A Mere Century Audax

This was my first Audax last year with the route the same as last year. Ray sent me the GPX file for the Garmin Edge and also sent it to Martin who has a Garmin Etrex Vista from memory.

Link to Google map of ride 
I met up with the team for the ride Ray, Martin and Phil. I’d ridden with Phil when the Toy broke on Roys ride to Ruthin many moons ago. The first picture contain Sheila Simpson who has ridden Paris-Brest-Paris a record 7 times. PBP is a 1200Km event puts my little jaunts into perspective. The chap on the trike get around and features later on in the ride.

We had a good little group going for us from the start including the ride organiser.
Phil dropped hus lock out of his bag around Manchester Airport and had to play catch up. Which he did. The plan was to take a picture of all the Mere,s well that plan got ditched after the first Mere. I’d stopped to take a picture and that was it I was off the back good style. No pictures of Great Budworth as I was still way off the back.

I didn’t get back on to the group untill the bridge crossing followed by the sharp climb up. Then Phil lost his lock out of his bag again and this time Ray stopped but Martin went with the others. We were split.


Delamere was taken on the move as was the picture of Phil and Ray.  
We had taken Rays quiet car free route only to bump into a car coming the other way.
Before the last two pictures we had an incident with a black Mercedes van giving us the horn and nearly taking Ray out. Really uncalled for, I wish there is a tree with his name on it. We sign in at the control and I take a trip to the visitor centre.

Once back, Martin has turned up so we are a team again.
The next section takes in some of the Steve Cummings training ride and is perhaps the flattest part of the ride. We are making good time here with Ray pushing that big ring style of his. He’s on compass mode but doesn’t realise we are doing 18-20 mph.

Next up Phil takes his turn on the front with me. The pace is still the same but it starts to slowly rise up a bit. A chap in blue has joined us on our wheel , anyway the pace is too fast and we still have a long way to go. I look behind and we have dropped everybody, at Audlem the chap says to Ray “you’ve got some fast mates in your group”.  This stint allows us to close up on two Southport Cycle club riders who are doing about 15 mph. It’s a steady pace and we stay with them to Audlem where there is no room in the control point Cafe so we take a trip to the Co-op.

Throughout the ride we passed and are repassed by Steve, a bigish guy who is ridding on his own. It happens 4 or 5 times, we stop because something has fallen off a bike I had a stop to pick up overtrousers. Phil lost his lock twice, Martin dropped his pump. Only Ray emerged unscathed.


The idea is to maintain a 15 mph average on the final section, I’m riding shotgun and it seems to work well. The hills around Alderley Edge don’t seem as fierce this year and in reality they aren’t .

Aston Martin territory this and we are indeed passed by one.


We  were within the last ten miles of the ride and it was litterally all downhill. another  great ride, soup at the fiish was most welcome. Home via a delayed M56 and a hot bath.

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