Weekending 20 Jan 08

Monday: First day of the new working hours had me booked in for Louises 7:30 spinning class. As I’m getting off at 5 with an hours traveling this meant I could have a go in the gym before hand.
The usual weights then Rowing 500mtrs in 1:50, Treadmill 1 km at 9km/hr. Heartrate was around 130 BPM. Not wearing the Garmin HRM as I forgot the strap. 100 calories.
Crosstrainer for 20 minutes, 300 calories. Step machine for 12 minutes at level 7, forgotten how many floors it was but it was lots. I wouldn’t normally bother with the step machine but I was running out of stuff to go on. The machines were getting clogged up with lads using them as chairs between sets listening to Ipods.

Louise,s spinning class, played it by ear which is what everybody else does.
Don’t forget Aldi Heartrate Monitors are on offer at £12.99. A bargain as usual.
New lad doing his first class needs to get his resistance levels sorted for next time.

Last weeks newcomers didn’t make it back for whatever reason. The learning curve is very steep for your first class and pedaling on a recumbent at level 1 is not going to prepare you for your first spinning class. I’ll repeat what I said up top ” You should be able to do a 30 minute programme on the gym exercise bike before signing up for one of these classes.” Prefably on a hill or random programme.

New working hours mean I’m going to have less time to ride. I can’t ride for both days at the weekend just like most people I suppose, for the last two years I’ve led a charmed life. A 50 miler is going to be the minimum I need to keep me going at the weekend. Audax season starts with a 100 miler at the end of the month.

Tuesday:  Much like Monday from now on. Tried to get a bike at West Kirby but was told the class was full but to come along on chance. Your supposed to book in 15 minutes before the class but regulars were not booking in just walking straight past me getting sold their bike. Hence an overbooked class and more people than bikes. 5 minutes in the gym on the lateral pulldown machine and filled the water bottle. A fair effort on my part, took it into zone 5 for the final sprint but most of it was in zone 3 and four.
Wednesday: 84.8 kg. Spinning class at West Kirby, just and 15 mins in the gym.Site went down while trying to get rid of spam so no replies to the two that posted comments. Had a look at the stats instead which passed the time. One visitor from Iran and one from Iraq were some of the unusual ones along with 15 from South Africa.
It’s this sort of stuff that keeps me going , knowing that there is someone out there searching for the stuff that I do,  whether it be weightloss, Garmin Edge stuff or cycling clothing for the XXL.
Thursday: Northend Track evening at the velodrome, thinking of having a go. Got myself a pair of Look cleats for the shoes.
84.4 Kg on the obsessive weighin this morning.
Booked the bike, so this is it.
Got to the velodrome an hour early to get myself sorted, this is one amazing place. There was a session with 35 riders doing structured training  and it looked mighty impressive. Clive introduced me to the coach and who ran me through the rules and with that I was sent out to circulate. Things were going ok but the coach had to see if I could ride inline before I could go out with the Northend. At the end of the evening I had done a 200m flying lap as well as a 1 km pursuit. Didn’t log the 4 laps of the pursuit but boy was it hard. The 200m had me up to 183 BPM but the 1K had me deep into the red at the end of it. It’s a pity I didn’t press start on the Garmin Forerunner 50.
I had a brilliant night, a couple of pictures to put up.
Picture quality was a bit mixed with the focusing system struggling a few times.
Got my first Audax entry back the Mere 100( miles not Km)
Friday: Work but may do a spinning class if I can get one. Put a mudflap on the Iceni to go out on the training rides without being put at the back. Mudguards aren’t enough for these rides . I also don’t want to get it in the ear for covering Carol Boardman in slurry again.
Got the last place at Sheila,s Europa Pools spinning class as I would be done and dusted for 7 pm. Good class because you never know what to expect from Sheila.
Tonight it was sets of eight out the saddle for eight with eight in the saddle. This was followed by sixteens ,twenty fours and thirty twos all with a set of eight in the saddle  for a blow. It’s quite intense and the chap next to me couldn’t hack it.
Bet he doesn’t go and tell his mates that he got wasted by a class of women.
Shower, home.
Saturday: Ride day. Got to make the most of these.
Rode out to the Eureka for breakfast and it looked like a leisure ride until the fast group turned up to sort me out. Wasn’t a bad ride as the rain held off and I only got dropped along with Peter on the steep bit of the Switchback mind you I had dropped back because dropping down Dark Arc Lane is dangerous in a group. The road cracks mean you need to be in the centre of the road before it steepens and it’s 30 mph stuff at the bottom. Two left not wanting to take a trip through Delamere Forest. The cake stop was at the Visitor Centre cafe.
Clive was not impressed with my mudguard extension so that needs sorting before the next ride.
DSCF3547.jpgLionel running over Tempo,s OakleysDSCF3549.jpgDSCF3550.jpg
Cake stop over it was back on the bikes with a photo of the group about to leave the visitor centre. I’ve still got the camera in hand cycling after them when there is a loud crack and some stop. I’ve no idea what is going on but take the next two photos and follow them after I had put the camera away.

It turns out that Tempo,s glasses had fallen from his hat and three other riders had missed them but poor old Lionel went straight over them snapping the arms off. Fortunatley they snap back in but it makes for good cafe talk back at the Eureka.
The final shot is at the bottom of the Yeld which is a tough climb if you’ve avoided hills all your life. When I first went out with the CTC I tackled this climb  and it is deceiving as it kicks up quite steeply after the first brow. It still gets the heartrate up to 160 plus though.

Straight across the road and on to Willington Corner. It’s a fairly straight run back to the Eureka with only one impatient motorist forcing his way past around Wervin. Usual stuff, why are you riding in pairs, it’ll mean me getting my car muddy to pass you.
Turned out to be a good ride as we were all expecting rain.
As I was riding to the missing link Dave Large,s ride was coming back so I returned to the Eureka for a cup of tea this time.
It turns out Barry had missed our group by a minute and couldn’t make it up. That’s the thing with Northend ride 10 o’clock sharp means just that. No more assemblies at the bus stop ala CTC.
Rode back with him via the Missing Link talking about next weeks Audax.
Barry if you can get an entry let me know as I’ll pick you up, no point in two of us driving to the start.

Audaxes are a different kettle of fish to club rides. Ray has the measure of us and we ride to his pace to ensure a finish. A fast club doing their own event is going to want to do a fast ride. We led off the Willington Hall Audax but the Seamons club soon got tired of our pace and passed us.  It was their ride after all.

I’ve written up this Audax last year and it is a top event. The setting is as good as it gets, truly stunning, the route is great  and a test to all. I haven’t ridden a Sportiffe yet, but Audaxes are of similar length yet cost buttons to enter. You don’t get the hand holding or broom wagon but they are ridden by the type of person that can sort themselves out at the end of the day. The entry is older than a sportiffe with less emphasis on speed. The sportiffes have been glamorised in the cycling press with articles from good (top retired ) riders writing them up. Mere mortals are going to struggle, we aren’t going to be with any break, we are off the back.
If your thinking of having a go at an organised event it’s worth starting with one of the charity events like the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool rides. I’ve also ridden the Manchester to Liverpool ride. These rides are all signed and have stewards on all the junctions so you don’t need any mapreading or route following skills.

I even stopped at the Eureka for a breakfast the other year on the Liverpool-Chester- Liverpool ride as there is no food at the Chester stop.

Sunday: Feed the ducks day. Charged up the Cateye Triple Shot Pro light that I bought after the ride yesterday. It’s an insane amount of money for a front light but they are 10 times better than the EL530 which IMHO is a waste of money. Uses the same mount as the EL530 so no problems with swapping lights.
Bought this months Cycling Plus from Tesco,s and it has a feature on Heart Rate Monitors. Guess which comes out top, Garmin Forerunner 50. I’ve already said it would give Polar a bit of competition and indeed it has, if you already have an Edge 305  you will already have a chest strap or cadence sensor. The Garmin clearly wins on the data uploading. I’ve said on here  a couple of times how it does it for you as soon as you enter the room, well it does, it’s a great system just get that 705 out there I’ve been waiting an age now.
Spent some time in Formby Cycles looking at all the kit ,bikes, et all. Some nice bikes in there including some sub £1000 Carbon ones.
Just got the entry for the Chester and North Wales Spring Tourist 50 on 16 March.
I was first back for this event but don’t think I will have the honour this year. It’s not a race , honest!!!! I was in good form.
I see things from all sides, where as the Northend may not target this event the Sunlight might.

It was a great event last year and the catering was superb, just don’t spend too much time in the control point as I’ll be away down the road again. Well worth doing if you are a CTCer.
A good end to a great week. The track was above all expectations , I can see why we are one of the best in the world at this, you don’t get onto the track untill the coach thinks you are up for it.

5 thoughts on “Weekending 20 Jan 08”

  1. Hi Frank its Mr Obsessive here! Well its like this if you want to weigh yourself everyday??? carry on mate who am i to stop you.
    Your inability to take constructive criticism is your problem not mine! and for the record i would delete this site if it wasnt for the fact i very much enjoy your Cycling/Audax ride reports and photos,the rest as far as im concerned is the ramblings of a neurotic former fatman.

  2. Hi Frank, i wonder if “ANON” or “Mr Obsessive” has achieved much over the last 24 hours other than just pressing refresh on his browser a million times to gratify his/her/its? need for a response to certify the existance of human life form outside the of the house.

    ANON, The wait is over, do you feel better now?

  3. I would take what the reviewers from cycling plus say about products with a pinch of salt. They have to say good things about most things because they rely on those same companies/product distributors advertising with them month in month out. You recently said you felt cheated by their description of a cateye EL530 front light. I’ve bought things rated ‘best buy’ and been quite dissapoionted. Best seeking advice and information from other ‘real’ cyclists and blogs such as this.

  4. Frank,
    The Chester and North Wales Spring Tourist 50 is on the 16th March and not the 18th as your typo would suggest 🙂


  5. Thanks Dave, I’ve sorted it. I could do it as a course this year and race against myself.
    Richard, it’s about the only mag for road riders and is generally reliable. I was hoping to see beam patterns. There are better reveiws on the Audax UK website.

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