pace for the first km was 12 km/hr with it being upped to 13.4 anf then up to 14.3 for the final 0.2 km.


Rowing was first then the treadmill, the final two speed changes are clearly visible, as anyone can see the second rowing session was at a slower pace. What didn\’t get logged was the gross trainer which was 15 mins @ 138 BPM. This was an absolute pain, the machine registered my acheiving the desired point to early so not enough resistance was dialed in to make me work hard enough.

So I was going like a banshee to get the heartrate up but the damage was done, it had settled on a low resistance setting and if I slowed the pace it just made things worse. This was compounded by the fact that one one side of me I had a guy who was maxing out on a similar resistance setting. On the other side was a girl on a random program that was nothing but monster hills and reverse steps who spent a lot of the time texting. Target heartrate was 138 BPM for 15 minutes which is not a lot these days. Rowing for another Km, shower, home.
Thursday: In early for  a company announcement that redundancies are around the corner. Not as bad as it seems at first glance as out of change comes opportunity.
I\’d booked in to Louises spinning class at Europa Pools but was fifth on the waiting list.
Now it is just as well I checked the availability as I thought the class started at 7.15. Got the shock off my life when I was told it started at 6.30.  Made it to Europa Pools in good time but had to wait for Val to drop of my kit. I wouldn’t have made it home and back to Europa in time. Thanks Val.
Back to the class, Louise has changed a few of the tracks which means a slight change of routine. I’m having a decent go tonight, if I’m going to spend nearly an hour travelling for a class I’m not going to give it a good go.
Logged it on the Forerunner 50 and here are the results.

Clicking on the thumbnail will enlarge it.
Now the final two peaks are a sprint to Darude. On the final peak (sprint) I crank in a bit more resistance. It is also followed by some seated chest presses which is the slow climb to the max of the session.
This is the first time I’ve been able to show how intense some of these classes are.
Sweat pours out of me above 150 bpm no matter what I am doing. The majority of the class is above this level.
Most of the women/girls in these classes are looking just for toning and cardio. I’m only up against myself these days. If someone wants to take it easy that’s OK with me just don’t take the piss. I’m only trying to emulate what I feel on a bike, a decent hill on a bike is going to soon see most of us at a maximum. Pity I can’t  give you a calorie count  ( or a famous Mars Bar count). Just to put it into  perspective, don’t eat the mars bar after the class and you’ll be ok.
Friday: Work but managed to get on the reserve list for WestKirby. Still feeling the effects of Wednesdays weights. Got to the class early and didn’t have a bike until Margaret turned up in place of Barbara. Spoke to one of women class members out side and ended up giving her one of the cards with a link to the site. I’ve had a few odd looks when I give the card to women. Lifestyle and Weight Management in the the opening line sends all sorts of the wrong signals unless explained.
There a some shenanigans over the fans before the start of the class nobody “Needs” a fan on them. I sweat buckets once over 150 BPM on the heartrate monitor but I’m the only one going for a shower after the class. The Nike kit goes into the bag wet as if I’d showered wearing it. Men sweat and women perspire come to mind but I have this nagging doubt that its a lack of restistance.

\MargaretvLouise,s class.JPG

Anyway enough griping from me, I’ve posted the comparison between Margarets and Louise,s class above. Margarets class has interval training built into it which is great for the likes of me. Good stretching routine at the end of the class. Shower, home.
Saturday: Rest day  and had a new bottom bracket fitted to the Colnago by Colin at Wheelbase. Your going to be seeing a lot of this bike I think, it’s going to get built up when I’m off for December.
Sunday: Ride day even if it’s throwing it down. May even be a Northender at last.
Nearly missed the ride as I was still finishing my breakfast. The ride was a 58 mile loop to the Ice Cream farm and back. It went along the towpath to Waverton then a loop near Farndon and some lanes that I haven’t ridden yet. There were sprints for signs every couple of miles. Chicago Dave and I had a go for one of them but got pipped by Lance who seemed to be taking them all. Horses seem to get spooked by Northend colours as another horse rider has trouble with the horse when we appeared. Two punctures on the ride  and met up with Ray at the Ice Cream Farm to get an update on the Audaxes for the rest of this year and next. Looks like it is going to be another good year, this year has been something else.
London Edinburgh London in 2009 sounds like a challenge ,1400 kms there and back.

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