Weekending 10 Feb 08

Monday: You’ve guessed it spinning class after work. Just made it to West Kirby in time only to have to buy a parking ticket as the wardens were on the prowl.
Put the usuall effort into it. Went thru a citrus Lucozade sport in the class (with caffine boost, if there was any boost I didn’t benefit from the effects) as I didn’t have time to fill the water bottle. 15 minutes in the gym has the weights ticked off. I’m going to have to get a bit of tuition on the weights as don’t know enough.
Tuesday: Spinning class after work, no gym. logged most of the class on the Forerunner 50 but I forgot to press the start button. Couldn’t book into next Tuesday’s class as it was full as Monday. Kodo drummers next Monday so don’t need a class on Monday.
Wednesday: At ten o’clock on a Wednesday I get the call of the wild these days. I look out the window at work, look at the weather and think I should be out there.
I’m missing the Northend Wednesday rides and even Allan’s Merseyside CTC jaunt’s.
I think I’ve got a Lifestyle and Weight management followup class at 5.30 so this means getting off work early.
Thought I was on the wrong week when I turned up as there are a lot of people on a diabetic course when I turned  up. Ron came out and said it looked like it was only me but as it turned out 9 of us turned up which was a good showing. It’s getting to nearly 11 months since my course finished so I’m looking at weight maintenance as my goal’s each introduced ourselves to the class with how we had done and what we considered to be important parts of the course. Exercise came up repeatedly for those that had done well, inactivity through injury or personal problems repeatedly came up for those struggling.
One of the points Ron brought up was learning to say no,  as those that are struggling seem to be lapsing into old habits.

I have to leave early as booked a spinning class at Europa Pools, West Kirby were grateful for me cancelling my booking there. Classes are now getting fully booked up a week in advance. I haven’t got a class for next Wednesday.
Typical Sheila class, you just can’t get your head around Sheila’s routine. Every other class is built around a count of 2,4,8 etc. Not Sheila’s, one minute it’s 2’s singles, fours. threes, maybe eights in no particular order. If your a bloke who can’t dance you stand no chance. You just can’t anticipate the next move with Sheila.
Sweated buckets but not because of the intensity and at the end got asked where I had been for the last few weeks, which is West Kirby.

Had that call of the wild I mentioned at 9.34 AM, brilliant weather and  the exact time I would have been ordering Frank’s Breakfast at the Eureka Cafe.
Thursday: Booked in at West Kirby for a Spinning class. No weights this time as I start to run late. Spoke to one of the regulars who span on Tuesday and mentioned I did Europa Pools last night after the Lifestyle and Weight Management course as it was nearer this led on to me telling her about the course and this site. Not a bad class, but there were six or seven empty bikes for a fully booked class. Booked next Thursday while I was there.
Friday:Work. Car needs a service and I haven’t booked a class yet and I need to do some weights. New wheel from Dane and a tyre from Costco had  the spare sorted, took the starter motor back and got an oil filter for the Polo.
West Kirby full but went to the gym and did those weights but probably not enough.
It turns out Barbara was ill and Margaret was taking the class. Margaret’s classes are good and I had a good session.
Margarets_class.JPG Final sprint was to Robbie Williams  Let me entertain you at 11 on the volume control. Really good stretching session at the end probably 20 to 30 seconds on each one with some stretches that other classes just don’t do.
Saturday: Ride day. Rode out to the Eureka for a breakfast and a ride. Ended up going out with the fast group and spent a lot of time off the back. Write up and pictures on a separate post. Great weather and a good ride even if I did spend most of it off the back. 75 miles.
Sunday: Track session with Matlock CC. Booked a bike and it’s a 9 o’clock start.
Paul sent me the results from the Northend Track Night. My time for the kilometer was 82.51 seconds which equates to 46.3 km/hr or 27 mph. Looking at the results I’ve got some improving to do. But the important thing is I’ve got a time and something to go for.

Between 9 and 10 we were filmed for a training video for beginners, the exercise being how to move up on the track. Later on there was another exercise where we were riding 4 abreast around the track, that did take some doing.
Bit of a mixed day, had a good ride but ended up in a crash after the race had finished.
I’m told she stopped pedaling on the bend but all I saw was her high-siding up the banking and then sliding down across my path. I ended up riding over her and went down. Skinned my backside and elbow. Poor girl may have suffered a broken collar bone. I got off lightly considering. It’s not something I want to repeat


With the benefit  of a day to sort out what happened I’ll elaborate. The last event was a 12 lap race and it was my first and maybe last. 12 laps is 3 Km and it soon passes. I don’t know if any tactics were involved but a few went up the banking rather than stay on the front. I ended up on the black line boxed in for most of the race. I’m stuck behind the guy in the AG2R kit for more laps than I want to be, there is no going up the inside on the black line so I just have to wait.
With 2 laps to go it’s now or never, there is no one coming thru on my right so I pull out on to the red line and have a go around the outside. Amazingly it comes off, I’m in about 5th position and manage to hold it to line. I wish I had gone a bit earlier but as you can see above events took a turn for the worse.
The girl who went down had had a bit of a bobble on the final bend through putting in a maximum effort I suppose. I don’t know what happened after the finish but my life went into slow motion mode on that bend. I saw the poor girl get flipped off her bike and going up the banking for a couple of feet.
Then bike and rider started sliding down the banking. There was nothing I could do, the bike slid past but I couldn’t avoid running into the poor girl ending up in a heap about 15ft further down the track. She was obviously hurt from one or more impacts and needlessly kept saying sorry. It was just one of those things. We had been riding as a pair on one of the earlier track exercises where the two on the front went up the banking to let the group through. We were both first timers at this and I was nervous about going up the banking as a pair but we had talked on the preceding lap and did pull it off. I do so hope she hadn’t broken anything but it didn’t look too good.
If there is any consolation she beat a lot of riders I would consider a lot better than me, oh and she beat me as well.
Respect is due.

One thought on “Weekending 10 Feb 08”

  1. Hello Frank,
    Got to say i honestly think you over do the gym spinning classes,why do you consider it necessary to work out everday? you are heading for burn out and over use injuries without a doubt.I generally enjoy this weblog of yours, (especially the cycling) but your dour serious, serious write ups are heavy heavy going ,inject some humour man you are supposed to enjoy it.

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