Weekending 20Apr08

Monday: Missed morning spinning class so it was time to sort the bikes out. The Colnago Carbitubo is going to get an airing seeing as the weather is nice.
Fitted a Garmin mount to it so I’m off out.
Did 40 miles around Wirral. Logged on 705
Spinning class and gym at West Kirby then home and watched The Science of Lance Armstrong.
\ Wirral LoopCafe stop at Ness Gardens and another at West Kirby. Morrisons for an afternoon tea at £2.09, great value.  Got asked again if I was on the Egg run. Egg run is for bikers not cyclists. I’ve done the Egg run and it’s about a donation now as there aren’t enough kids there to eat all that chocolate.
Colnago was great, very relaxed riding position as it is a frame size too large for me.
The bars are higher than the seat  so it is  a significant change in position.
A Trek Madone it’s not but it’s nice to ride, it’s not stiff at the bottom bracket in fact I would call it flexy. It’s a retro carbon fibre bike and was great for this type of ride. No pressure, ride into the wind as it is going to be behind you on the final leg.
Tuesday: Work. But 7 mile Brimstage TT.  20 turned up and it’s literally right on the doorstep. ChicagoDave turned up on yet another different bike, Barry turned up on his new Trek Madone. When I say new it still had the cellophane on the bars as he only picked it up at 5 o’clock. Andy turned up because he read the blog.
I was starting 17 th and managed to pin number 18s number on upside down reading a large entry 81. He repaid me by taking a minute out me passing me by the first roundabout. He was on an Iceni the same as my winterbike but with tribars on it, so it’s not about the bike.
I ended up 10 seconds slower than Saturday’s trial run probably due to the lack of a tailwind.
7mileTT15Apr.JPG\The chart says I was 4 mph faster up to the Clegg but way slower along the Chester High Road. The Chester High Road is big ring territory and I’ve yet to perfect my technique at these. Most of it is remarkably consistent between the two runs but it’s so easy to loose time on time trialing. The climb by the Seven Stars is my bugbear, I’m down to about 15 mph. Thats the thing with operating at the limit, you’ve nothing more to give. At least I’ve got my first official time which is something. Pint in the Rugby club then home with Barry. 18 minutes and 51 seconds.
Wednesday:Work. Started to plan Early Season 75 on Mapsource and the routing part is great until you get to ” Proceed uphill again to junction by seat.” Time to get Tracklogs and Anquet out and Marengo too. MapSource just doesn’t have enough detail in it. 
Tursday:Work. It’s light until about 8:30 now so I may go out on the bike. Gym instead. Twas not to be, a spike on the grid took out just about all the services at work. Had to stay with Mike and Dave to sort it.
Friday:Work. Early dart for a spinning class at West Kirby. Barbara had dipped out so Margaret was taking the class. Now Margaret’s classes are very different to the other classes. Some of the routines are interval based which is different than the hill/sprint/hill routine of normal classes. That’s a crude analogy,but this class was more resistance based. The numbers say I didn’t work as hard but that is subjective. Margaret’s stretching routine should be a guideline to all instructors. They  are brilliant, not rushed and for a decent length. I noticed an immediate difference. The leg on the handlebar stretch was bloody hard using Margaret’s method. Times for these stretches  are double or triple what I normally do.
I really like rides with a cafe stop and always will. Can’t see the point of into riding into Wildest Wales and not stopping at a Cafe or shop. No wonder so many of these businesses fold passing trade just rides by.
Things change by the hour. No ride today.Not a bad  day,trouble comes  in three,s  and I’m only up to two.
Sunday: Jack day. Spinning class at West Kirby as I haven’t been able to get a ride in.
Have a knocking noise on the Polo when going over bumps after a few google searches and watching a video on a bush removal tool the bushes on the suspension arm are shot.

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