Weekending 25 May 08 (Spanish Edition Part II)

Monday: Rain stopped play but it was a chance to update the blog and answer a few Garmin questions. A 5AM start for Valencia Airport meant it was going to be a long day. Looked for an English newspaper for an hour or so as I´ve been cut off from the outside world for a week. Toured a few ghost towns, sorry Spanish beach resorts, heavens opened, returned to Barx and it was sunny and light til past 9. Should have gone down to Simat for the climb.
Tuesday: Thought I would do Geddes´s loop to Simat. Had to get off on the bend at Puig Mola as the chain jumped sprocket at the Restaurant. Tightened the lever and it was OK for the rest of the climb. Managed to hit the pothole that Geddes showed me the other day and puncture.
DSCF4087.jpg DSCF4088.jpgDSCF4089.jpg

Thought I would patch it only to find I had brought all my 10 speed chain spares but no glue for the patches.
So a tube went in and ultimately alters the course of the day. I´m down to 1 spare tube so take things easier. Stop for a few pictures to update the site next week.
Nice ride down to Simat after climbing up from Pla de Corralls. Ride isn´t finished yet but it looks like a trip to Tavernes for a puncture outfit. Went to Tavernes and picked up some patches. Rode down to Xeraco Beach, stopped at a supermarket for a drink and should have took a picture of the street as it was deserted.
Garmin locked up and didn’t notice until I was in the backstreets of Tavernes. Rode up to Simat.
Simat to Barx. This was the highlight of the week, looks a bit worse than it is. Double click to enlarge then enlarge again.

Took a picture of the climb from the bottom of the mountain and settled on the start line and turn on the Forerunner 50 and the 705 for a time.
As luck would have it two guys from Gandia cycling club are tackling the climb and as this is their backyard I thought I would see how long I could stick with them.
We all know it’s undeclared war out there on climbs like this and I held on dropping off 20 yards or so in places to get it back when they eased up on the straights.
I’m maxed out at a steady 170 BPM which then goes up to 185 BPM on a decent push.
Near the summit I haven’t been dropped and this is where I make my move, out the saddle and drop a gear with a sprint to the finish. Not sure if it went down too well with the guys from the Gandia cycling club especially when you see the bike I’m on. Six speed with 42 on the inner ring but 32 on the back. I’ll have to work it out in inches but the gaps are large.

The time 18:49.91
Wednesday: Ride day, out with Geddes from 9 AM with 70-80 km pencilled in. Geddes managed to hit the pothole that I punctured on at Puig Mola and then we got stuck behind a line of lorries going to a chicken farm. after that it was all down hill to Barxetta with Frederico leading the was picking up a Spanish Champion along the way. Destination is a Col out of Xativa which has a Medieval Castle overlooking it.
Geddes wins the points competition on the climb narrowly from Frederico and then it was a fast descent to Belus. It would have been quicker but the chain had come off the front chainwheel and I had to stop. More to follow. Including the route of the ride.
Lost the Edge 705 off the handlebars on what proved to be a worrying 20 minutes or so until it was found. It fell of the bars at about 25 mph and marked the case but other than that it was fine. A rider stopped to help find it and was amazed to see it getting put on a 15 year old bike. It being worth more than the bike.

Stopped for a Coke at Simat before climbing the mountain to Barx for the last time.
Another great days riding.

Route to follow when I sort the TrainingCentre out, GarminConnect doesn’t like 5 Mb of ride data loading into it.


Thursday: Last full day. Had a quiet day ,had thought about a quick lap up from Simat but it was just a feverish imagination.
Friday: Return home. Garmin Nuvi 250W sorted us out at Alicante  airport by finding the filling station to sort out the hire car. This was not easy as the station is on the wrong side of a dual carriage way. You can see it but not reach it. Spanish road signs are not lit at night and I’ve missed a turn as I couldn’t make the turn in time.
SatNav in a foreign country does work just have the most recent maps as countries like Spain are changing all the time.
Saturday: Nothing planned but you never know. Had one of those days where I’m glad it was sorted once it was over.
I’m going to write a guide on how not to change a stoplight on a Polo, it was that bad and had to be done today no matter what. No ride but there there is so much to catch up on. Caught up on the Giro de Italia so all was not lost.
Sunday: Work.

One thought on “Weekending 25 May 08 (Spanish Edition Part II)”

  1. Frank missed you at the Club 14 Time Trial, hope your having a great time in Spain, sorry to tell you that the weather here is smashing, hot and sunny. Did a 35m 42sec tonite for the 14, going to do a ten on thursday at Saighton,need to beat 26m 59sec.

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