The Year in review.

What a year this has been. I’ve had some fantastic rides with the CTC culminating with the Wild Wales. This has been my most memorable event  as it was the event of legends. I didn’t ride it as a Northender as I wasn’t one at the time but rode it as a CTCer. It was a great event, i rode it with people I knew and we didn’t get lost thanks to the Garmin Edge 305.
These were not at race pace but at a pace an average cyclist could maintain.
Think 13 mph and you should be OK.
The Audaxes and Ray  taught me a bit of discipline. Pacing is what it is all about in audaxes. A group suffers at the controls as the individual dosn’t hang around. 

I’ve had some great moments on the Audaxes on 2007, Ray,s sense of balance meant we all finished what we had started with no one left behind. Numbers are set to increase for 2008. This is all good stuff as the group is more powerfull than the individual. Unless I am on the front trying to maintain 13 mph into a 26 mph headwind (Poynton to Chirk).  From coming from nothing it was a groundbreaking year.

The Tour de France Prologue was amazing and I was glad to have been there. Red Ken deserves the credit, a tribute to cycling.

Highlight of the year was the TLI Roadraces at Oulton Park,  following 1 Brimtage 8.75 mile TT I deceided to take on Britains  Best amateurs. This was perhaps  a step too far. Lapped after 6 laps was hard enough but at least I wasn’t dragged off the track, that was to come. A great series and something to look forward to for 2008.

I also had a great time plotting out then riding the Steve Cummings training rides from Cycling Weekly. I was between groups at the time and this was the chance to see what I was made of on my own.  Done solo there is always enough interest in the route to keep you occupied. Do you have the nerve not to brake down Dark Arc Lane or how much speed do you have up the switchback. I was at a peak around this time and riding for the fun of it.

3 thoughts on “The Year in review.”

  1. Hi Frank,
    Let’s hope we don’t have a repeat next year of the loss of more cyclists. I’ll be raising my glass for both Mel and Jack.


  2. Hi Dave,
    it’s the commuters and kids riding around with no lights on on busy dangerous roads that worry me. Mels death was needless and I see a car has gone through the hedge where the accident happened. Hopefully we will see some more new faces to replace them.

    I’ll be cutting down on the glass raising in the New Year with the idea of improving my Brimstage TT time. 705 due soon suspect it’s delayed due the big push for the automotive version.
    Happy Christmas and New Year.


  3. Well, I’ve been raising my glass a few times tonight at the Irby Mill! I think I’ve found the balance between cycling and life over the past 20 years or so 🙂 Good luck to you, Frank! Hope to see you soon in the New Year, I’m partly responsible for a major cycling initiative in the New Year which I suspect you’ll be interested in, I’ll keep you informed!



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