Weekending 02 Dec 07

Monday: Nearly December already. Spinning class at Europa pools. Logged it on the Forerunner 50 and had the data uploaded to Garmin Connect and the Training Centre as soon as I walked in the room. All clever stuff.
Did some weights before the class and a couple after before I hit the shower.
Sprint at the end was 7 minutes.
Glad to have done it, missing my class wasn’t an option.
Tuesday:Work but booked in for Louises early class as I was fifth reserve on the second class and West Kirby wouldn’t put me on the waiting list!!
Now I didn’t intend to do the two classes but Louise egged me on to do the two and as there were 6 spare bikes I did.

 Louise,s Double Class.JPGAverages were higher on the first class but the second class had my maximum for the evening as I decided to push myself on one of the hillclimbs. The huge trough after it meant I was wacked and needed a break.
After the second class I couln’t get into the shower as my swipe wasn’t working. Also bumped into a Lifestyle and Weight Management Course member. I’d spoken at one of Ron,s followup classes and he had remembered me from it, I’m sure we will bump into each other again. The important thing is to stick with it, there is no going back for me life is so much better now it is hard for me to explain how much better things are.
Wednesday:Work, went to Halfords on the way home for some bits and bobs to get the Colnago Carbitubo moving. Gear cables some cable ends and a side light for the car. I’ll be watching what pump I fill up at a Shell filling station in future. 111.9p a litre for some V power diesel. I used to purposely avoid Shell stations for over 20 years so I must be getting soft in my old age. When I say avoid I mean I would rather run out than buy Shell, geen Shell as the Dutch say. Gave two of the cards away at work that give the not so computer literate the link to the site.
Both were going to get passed onto someone that could do with a bit of encouragement to make that change.
I still have people not recognising me or too polite to ask, it’s never a problem because I’m the one who has experienced the benefits of the lifestyle change.
No spinning, no gym must be a rest day.
Friday:Work. An interesting day at work, saw the robots in action for the first time. Also my last day for 28 days whohooooooo.
Spinning class at WestKirby, no gym as it has been closed for a refurb. Spoke to a recent spinner before the start of the class, this was her  third class. Funnily enough the Mars Bar exercise scale came up in the conversation. 284 calories in a Mars Bar so a good class burns off 2 Mars bars. For me to burn off 600 calories requires a lot of effort. Trust me these classes are not easy, if your not doing them to your max and your not wearing a  HRM I would say your doing about 500 calories a session. Still better than not doing one. Two new young girls got a clap at the end as first timers always do.
Barbara,s Friday Class.JPG

Saturday: Possible ride didn’t happen. Shopping at Chester saw me with a new outfit from Marks and Spencer. It is a totally different experience buying clothes to look good in rather than buying them because they are the only ones on the rack that will fit you.
Sunday: Ride day.  As things stand I am off for most of December including Christmas. Could be an interesting month.
The weather was foul with rain and high winds forecast and as I was running late I ended up getting a lift to the Eureka. To cap it all the Garmin Edge battery was low so it ended up getting another charge from the battery pack. It wouldn’t last the day and ended up switching off around Kinnerton.
Numbers were low in the Eureka and there were only three of us on the ride. Once we got to Sealand we were in sunshine and that was how it was for the rest of the ride
The early start meant we were back in the Eureka for just after midday. Tempo took us up bits of Wales that I hadn’t ridden before. Heading up the steps to Llandegla we turned off before the top and headed back towards Mold and Mynned Isa.
37 mph down Ewloe Hill. Part of the ride was along Offas Dyke with a fair bit of climbing in it with me dropping off the back as I was turning a low gear into the wind.

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