Weekending 06 Jan08

Monday: Work. Tried the chinups and struggled with eight
Tuesday:Work. Chinups again it was nine, just. Ride tomorrow so it was time to fix the punctured tubes from last week. Val had a go at fixing at puncture on the Trek from start to finish which went well considering you should never teach your wife to drive so to speak. Three punctures sorted.
Bloody hell the world is getting soft. The Dakar now doesn’t start till the 5 Jan 08. For the last 20 odd years it has been a Jan 1st start. I’ve had Sky installed for this  and they are all on holiday!!!!!
The write up of the early events that where that hard they were won by the motorcycles were great to read in the mags.
On the homebrew LED light project I managed to fry another 3 watt LED. The output of the 5watt one looks impressive at 1 amp but it has got to be heatsinked well.
Wednesday: Ride day. First ride of the year.
Eureka closed until 5 Jan meant I had no breakfast in me for the ride. Tough riding out into the headwind too. Just as well I wasn’t the only one who turned up for rides.  Clive set the pace and it was interesting to watch his high cadence style. Now the intention was to go to the Ice Cream Farm but it was not to be. Clive punctured so gets the first puncture of the year award. Couldn’t find the thorn and punctured again.
There was hedge cutting by the canal at the bottom of The Channel which was an ominous sign. Once over the canal the climb up proved interesting as I was making a conscious effort to match Clives pace.
All this did was confirm how unfit or how far things had slipped in the last month.
Heartrate hit 172 BPM which is zone 5 for me and the thing I’ve noticed on these rides is the better riders always have something in reserve, I’m on the limit so can’t increase my effort if someone attacks.
Cakestop turned out to be Elvis,s and it was spagetti on toast for me with the breakfast they serve being off limits for me.
Clive got his puncture sorted and it was a trip through the lanes on the way back. took a turn on the front chatting to Clive and by the sound of things I’ll be making a visit to the Velodrome at Manchester on the 17th.
Parting company at Willaston and it still being early it was time for a Cafe stop at Ness Gardens. There was a familar bike on the bike rack. Turns out Barry was out on a ride and had stopped there.
Talked for a bit about training and the like then rode to Parkgate and parted company at Gayton. 49.5 miles and felt good at the end of it.
Gym at West Kirby and a spinning class booked. A good start to the New year as I’ve a couple of kilos to loose.

Gym at West Kirby looks good but I was less than impressed with some of the machines all basic with no programs. The old machines were better. The weight machines are better in some respects as you can download data to a key but the gym doesn’t have the system. First spinning class of the year went OK with a max of of 175 BPM. Got to correct the above the machines have programs built in it’s just that I didn’t know how to access them.

 Thursday:  Booked into a morning spinning class.
Had a session on the weights before the class and the new stepper machine. Mentioned about the programs and got shown how to access them. Oops
Lost 1.3 kilos yesterday which a result.

Morning spin class08.JPG Had a good go in the spinning class and might do another one tonight as I’m starting to feel the form returning. Its a good start to the new year.

Booked into Louise,s first class, gave it a good go but I was a heartrate zone down on the morning class. Similar to last week. Weights upstairs but not too many, row for a minute 30,shower, home.
Friday: Eureka closed so it could be anything.
Came 130th in the CTC Competitions with 60 points from six events. For a bronze award.
Ray came 284th and Janet was at 159th. Saw a couple of names that I knew and there are a whole lot that I don’t know.
Gym then spinning at West Kirby. Not too much in the Gym. Had another go at the side stepping machine and it is harder than it looks.
Couldn’t give it my all for the class but it was a decent class all the same, heartrate  was a zone lower than best.


The Chester and North Wales section featured well in the results. Came as a bit of a surprise as I wasn’t targeting the events. Read Matthew Parrises apology on the Times website.
Saturday: Northend ride by the looks of things.
Quaker Oat Granola and fruit for breakfast meant I would be giving the Eureka breakfast a miss before the ride. Clive and Tempo,s ride was the pre training ride which is now on a Sunday. Boy do those training rides look tough.
We haven’t got past the church on the Chester High road before My irate motorist is honking his horn at us and shaking his fist at us. It was the only incident on the ride.
This turned out to be a tough ride I don’t know how tough as I didn’t wear the HRM strap but there were section where we were doing mid 20s so as not to fall off the back. Sprinting for signs meant the pace was upped so Lance couldn’t recover that much or that was the thinking. The stop was at Bellis,s garden centre for tea and a piece of cake.
The real action started after the cake stop. Had a go across the bridge at Farndon as Tempo and ANother went off the front, passed them by the turn only to find they were going straight on to drop a newsletter off.
I must mention Janets, Chester and NorthWales CTC 50 Mile Tourist Trial as it was one of the best events of the year.
The catering at the stop was superb and I ended up being first back to the Scouthut.
Janet should get extra comp points for organising such an excellent event.
Same goes for the 75 mile TTride a great event where I put one over the Sunlight who put one over the Northend. Who says the CTC aren’t competitive. 
Last year was such a good year event and ride wise that it will be hard to match let alone better but I’ll give it a go.
There are a section of fast CTCers that need to be catered for out there.
Where am I now, I need the battering that the Northend can give me. Conversely the Northend could do with some of the discipline that the CTC inspire. Firstman holds the gate open for the rest, you know what I mean, just manners really.
2007 was a great year but 2008 could be even better.
I went out with Merseyside CTC for a few rides and Allan Sheilds can’t be faulted for his rides, classic sting in the tail stuff.

http://www.merseysidectc.co.uk/  Look at the videos, 04/07/07 I’m in there somewhere. This was where they were suggesting I need a faster group to ride with.
The advice was taken and I started riding with the NorthEnd.
Sunday: Work, someones got to do it.
Pressups and some handweights at home. Read the 6 week workout that comes with this months Mens Health magazine. Well worth it for this double booklet. The other section is devoted to abs.

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  1. All i will say! and believe me i want to say lots!!! is i am deleting your site! you absolutely do my head in!

  2. anon, for whatever reason you just keep coming back. I guess it’s because you want to see if you’ve got to me after your first post.
    Well you haven’t.
    I suggest you seek medical help, preferably mental health as surfing the net and flaming an innocuous site such as this means you have the problem and not I.

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