Weekending 16 Mar 08

Monday: Cycling offers at Lidl. Got the last pair of SPD shoes that were my size. Would have prefered the woman,s colour of blue/grey than our orange/grey but they are great value. I currently spin in £97 worth of trainers and the pedals are wrecking them. Should the Oval ever open up they will fit their pedals. Took it easy tonight, had a session in the gym and didn\’t overdo it in the spinning class. There were only 8 of us in the class. Wasn\’t a bad class, Louise feeling a bit under the weather. Shower, home.
Tuesday: Booked in at West Kirby. Not looking to break any records with Sunday,s ride coming up. At least we had a class as we were all cancelled due to a power cut then phoned back to say the class was back on.
Wrote an Ebay guide to the Edge 305 series. Can\’t link to the site but is easy enough to find these days.
Had a decent class without a maximum effort, shower and home. Tried the Lidl cycling shoes out, they were pretty good. A lot stiffer than than trainers. The colour is terrible though, orange doesn\’t go with anything I wear. Would have prefered the woman\’s colours. (blue/grey)
Wednesday: Another spinning class booked, at least it\\\’s indoors and not in a gale.
One of the women on the back row had her handlebars come off the bike and fell onto the post and then off the bike. The first aiders were called and the class finished. Don\’t know how she faired but it looked like she had hurt herself.
A few of us went to the gym instead. Had a go on the stationary cycle but it just isn\’t the same and starts slipping if you try something aggressive on it like getting out of the saddle. Crosstrainer for 15 minutes, weights, shower and home.
Thursday: Spinning at West Kirby and remarkably the woman that fell off her bike was there. Talk about facing your demons. Most of the class don\’t know what happened and can\’t picture it. Trust me I wouldn\’t like it to happen to me. Had a good class then shower, home then off to Northend monthly meeting on the bike.
Finally got a Northend shirt with pockets in, it\’s a tight aerodynamic cycling fit. Clive doesn\’t want his riders going out in oversize clothing. Couldn\’t get any rainwear to fit but it\’s a start.
Carol hadn\\\’t had her entry back for Sunday\’s run, but I did mention that Bob had mentioned the Northend entries at the Eureka last Sunday. Maybe there was no SAE. 
I\\\’m in group 10 so last off. I still reckon last year will be hard to beat. I mean the total year not just a one off ride. If I  don\’t manage it I\’ll still have done well by most peoples standards.
Friday:  Maybe a spinning class, or a track session,.As it is this was a bit of a black day. No spinning  as an Ahead change didn\’t go to plan. A still hasn\’t. Colin has the Toys front wheel for truing.I\’m in deep shit with the Iceni, missed a spinnng class which speaks volumes.  Called it a day
Saturday : Iceni to Colin Brick first thing. Picked up the wheel for the toy. Started putting up a blind which eat into the day. Picked up the Iceni from Colin all sorted and put on the new chain as the old one was worn. Looks like is going to be a wet ride so the Iceni is being fettled in advance.

Re programmed the Route with good old Marengo. The Garmin export facility from last years ride playing up for some reason. With a bit of luck the weather will be ok  on the day as I\’m looking forward to using the toy.
Sunday:  Tourist Trial ride day. A great day. Ride write up later


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