Weekending 29 June 08

Monday: Turned up for the spinning class at West Kirby and managed to get a bike as someone had cancelled. It proved to be a tough class with me going through 700ml of water and then getting a drink out of the machine as I needed a bit of energy to go the gym.
Ran a mile @ 9.5 km/hr did some weights and a session on the abs machine. 200reps @20kg but it didnt feel like it was doing me any good. I spoke to Margaret about the site and what I write about as it’s only fair they know about it. I was then speaking to Betty  too as she is an instructor for some off the swimming classes. Told her about the weightloss and how I write up the classes as she gets a mention every now and then only to have it confirmed by one of my readers.
Thanks for that it really made my day, especially knowing the Cafe in the hills above Bala.

Margaret knew about the Lifestyle and Weight Management course when it was a council run scheme a good few years ago.
Shower, home. Suns out so it’s time to live the dream and get out on the bike.

Had a good ride, 28 miles around the coast with a cake stop at Vale Park cafe and another frustrating one at Morrisons. Diet coke and an apple streudal under £2 not a big deal if I could pay for it. Everybody in front is now paying with chip and pin, two teas, chip and pin it. Went out the hard way up Grange Road but it no longer has fear attached to it. It’s just another climb, likewise Thurstaton cutting I used to struggle up here too.

Home for 5 with a low battery warning on the Forerunner 50.


The ride link to GarminConnect is above.

Another class at europa tonight to keep anon happy. Also good training for tommorow.
Tuesday: 14 mile Time Trial, the race of truth.
Looked at Google Analytics for the first time in a while and it really does put things in perspective. 12,794 page views with the 705 page comeing out top. 101 for the Maps page which I haven’t done anything to for ages. I suspect it is for Daves Cafe link.
If I have an off day an awful lot of people know about it.
Spinning class at West Kirby and a trip out to Broxton to check out the time trial course. 
Clean the Iceni too.
Drove the course and was filled with apprehension. Called in at Eureka Sports to get some info on Tri bars as it looks like I’ll be needing a pair. Had a kip in the chair as I needed a bit of a rest fitted the wheels filled the water bottle and headed out to the start.
Don’t know what’s happened but no one turned up. I even drove along to Farndon and found the Fibrax 10 was running.

Thought I had lost the plot, turned up at the wrong venue at the wrong time on the wrong day. One piece of good news I did pick up was that the TLI Oulton park roadraces are on and start next Tuesday. Trouble is there is an event clash.
Wednesday: Ride day. Anything an happen when you turn up at the Eureka. What I haven’t mentioned that on Monday’s ride I bumped into Cannondale Kev on the coastal cycle path at Moreton. He has just joined the Northend  and he is out tommorow. Lost a couple of stone now just going out on his own and riding his bike. 
He has the same problem I had the Disco bibtights being too loose around the leg when you loose some weight and drop a clothes size.
I thought I was loosing it big time only to discover I was wearing XXL bibshorts.
Franks Breakfast at the Eureka is now two years old. Same as a normal breakfast but with no butter on the toast. The beans are a protein portion on the British Heart Foundation Diet ( link at the top of the page).
There was a fair bit of diet chit chat among the women waiting for Margarets class this morning, a fair number of them have been doing spinning for a long time and are looking for a tough class to keep in shape.

Weather looked a bit mixed when I set off for the Eureka with the nagging question of what happened to the 14 mile TT. Within a minute of entering the cafe I got asked where I was last night. Broxton, but nobody turned up. I should have been at Aldford instead.
Club rides don’t have to stick to CTT courses, DOH!!!

Ride went out to Delamere Forest, missed the Yeld on the way back and ended up just being short of 59 miles.


Rode home from the Eureka with Kev who has just joined the Northend.
Booked a spinning class for 6:15 and it was empty with Margaret taking it. Another new stretch at the end, shower and home.
Pity about the time trial but it hasn’t been a bad week so far. Work for the next four days means no big rides.
Thursday:  Work, flat battery on the Scenic and checking out the Iceni I found a spoke in the rear wheel had cracked a section of the rim out. New rim time but they don’t do Mavic MA3 rims anymore. This was the number one bike for a while. The wheel off the Colnago Carbitubo will fit until it is sorted but the Conti has to come off it as it will only last 5 minutes on it and it cost me £30.
Friday:Work. Spinning class at West Kirby which I just made only to find two free bikes. It is not usually this busy on a Friday.  Louises Thursday morning stand in for Barbara went down very well. Likewise Margarets class went down well, you can ditch the gel seatcovers as you’ll spend half of it out the saddle. Lost the fan halfway through the class an sweat was pouring out of me.
I’m going to have to ditch the Costa Coffee latte,s at work.
Saturday: Work. Might try to get out on the bike when I get home. The weather hasn’t been too helpful lately.
Sunday: Small event on, Dave Lloyd Mega Challenge. Set to be a classic in the making. Top club riders worried about making the cut off on the mega route. I’m in work  so will miss it.  Just about every major climb in North Wales in it.
The scales read 84.4 Kg again which is a result. Weather looked a bit grim in the morning but fine in the after noon and I’m stuck in work wishing I was riding. Will make up for it next week. I hope.
Home, blog and watch Top Gear which is one of the few things I watch these days.

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