Weekending 08 June 08

Monday: Work.
Tuesday: Work followed by a trip past the new Liverpool One centre. It resembled a scene from the Italian Job. Total gridlock with every traffic light on red. Did a bit more on the Audax post and installed Tracklogs back on the IBM. No support for the 705 yet but the map looked good.
Wednesday: Work. More on the blog, think I’ve finished the Aqueduct post. Think I missed a Lifestyle and Weight Management followup class.
Thursday: Work. Home, blog.
Friday: First day off, must get the gym.Turned up thinking I was going to the gym then a spinning class for the cardio only to find no morning class. Weightmachines, side stepper stepper, crosstrainer and a run later I was done. Thought I had really lost the plot as the bib tights were loose around the leg. I’d either lost leg muscle because I hadn’t been doing anything for a few days or the Nike kit was stretching in the wash. It gets washed a lot.

As it turned out it was neither. I’d picked up a pair of XXL Discovery bibshorts that I’d bought when I bought the Toy. What a relief.

Went out and bought Cycling Plus for the Edge 705 review. I eventually found it in the Road Tested section. They give it 9 out of 10 but what a dissapointment the article was. Just over half a page they haven’t done their homework as they would like to see OS maps on the thing.

Spinning class. Good weather meant a few didn’t turnup so I  got a bike.
Saturday: Ride day I hope. Late to the Eureka meant there were only three of us in the cafe and in walks Keith Boardman from the Northend Club weekend. Found himself out of breath going up the Green past Northop. I’m panting away on this climb but Keith reckons it is not normal for him. Saw the route and it covers sections of last Saturdays Audax. Set out on a ride only to find Northenders coming back the other way and others I knew.
Now I’m starting to reflect from where I’ve come in the last 2 years. Looking back at the weightloss diary I was 104.7 Kg Eu or 230 pounds American or 16.5 stone British 2 years ago and as a treat I bought myself the Toy. This morning I was 85 Kg, 3 kg above my best which was last year. So today,s ride was about going back two years to when I set the site up and started writing about easy rides for the overweight.

Nothing hilly but I did do Rest Hill to see if I’ve lost that much form as I think I have. Then on to Woodside to see the U Boat that they have moved there. They have cut it in two and it gives you a good level of detail as to what it’s like inside from the outside.
There is an aircraft carrier docked at Liverpool but it a fraction of the size of the old Arc Royal. Seacombe has been refurbed but at least 4 people carriers went past me despite the new signs. The tunnel vent shaft is not for parking on now being completley flat.

Pity that part of the ride was missing as someone had pinched part of the block pavement out of sight of the video cameras.

The ride from Seacombe was easy enough as it is totally flat but once you reach the prom and Harrison drive the kites were in abundance. I’d had a stop at the Cafe in the park and thought I saw Sasha with her new baby as I was leaving.
Liquid stop at Lidl on Leasowe Road and onto the sea defences by the lighthouse.
Caught up and passed a chap who grabbed the wheel until we hit the road at Hoylake.
Then onto West Kirby for a stop at the seating by the bowling green by the lake.
A drink and flapjack later it is the final leg to Caldy opting to take the route up Thurstaton cutting.
I remember stopping on this before but now it is not a problem and past the Cottage Loaf I opt for cycle path.

I’ve had agro from idiot car driver for not using the path and seen it dished out to others too. There is central reservation painted on the road  that gives them miles of room to pass unhindered. Stay off the path when there is hedge cutting as you will get punctures.
Sunday: Jack day at the Kite festival. Caught the Sun and came home a little after 1 as streams of cars were heading out that way.

Spinning class at West Kirby still has me hurting from Fridays Gym session so that is me done for the week.

Site is coming up to 2 years old, looked back at the first month and boy it seems like eons ago. Another birthday party coming up by the look of things. 

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