Weekending 27 Apr 08

Monday: Mot’d the Scenic but delayed due to telephone system being out of action.
Had planned to ride the Brimstage TT as a course but managed to loose it in the TrainingCentre. No backup either and GarminConnect is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Tried to set a time before off out spinning but traffic is too much at this time of day. First time out in the shorts this year.
Spinning at West Kirby. Not a bad class with new music promised for tommorow.
Start to redo Sundays ride.
Tuesday: Picked up the bushes for the Polo and watched Brian struggle for 5 hours fitting them. He has it down as a job you only do once. 
Spinning at Europa Pools. Twas a hot class and although I wasn’t going for it I was sweating buckets. Half empty as everybody is watching the match.
Re doing Sundays ride in Marengo with Anquet as the OS map. 75 MILES IN 63 POINTS UP TO NOW. There a couple of places where I could use the extra waypoints as course markers now I have the complete basic route.
There is some nice property on this ride I had to google Vicarage road as it didn’t feature in Google maps but did in 192.com.
Just about got a route sorted. Will publish it once it is sorted.
Wednesday:  Work. I’ll publish the route once I can remember my Marengo login. Will take the Trek out for a spin as the front mech needs sorting. Adjusted the front mech so at least it will go onto the big ring. Then did the race of truth or at least up to the Seven Stars pity I didn’t have the Edge on. Aim to do it again before Tuesday.
Work. Weather looks a bit mixed for Sunday.
Saturday:  Work. Up early, sorted out a few things  and came across a few problems in Mapsource and TrainingCentre. After work sorted out the Toy for the ride. Tipped the house upside down looking for the multitool on to find it in the saddlebag on the Colnago. Pumped the tyres up and then struggled to get the Cateye light bracket off the bars. Toying with the idea of running the 305 and 705 in tandem. One running a Route and one running a Course. Running Rays Route tommorow.
Sunday: Early Season Tourist Trial from Pennyfford.


May have another play with the route as I’ve spare waypoints to play with.


4 thoughts on “Weekending 27 Apr 08”

  1. blog becoming very “booooring” are you losing interest Frank? because i am and the delete button is becoming ever more appealing!!!

  2. Anon, use the delete button. I blog therefore I am. I’ve settled into a routine, it’s a worklife balance. Last year was about life, and it was a great balance. This year it maybe 50/50. Next year it may all change. There are 4,000 visitors a month to the site now so what do I do appease the 1 narc or do what I’ve been doing for the last eighteen months.
    Some pass by but others keep coming back. I can’t please them all.
    Trust your input is at least mine, which is is minimal.

  3. Hi Frank
    How was the CTC tourist trial? I did a 20mi ride yesterday and saw some of the tourist trial signs along the way.
    Th Edge is great and I’m slowly doing things but not yet training. That looks complicated!!

  4. Hi Valna,
    Don’t know how the two old comments have appeared before yours but never mind. You have to say it was a mixed ride wet at the start then dry after the first control then wet before the second contol to the finish.I’ll be writing the ride up this evening. Edge 705 performed well.

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