Weekending 02 Mar 08

Monday: Spinning at Europa Pools preceded by a session in the gym. Bumped into Frances in the gym who I hadn’t seen in a while. It turned out that this was her first session back after being knocked down by a hit and run duo of father and daughter towing a car. Obviously one of them has no insurance. If you could afford it you would have breakdown cover. Bit mixed in the gym and the class was low key as I wasn’t making any numbers that I normally do.
This was a late class and I hadn’t had anything to eat beforehand and I think it does show at the  end of the day.
Tuesday: Spinning class at West Kirby preceded by a session in the gym. If there are ten machines in the gym nine of them are being used as chairs by blokes and lads using them as chairs between sets. 30 seconds between sets at the level these guys are doing. It’s not as if they are lifting the full stack. 0.5 km on the treadmill at 12.5 km/hr soon had the heartrate up.
This was a far better class than Monday, probably because I was still recovering from Sunday. Most of it was in zone 4 with a couple peaks into zone 5.
Only bloke in the class but there is the usual rush by the girls for the back row. Betty gets a hard time from Barbara in jest, guess it must be a woman thing as I can’t make it out. I had a really good spin to one of Betty’s CD,s. Booked for next Tuesday and Wednesday while I was at it.
The above snapshot clearly shows I was a heartrate zone down between the two classes. Some days you feel good somedays you don’t.
Wednesday: Spinning at West Kirby again. For me it’s about separating life from work. A sort of detox session where you can rid yourself of the days troubles. Call of the wild day, clear blue skies and I’m stuck in work and not out on my bike.
Had a decent spinning class spoke to the woman next to me about what she thought of the class. She’s been to ones where you get the full audio visual treatment and the bikes are state of the art too. Not enough resistance in and they flop all over the place.
Sounds like I’m missing out on something.
Thursday: Spinning class. Spinning at West Kirby and booked in for next Thursdays class while I was at it. Had a good go. Garmin Connect has been updatedand it’s now showing to support 705 data. The latest I have is the 705 is supposed to be released tomorow 29th Feb. Not holding my breath on this one
Friday: Not booked anything but the track beckons. Tried to buy an Edge 705 guess what mid March is the best I can get from someone that has them in stock, plenty of people telling porky pies on the net. As it was i ended up doing a spinning session at West Kirby, this was a poor session by previous results but better than nothing. This was another class where I was a zone lower than the previous class.
Wasted a couple of hours seeing if I could get a GPS enabled phone on an upgrade, well you can but it’s going to cost you the cost of a Garmin Nuvi. Had a comment from Tracklogs about Garmin courses so need to do a bit of investigating.
Saturday: Feed the ducks day with the grandson. Fed loads of ducks at Raby Mere. By the look of things it’s a regular duckfeeding station.
Sunday: Ride day come what may. Getting on the Toy for the first time in a week felt good. Delayed going out meant that the Northend were leaving as I was arriving. Had the wind behind me but caught every light on red going out to the Eureka.
Can’t do a ride without a breakfast so had to have one. Opted to go out with Chester and NorthWales CTC to The Red Bull at Kingsley. The last time we went here it was a bit of a disaster but this time it was a lot better.
I’ve got to admit CTC rides are a lot more organised nothing is left to chance. Bob had rang the pub at 10 o’clock with numbers for lunch. It was Mothers day and they had 50 covers for lunch throughout the day.

The diners had soup and a roll and sandwiches for a fiver. Carrot and corriander soup was great and we had more than enough sandwiches for us. Couldn’t give the cheese sandwiches away. Beer was good too. I’ll add the ride pictures when I get around to it but they were Ok (I think) as I choose not to take pictures into the sun. Modern CCD camera’s don’t like taking pictures into sunlight.

Janet’s 50 Mile Tourist Trophy is only two weeks away so I must get my entry in. I don’t expect to be first back this year as I think I have lost a bit of form. Not that it matters, it’s a nice ride. Todays pace was a bit slow but nobody was dropped and we waited for those that were struggling.

More later……..


Back at the Eureka it looked as if everybody had planned an early return. Most had returned and left by the time we (moi and John) got back. Luckily enough a band of Sunlighters addresed the balance.  
Garmin Edge 305  battery ran out during the ride as I started the day with only two blobs on it as I hadn’t recharged it. Turned on the Forerunner 50 for the ride home but even managed to switch that off too. 
Not a bad week but have a twinge in the knee that I haven’t had for a long time.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 02 Mar 08”

  1. Dave it’s all vapourware again. I suspect everwhere is going to have them mid March and you be able to get one from PC World just as quickly. Edge 305 bundle prices have dropped to reasonable levels and 205 prices are at decent cycling computer prices now.

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