Weekending 15 Jun 08

Monday: Sorted the car out finally. Didn’t feel too good in the afternoon so no ride despite the good weather. Doing a time trial Tuesday night after work so drove the route and Waypointed the start and the OLD finnish. The CTT site doesn’t have the new finish on Roughlyn Crescent. Still feeling the effects of Friday too so no Gym.
Tuesday: Work. Time Trial from Pulford. Put some air in the tubs as you can never have enough and fitted the carbonfibre wheels to the Trek and loaded it up.

Well I’ll cut to the chase 25 minutes 48 seconds, so room for some improvement. Barry took over 2 1/2 minutes out of me and was flying. Looks like I need to invest in a pair of aero bars and spend more time on the bike.

Pulford TT.JPG 

Wednesday: Work. Gym after work, ran for 1 km, rowing, crosstrainer, weight machines. Shower and home for 9pm it’s a long day. Still playing around with multiple route on the 705.
Thursday: Work. Northend clubnight reverted to Seven Stars as barmaid at rugby club was on holiday.
Friday: Work. Blog, bed.
Saturday: Off. Something cropped up so no ride despite the weather. Watched Dauphine Libre on Eurosport and sorted the route out for tommorows ride.
Just got it under 100 waypoints. Good job I found last years route sheet in time. Had a look at last years post and it was a great day, all the pictures coming out really well.
Went to Tesco as they have SIS energy drinks down to £6, bike got the once over, rear tyre starting to square off but it’s a dual compound tyre so the centre tread should be harder wearing.
Sunday: Bob Clift Memorial Ride. 100 miles of the Cheshire Cycleway. Nice ride includes The Wizard of Edge and a climb around Macclesfield that looks worse than it is.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 15 Jun 08”

  1. Hi Frank
    noticed you not at the last meeting (or possibly 2)
    just checked into your site to see if all ok.
    good to see your still going strong
    maybe see you at next one
    all the best

  2. Thanks Ron, I missed one because I was in Spain. The last one was because I was unsure of the date. I was going to ring the Lifestyle and Weight Management Course up for some dates but couldn’t get around to it due to work pressures.

    84.6 Kg this morning, decided to go back to basics as the weight was slowly creeping up as I was over fueling myself for rides.

    The site is two years old this month, I’m going to update the Lifestyle and Weight Management Page to reflect this. I’ll be in touch to see if the guidlines have changed. I still get enough hits and comments from people to keep it going. The success of the course reaching out beyond the boundaries of the Wirral.


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