Weekending 01 June 08

Monday: Work. Home but spend too long on net searching for the Polo suspension knock problem. Should have done some exercise of any sort but blew it, didn’t even put the pedals back on the bike.
Tuesday: Work. Put the pedals back on the Trek. Blog.
Wednesday: Work. Spinning class at West Kirby to blow the cobwebs off. Haven’t done much for nearly a week and I thought it was beginning to show. Solid class with 29.30 minutes firmly in zone 4 on the HRM and 8.26 minutes in zone 5.
Uploaded the class to GarminConnect and TrainingCentre just by plugging in the USB ANT stick no problem.

 Spain.JPGSnapshot of last weeks rides.
Thursday: Booked in for a Morning Spinning class and will go the gym. Buy the Comic. Route to sort out for the Audax, plus a load of other stuff. Giro live to catch up on.Wishfull thinking about the 10 in view of Saturdays ride.
Early session in the gym followed by a decent spinning session. Feel good and I’m going to take it easy now as there are a few climbs that I haven’t done on Saturday like the Horseshoe Pass for one.
Car next to me was getting a ticket when I came out, an expensive 30p.
Aldi on the way home for some fruit and berries, it does appear to be a lot cheaper than Tesco,s as I seem to spend a fortune on fresh berries for my breakfast. Quaker Oat Granola was 2 for 1 at Tesco last week so I stocked up.

Couldn’t get to grips with the Aqueduct route so drove to the start and tried following it to Ruthin. Went wrong twice and Methodist Hill is going to be hard even in the granny ring. It has all the making of a Killer Climb. It’s REALLY steep and narrow.
Friday: Work. Home early to sort out the route. The first part is tricky as you can’t see the roadsigns from a satellite. Sort the Trek out and add a few more points later.
There is a hell of a lot of climbing in this ride and is going to be a real test.
The toy has had a once over and the bag packed. Route is as good as its going to get.
Only 30 riders according to Stan so the CTC points comp could be interesting.
Definitely a 2 bottle ride. Steve Cummings 4th on todays Giro stage.
Saturday: Aqueduct 175 Audax. Signed up online following Janets email about the event. CTC points comp qualifier. 2540 metres of climbing for 1.25 AAA points. 
Nice day, car all loaded up, all the makings of a great ride.
A really great day, perfect weather a challenging route and stunning scenery made it a day to remember. Settled down to write it up only to have Anon loose the plot and post two comments on the Colnago post above.
Sunday: Jack day. Had a go of Paul’s Wii-Fit and although the initial thought was sceptical I was turned around after having ago. It is no wonder they have sold out.
I was holding imaginary poles on the skiing game, worked a sweat up on 6 minutes of the hula hoop and the whole thing just opened my eyes as to they way home exercising is going to take off.
Basically wireless load sensors for each foot or arm it relies on you using your own body weight. About twice the size of a set of scales, worthy of a post of its own.
Watched Alberto Contador win the Giro on Eurosport, a fitting end to a hectic week.
Still getting over yesterdays ride but I could have gone out before breakfast but as it was rain stopped play later on, only highlighting what such a good day yesterday was.

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