New Years Resolutions

Rather than end the year on the previous negative post I thought I would try and end it with a positive one.
Throughout the year I’ve had various comments about this site being inspirational to others. 2007 was a challenge year for me, to see what I was made of. It was a truly fabulous year for me in that respect.

So if your looking at a New Years resolution for next year all I can say from personal experience is don’t set your goals too high. I didn’t have a target at the start as I didn’t know how far things would go.  All I can say is don’t put the decision off, the sooner you get started the better.

It’s all about self improvement, once you start seeing an improvement it is important not to let up. The diet is the first thing to get sorted, without sorting your diet  out your not going to get anywhere. I really mean this, for me the British Heart Foundation plan was a winner from the day I started it.

Next up is the 30 minutes a day of exercise you should be doing five times a week. This could be walking (not strolling) but it is important to do it come hell or high water.
Perspiration is the key, if your not breaking into a sweat your not going hard enough.

I’ve been to enough followup classes now to realise that the exercise is the real key to the sustained weightloss. The diet will stop you gaining weight and give you a pound a week weightloss but coupled with the daily exercise this will turbocharge your results.

Don’t be under the illusion that weights and exercise is just a bloke thing. The likes of Slimming World and Weight Watchers  promote dieting but only encourage exercise.
This is because the consultant is not trained in exercise.I’ve been told that the Rosemary Conley classes may be different. ( the instructors are trained to run a fitness class, geared towards women. I’m getting in the neck about the geared towards comment. If it is wrong tell me.)
The difference is marked. If I go to Ron with a fitness problem it is sorted all care of the NHS.(Ron is my mentor and it all rings true)

Now for the hard bit you have to want to do this 167 hours a week. The other hour will be spent in a weigh in  or other form  of class. For gods sake don’t cheat on yourself, this is not rocket science. Just  burn off more calories than you consume.

Now it is a lifelong  mission not  to go back to the way I was, I’m sure I was for shortening it by decades the way I was.

Have a great 2008


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