Weekending 22 June 08

Monday: Work followed by a spinning class a the West Kirby. Class overbooked but sorted in the end. Barbara’s birthday so the class sang happy birthday to her.
Took the heartrate up to 180 BPM on the final sprint. Shower, home and upload the ride pictures to the laptop.
Tuesday: Woke up to a techy nightmare, no internet access as the router has lost it’s settings. Website down. Morning Spinning class at West Kirby then a session in the Gym.
Spent the rest of the day trying to get back online and when I did there was another downer. I’ve missed all three of the TLI Oulton Park roadraces, the last one being last night.
It was something Janet said on the ride on Sunday about the evening been light that got me thinking.
Spinning class at West Kirby, second of the day as work tommorow
Wednesday: Work, home, blog. Still need to update Sunday’s ride post before I forget it all. Good news on 705 multiple Routes though.
Thursday: Work. Blog when I got home. A Lifestyle decision dropped through the letterbox today. Take a potential 6k paydrop and get put on Monday to Friday or take the cash and have a potential year off.  This is only my second job in 48 years pity to see it go.
Friday: Work. Fully booked Spinning class at West Kirby started with 7 empty bikes. Would have been 8 if I hadn’t phoned up for one. Quite hot too. Got my start number for the Tuesday 14 TT, number 2 with Andy 3 minutes behind me. Got to check out the start as I’m new to all this. Things need to go without complications at the last minute.
Saturday: Work. Last day, the longest day. I’ve gone with my decision that I’ve had enough. Next Thursday is a make or break day.
Sunday: Ride day, woke up in time to get the Eureka but had a change of plan.
Went to Liverpool 1 and thought about doing a BananaLamb ride, there are 250 to do and they seem to have captured the imagination. Kids are climbing all over them and they are in the middle of roundabouts to boot. This should be a picture based ride, maybe not get all of them but the locations.
Spinning at West Kirby blew the cobwebs out of me. Had a go of the Nike bibshorts, the Elite ones are really good. Looks like Nike have lost the plot with the cycling gear. Got to grab it while I can as it’s not going to be around for much longer.
Managed to get the wireless router working again which saved me £40 so not a bad day. Wind as up and saw a few trees down so perhaps it was wise not to go out.

Next ride day at this rate is Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Weekending 22 June 08”

  1. Hi Frank, theres an interesting article in the letters page of the Globe, “Cyclists selfish attitude” apparently four elderly cyclists “thugs” where minding their own business when a lady driver pulled rolled her window down and yelled at them “get in single file”..now whos the thug?! obviously had time and plenty of space on the road to do so. If she hasnt seen such “selfish” behaviour for a while on the roads, why get upset? i would love to know what roads she travels on!


  2. Andy, the Globe tends to relish publishing this rubbish. Witness the canceling of the Easter Egg Run the other year after someone had a whinge about 10,000 motorbikes turning up for a charity event.
    Incidently I went into Morrisons ,West Kirby in the Disco Kit with the Giro Atmos on and got asked by some old dear if I did the Easter Egg Run at the weekend.
    She probably hasn’t read the Highway Code since she passed her test and associates the Northend with thugs. Agro on a Northend ride from motorists is the norm partly as we don’t single out as the CTC which just re-enforces the bad boy oppinion of us.


    Were you on fixed for the 10 the other week?

  3. Frank, i guess nothing upsets a “cyclist” more than bad press, wonder if anyone does reply to that letter? ….. probably better ignored.

    ANY-HOW!, i did use fixed last week, 52 x 14 weather wasnt too good either, need some tropical heat 🙂 rode the WCTTCA 10 tonight, finished 5th out of 100(on gears), there was a vehicle accident at the first roundabout which held me up and then my front wheel hub cracked (losing a spoke)at the turn which buckled my wheel and mate a clattering sound all the way back! was won with a 21.03, i did a 21.28 and was soaked through.

    Nuff about my waffle, look forward to seeing more great results from yourself, the 14 next week! YAY!!!


  4. Andy, a few that read this need to realise what sort of performance that is. I’ll really be in at the deep end next week. Never done a 14 and as the other last week was my first 10 ever I’m happy with any result. It just represents where I am now.
    Really bottom of the pile as club cycling goes.
    They are not results but more like PB,s each time I go out.

    Might see you next week but but may get involved in a loop of terror.

  5. Frank, theres always the “First 10” that you remember riding, as i do myself when i was a teenager, mine was a 25min ride too which i was more than happy about. The point is you might remember your second and third rides more and remember the “first” ride more like the practice run. where you are now represents hard work and commitment and is nowhere near bottom of the pile either in club cycling, or in open events around here or anywhere around the country, and thats still without tri bars!:)


  6. Can’t get to the classes straight from work anymore. I went the gym the other week straight from work but it isn’t the same as doing a class. Traffic Wardens don’t help either. I should be out on my bike more.
    West Kirby has more Bikes so there is a greater chance of getting a bike by just turning up 15 minutes before the class too.

  7. The Globe printed a raft of letters from cyclists this week, Mrs Evelyn Smith got a right pasting, one of them from an 11 year old!

  8. Thanks for that Dave, I had a letter all ready to send but thought better of it, then lost it when Windows did an auto update. Watching some of the stuff that goes on in Tesco’s Heswall carpark there are a few like her that shouldn’t be on the road.

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