Weekending 09 Mar 08

Monday: Managed to get a space on the spinning class at West Kirby. Traffic is critical in getting to this class. Made it with minutes to spare. Did the class followed by half an hour in the gym. Did a hundred calories worth on the side stepper as I couldn’t get on much else. Same as last week, machines getting used as chairs between sets. Half an hour later I’ve had enough and it is shower and home.
Completed and posted the entry to the Chester and North Wales CTC Spring 50. 
Tuesday: West Kirby for a spin. Tough class, didn’t have a towel so sweated loads. More like I didn’t have a towel  and the floor got wet. Ten minutes on the weights beforehand. Best class for a while probably because I didn’t have a fan. Usual rush for the back row but there is no hiding in a class like this.
Wild Wales entry completed. Will be in the post first thing.
Wednesday: Lifestyle and weight management course followup class. A year since I finished mine.
If you measure results by numbers the results aren’t too hot I’m afraid to say. If you take a wider view and look how it can turn someones life around like mine the results look a bit better.
This is a week where you get to meet a class that are just a month into their course.
If you do the full year you will see three of these classes. This might be my seventh.
It’s only an hour of my time but I still gain from it. What I still find disturbing is the dropout rate. Half make it to the end of the classroom sessions (3 months) and then it drops off dramatically.

This is a great shame as what would it cost you for an hour of Ron’s time. Try not to miss your first one as you need that feedback from your fellow class members and others that are further down the line. I kept loosing at a similar rate once the classes had finished as I was still sticking to the plan.

If you’re not very active like I was you’ve got to turn it around and become that active person. This is just the start, I don’t suffer after rides or events but normal “work” just doesn’t do it for me these days, it has to be something else such as a spinning class or a decent ride.
Four of us turned up for the followup class and for two it was their last month on the course. Got introduced to what seemed like a big class and gave out a fair few cards with the site address on it. Now the four of us were in the class for the full hour so that’s 15 minutes a piece getting your problems sorted. Ron went on to say already a few had dropped out. So I’ll say it again the course is for twelve months, at least do the full course. I kept loosing weight after the twelve weeks because I was still following the plan. I didn’t quit because I’d had a bad week and might have put on.
This isn’t like Slimming World or Weight Watchers where you can rejoin if you want to.
Once you miss a class your chances of picking it up again are pretty slim. Dates change and people drop out of the habit and once that has happened your on your own.

No gym, treating it as a rest day. The routine is going to change, I’ve looked at the calender and the riding, racing, time trialing season is upon us. Throw in Audaxes, sportiffes and challenge rides and it looks like a fairly full season.

Monday to Friday hasn’t done me any favours and the Steve Cummings Training Rides look like a thing of the past at the moment. 

Thursday: Spin at West Kirby. Plan to go hard on this one, we’ll see how it turns out.
Had a good class but this Monday to Friday work lark hasn’t been to my liking and I’ve had this impression that I’ve either been overdoing it or not getting enough time on the bike. Well the good news is I’m going back on four on four off. So the plan is to do two rides per block. Steve Cummings Training Rides are back. One of the women in the class last night mentioned that I had found something that I liked doing, well she had a point.

There are times when I just like riding on my own at my own pace, have a go when I feel like it and just do my own thing.
Barry Jones has got himself another seat from Cycling Weekly for this weeks “It shouldn’t happen to a cyclist” article. It’s a worthy winner. I’ve been there too with Carol setting the pace on the front and us blokes sitting on her wheel. I’ve been driven to have a go on the front myself to stop feeling so guilty. Carol is Carol Boardman, Chris Boardman’s mum.  Pity I can’t link to the article.
Friday:  Half day at work. Lot’s to sort out. Spinning class at West Kirby. I’ve been wordering if I’ve been overdoing things for a while well I’ve finally worked out whats been making me feel this way. I’ve picked up a cold.
Saturday: Rest day went to Llandudno for shoes and called in at Woods to look at the bikes. Bought a HD DVD for the Xbox360 now only £40 at Game.
Sunday:  Had arranged to ride with Barry and Ben. But before that it was a trip to the cash machine at Gayton garage and an easy ride to the cafe. Seemed to hit all the lights on red again.
Saw Bob and Jill in the Eureka and Bob Said there are 97 starters for next weeks Tourist Trial. 40 opting for the 4 hour start so it looks like I’ve got a bit of competition.
Not a race but it didn’t seem like it at times. Hope the weather is good as by enlarge I had good weather for a lot of rides last year. Poynton to Chirk and  the Snowdonia Audaxes were the exception and they were extreme so to say.
This is a points scorer for the CTC competition. I’m aiming to finish higher up the list this year.
Anyway four of us are riding to Rose farm cafe. This was my first ride with Merseyside CTC Wednesday section. If you were on the ride you had a treat as it was all on me as it was my birthday. I remember arguing with Bob at the till about picking up the tab.

Bumped into Andy Walsh in the Eureka which is a first. Now this is the first time he has been out on a bike this year, I joked about it but it was true, he’s only done 6 miles this  year and the ride to the cafe was it. This is the Northend club champion!!!!.

Barry is the ride photographer for this ride and the first is when I pickup a puncture just after we had crossed the canal around Chester Zoo. Better this weekend than next, but I can’t find the cause.


Carol has been getting a lot of stick off the Sunlight about Barrie’s “It shouldn’t happen to a cyclist” post in Cycling Weekly. The thing was she hadn’t seen the article so didn’t know what was going on.

Not a bad run out to rose Farm Cafe, the puncture slowed us a bid as we could have done another loop around the back. Thanks to Barry for forwarding the pictures. There aren’t too many of me on the site as I’m usually taking them. So I’m always grateful of a picture.

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