Weekending 17 Feb 08

Monday: No rides, spinning or gym. Kodo Drummers at the Phil, third time I’ve seen them there and just as good. The only exercise I got was when I ran back to the house for the tickets. Discovery Channel kit is getting harder to find and I need a set of bibshorts to replace the torn ones.
Tuesday: Back to normal by the look of things. Booked next Tuesdays and Wednesdays spinning classes. Got to tonights class too early so it was 10 minutes in the gym after I had got a ticket. One of the Europa Pools regulars tried the class tonight, don’t know what she made of it but it was a fairly tough class. We did talk about Sheila’s classes being a bit unpredictable. Now unprompted she said the same was for the Aerobics class, you just don’t know what is coming next. I’ve never done an Aerobics class but could just picture it, everyone thrown by an unexpected call.

After the class it was back up the gym to run the proverbial mile. I’d set a max in the spinning class but still felt I still had a bit more to give. Started at 10km/hr with the distance set at 1.6 km/hr. At this pace I was up to 150 BPM and it steadied out at this reading. This seemed an easyish enough pace and if I wanted I could have upped the distance. I chose to up the pace to 11.5 km/hr for the final 0.5 km with this the heartrate settled at 164 BPM. This is well and truly aerobic exercise for me.

Last year I could get the miles in, throw in a Steve Cummings Training Ride when i felt like it, Wednesday ride and a Saturday or Sunday ride. Really great times. I want to regain those times, I’m not that far off it but until I up the ante and really push my self I ain’t going to improve. At the moment I can’t recognise what specific skills I’ve got but I suspect endurance may be one of them, sprinting for signs ain’t one of of them. The track is a bit of an unknown, I was boxed in for a fair section of it but at the end of the day I need to improve my personal times for individual events.

So if it’s the track I need to be able to time my effort to the end of the race. A jack of all trades but a master of none.

Time trials may be the easyiest start but the year is young. Had a problem with the Forerunner 50 upload tonight, no training centre data as it got deleted. Garmin Connect was OK but there is no data export.

Wednesday: Spinning at West Kirby  after work. Booked next weeks class while I was at it. No running tonight. Upload to training centre was OK tonight. Now I’m still only doing what I was told at the start of all this, 30 minutes  a day five times a week. OK  a spinning class is 45 minutes but that is neither here nor there.
A number of you think I am overdoing it, well when you get dropped weekin weekout it means I’m not at the right level.
Thursday: Northend clubnight, this will be my first and the intention is to cycle down there on the Toy to give the Cateye lights a try out.
Spinning class at West Kirby as I’d booked it last week, picked up Cycling weekly on the way home only to find Steve Cummings first stage win wasn’t in it as it didn’t make the print deadline. There was a bit about him not being an automatic choice for Beijing so I guess he has answered the selectors good style.
Gear change then rode to the new club venue for monthly meetings.
Well pleased with the new lights. Cars even dip their headlights, all of them did. Didn’t stick too close to the gutter as you don’t need to with this amount of light.
Took the EL530 out for a comparison, putting this on was sheer luxury, the spot is more distinct than the EL830RC but there is no comparison really. Two levels on the EL830, 3 watts and 9 watts. 3 hours @ 9 watts and 5 hours at 3 watts. The 3 mile run to the rugby club took 10 minutes.
First there and had a 15 minute wait before Maxine turned up, then Paul and David who went on a run at 7 o’clock. Then Tempo and a few others turned up on bikes and it proved to be a good turnout for our first time at the venue.
Anyway I’ve got my first Northend jersey only one slight problem no pockets.
Blackadder kit this weekend by the look of things, again.
At the end of the day I can appreciate why the Northend ride in their kit but I really like my Disco kit and as they are no more it’s a pity that Discovery Channel didn’t make more of their branding. After all they have won the Tour de France 8 times under various guises and what have they to show for it, American Chopper week in week out.
Now I used to be a biker but for over 2 years I haven’t been on one. Got plenty of oversized kit now and hope the helmet fits as it was made to measure.

I just ain’t a Harley man, maybe a Buell at a push but at the present rate I ride more on a push bike than they do on their rides. Last year I rode my pedal iron more than wannabe road racers rode their bikes on the road.

Back to Discovery Channel they mismanaged the team from a media point of view , how not could you not profit from Lance Armstrong 7 times Tour De France winner. Discovery Channel their sponsor did zilch and I mean zilch. The new CEO came in and chopped the team, it’s a pity he didn’t say the last CEO was an arse and sold the brand short.

Now , looking to the future, do I follow Astana (Discovery) or Barloworld (Steve Cummings). I don’t hold any hard feeling against Astana now the old Discovery team is running the show. But  the decision is to follow the local guy, Steve Cummings.

For lots of you, you may not be aware of the history of this site. I was once 21 stone  but after seeing the light I deceided to do something about it. I turned up on my second time trial to have Steve Cummings (Discovery Channel rider) be my minute man. Thanks to my GPS logging he passed me within 2 miles. This was an awesome site to see, to be passed by one of the worlds best really does bring it home.

Enough rambling for now.

Friday: Work followed by changing the oil on the Polo that didn’t go to to plan.
Spinning at West Kirby.
Saturday: Woke up to frost, ride day. What a day, got dropped twice and never recovered but I did end up at the destination which was Llandegla Mountain bike centre.
Being tail gunner on a Northend ride is a risky business. Ended up doing 68 miles most of it on my own. More to add including the route and some pictures

Sunday: This is my 10/2 day, 2 years ago I deceided to turn things around and do something with the rest of my life. It was a turning point and things haven’t been better since that decision was made. No ride after yesterdays debacle, well a ride to the Eureka for breakfast doesn’t really count. Back through Puddington and Neston for 15miles. The Polo needed a new tyre so it was off to Costco for one.
Funny place Costco attracts large affluent customers and the cafe is cheap with a limited range of stuff from the shelves. I’ve had the odd chicken bake which is the dearest item at £2.50. Well I won’t be having too many more because I’ve saw them in the fridge and checked out how many calories are in one of them. 824 kcals and 40 gramms of fat.
My favourite Tesco finest pizza is only 630 kcals with 16.6 gramms of fat in it.
It’s full title is Mozzarella Pearls, Rustic Tomato & Basil Pesto Hand Stretched Tuscan Pizza, it’s filling and I know if I have one I can still loose weight. Anything over a 1000 kcals is out of bounds, that’s just a personal decision. Bear in mind that packet of Minstrels I was scoffing along with the wine was 1500 kcals for the minstrels alone.
Cheshire Oaks for some cycling magazines then home.
Felt at a loss so did a spinning class at West Kirby. Forgot the HRM strap so did it on feel. Sweated the usual bucket, the girl next to me is shaking her head at the pool of sweat on the floor under the bike. Came out the saddle on the final sprint (which isn’t in the class) and a fair few followed me up. Shower, home and the end of another good week.

6 thoughts on “Weekending 17 Feb 08”

  1. Hi Frank

    If you are running 3 miles in 10 minutes, this is a world class time – fantastic. Reading your blog if you are getting dropped by the Northenders have you considered joining a running club?

  2. Anonymous, it’s 3 km. The treadmills are all in kilometers. It fooled me at first. Wasn’t the only one to get dropped though it’s just that I made a proper ride out of it, stopped for food and took some pictures around Llanarmon yn lal that I haven’t posted yet.

  3. Frank if I ‘ve read this right I think the three miles relates to to the ride (run) to the rugby club in which case that’s an average speed of 18mph which I know you are well capable of.

    Took Ben and Steve Light out to the ICF today. Steve did a 37 miler, Ben and I a 57 miler. They are both knackered but thoroughly enjoyed the day. That’s a total of 250 miles cycling for me this week. See you at the weekend.

  4. Barry thats a good total for anybody. Might give Saturday a miss or do something light as I’ve a 100 mile Audax on Sunday.
    One you might want to consider is Poynton to Chirk which is 200km rode it last year and it is a great ride. The pace is steady, it’s not like a Northend ride where you have to be back at the Eureka for 2 pm. 80 miles in you’ve only done two thirds of the ride.

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