Weekending 13 Apr 08

Monday: Work. Edit blog, update 705  entries and 20 pressups before I called it a day. Pretty poor day by my reckoning.
Tuesday: Much like Monday. Starting to think about doing the Brimstage 7 Mile TT after work as the nights are light enough,just. First Northend one is next Tuesday.
Wednednesday: Work. Off out to see Jan Akkerman at Pacific Road.R&R day. A good night out.
Thursday: Work followed by the NorthEnd monthly meeting. Signed up for the Time Trial series so it looks like I am commited to do it. I’m last away at the moment and don’t yet have a handicap. Bought the TT handbook to see what’s what.
Friday: Minimum is a spinning class, maybe a ride. Need to get another time for the 7mile TT too. Plenty on. As it turned out I didn’t get out for a ride, spent the morning taking 6mm off 2 fire doors (boy are they heavy) cleaned the Toy. Sorted out the carbon wheels for the Time Trial on Tuesday. Put  City Navigator V6 on the 705. Gym at West Kirby, weights and a 2km row in 8:20. Spinning class that I managed to get on.
Right from the start this was going to be a tough class.

The first 10 minutes were the row in the gym. Now I spent a solid 30 minutes in Zone 4 and a good nine minutes in Zone 5. Thought we had done the final sprint when I took it up to 181 bpm only for Barbara to put Crank That by SoulJa boy on. Had another go but I’d put everything in the other sprint. Felt good after it.
Still haven’t read Cycling Weekly yet.
Saturday: No planned or club rides in the morning. Brimstage 7 miler come what may.
Fitted the Carbon Wheels  to the Toy and removed the saddlebag for this one. I was mucking around with Mapsourse and had to revert to Marrengo to move the Finnish 40ft.

I’m going to have to pull my finger out on Tuesday to better this time. 18 minutes 42 seconds for my second attempt. About 1 minute 15 seconds up on last week. No doubt helped by the tailwind on the Chester High Road. Average 22.9 mph. With the average heartrate at 165 BPM this tells me I’m just about flat out. More later.
Sunday: Chester Zoo with Jack. A great day. Saw Rays CTC ride going down Backford Hill towards Church Lane.

Got back in time to watch Boonen win Paris-Roubaix and went to West Kirby for a Spinning class. Had a good go getting the Heartate up to 175 BPM.
Not a bad week would have liked some more riding but you can’t have it all ways.
Feel in good shape, regular spinning classes keep me in the picture.

705 is not as straight forward as I reckoned. It’s eating into time that I don’t have at the moment. Again if you want maps factor it in to the overall cost. If you don’t need a map buy an Edge 305. 

Post on Garmin Mapsource pending once I’ve sorted out the Edge 705.

Final post is about Carbon fibre wheels. These are tubs so if you get a puncture  you are in deep shit. Only used these once before in the TLI Roadrace series. These are not expensive wheels by any standard but even the likes of I could feel the difference. 
They spin up better than anything  else I ride on.
Just pratting around they felt good. 7-9 Bar are the tyre pressures. Whatever the time is on Tuesday it’ll still stand.

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