Weekending 27 Jan 08

Monday: Work but booked into West Kirby for a spinning class and was late. An hour and twenty minutes to get there from work. At least there was a bike for me. Forgot the chest strap so no data, just did it on feel. Gym afterwards for a few weights. Ten minutes on the side stepper on a program was really hard work as it is the speed you have to step at. 207 Steps a minute on one section of it. Sweats dripping off me at this level.
Half the equipment is clogged up with blokes with I pods resting for too long between sets so I went for a run. 1 mile (1.6 km) @ 11km/hr. Shower, home.
After yesterdays rest day I’m feeling in good form.
Tuesday: Work but trying to get a class at West Kirby but it was full so went the gym for some weights  but it was that full their were no machines left so went down to get a cancellation. Turns out I was on the list already so I got my bike.

Max of 177 BPM for this one on a climb out of the saddle. I hardly ever do a climb in the saddle these days, it just doesn’t relate to what I do on the bike.
Back to the gym which was just a little less packed. Got on a treadmill after a while for a run.
There is only one fault I’ve found with a Garmin Forerunner 50, the Stop/Start button on the side of the watch. On a few occasions the watch has slid down on the wrist and stopped the timer. Well it did it again on this run and I would have really liked this data.
After last night the plan was 3 km @ 9.9 Km/hr. It started out OK and the heart rate steadied out at 159/160 BPM. As the distance crept past last nights 1.6 Km I thought 2.5 Km might be a bit more realistic. With a 45 minute spinning class under my belt I’d probably done enough already. 2.5 km comes up on the display and if I stop now I haven’t done what I set out to do so I lowered the pace to 9.0 Km/hr. The heart rate dropped to around 150 BPM and that’s how it finished. Shower, home, blog.

Going to have a look into upping the running or at least incorporating it into what I do in the gym more. I’ve no idea if a mile at 11km/hr is good or if 2.5 km @ 9.9 is either.
Wednesday: Work. Spinning class at West Kirby. Re plan route for Sunday ride.
The two classes above were remarkably similar the noticeable bit was the final sprint. Tonight’s was straight through, it shortened the class a bit but it is clearly different from last nights class. Gym for some weights, no running tonight. Shower, home.

Six first timers in tonight’s class and who knows how many are going to return. The girls were taking it as a laugh but don’t realise how hard the rest of the class are working as they have minimal resistance in. The women are under a bit more pressure, the newbie woman next to me came out of the pedal twice. I had explained to her about level one  but Barbara insisted that they don’t touch the resistance. The instinct for a first timer (or maybe a not so fit oldtimer) is to run with little or no resistance. Once you have to come out of the saddle when spinning like a banshee your legs go from underneath you. I sprint with resistance because I’m logging the classes and if I don’t have enough resistance in the heart rate drops. Looks great but doesn’t kid me. Can’t complain really most are looking for toning and seem to have it sorted. 

Thursday:  Work, West Kirby full for Thursdays and Fridays classes, might try Europa Pools but it’ll mean a late finish. I do want to try the new lights out before Sunday. What bike I’m going to use is unknown at the moment. The heart says Trek but the weather may turn out bad and then it has to be the Iceni.
Friday: Work but finished at one. Submitted tax return and then thing started going pear shaped. The Polo picked up a bent rim and needed a wheel change, the Toy had a worn bearing in the rear wheel that needed changing. Rang Quinns but they wouls have to order one. Went to Colin at Wheelbase (Dacre Hill) but he didn’t have the right size so I ended up ringing a bearing place in Ellesmere port they could get me one for Saturday. Ordered a wheel from Dane for Tuesday. They are relocating as the land the business is one is worth more than the business. More houses, I’ve seen this coming for a while.
Just made the spinning glass at Europa pools but I wasn’t really up for this and it was my worst performance of the week barely made 150 BPM. Doing zilch but sort thing out for Sunday tommorow.
Saturday: Cram all that stuff in you need to do if your going out on Sunday day.
Picked up the bearing from Ellesmere Port, £14 is a bit steep but it was there in time so I’d use them again. Put it all back together and greased the freewheel. A bit of preventative maintanance pays in the long run as it’s sods law that you’ll break down in the middle of nowhere. Really pleased with the wheel and the Dura Ace casette gets a clean too. Washes the Scenic and takes out a rear seat for the bike. fills it up with petrol and takes a trip to Keith at Eureka sports for some SIS for tommorow.
Scenic starter motor packed up just as it was going to get filled with stuff for tommorow. Hope this is the last disaster.
Sunday: First Audax of the year, a Mere Century. Last year was my first, more pictures of the Meres this year. This ride takes in most of Cheshires finest but funilly enough I don’t know if I’m at a better fitness level this year. Spinning, running and weights should mean I’m ahead of the game. I’m sure I got a bollocking on this ride last year for having a bit of fun by going off the front on a long slow drag around Tatton Park.

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