Weekending 20 Jul 08

Monday: Morning spinning class at West Kirby followed by a session in the gym. Virtually the whole back row is in pink. Took it steady with the max being 170 BPM in the final seconds of the class. TLI roadrace at Oulton Park tonight.
Felt good, lets hope it stay with me tonight.
Watch Tour and sort the Toy out in the afternoon.

TLI Roadrace at Oulton Park. Learnt nothing from last year, finished a lap down. Write up, pictures and a Garmin link to follow. Tri bars to fit back on the Toy for tommorow. In hindsight I should have left them on.  Still a great day, got talking to a chap who also got fell off the back. It was his first race and looking at his number he was over 60. More in the  post.
Tuesday: Work. Brimstage Time Trial in the evening. Last one of the club championship. Need to work on the time trialing. Looking at Sundays results for the open 25 there are a lot under an hour and I’m nowhere near that level.
A fair number turned up for the last event of the series with plenty to play for.
Fitted the tri bars when I got in from work but a bump by the Grange on the trial had the whole bar rotate to what is was last week. Had Brad on my tail again and got passed just after the first roundabout. The good news was I was within sight of my minute man.
I’ve got to work on power climbing as I know I’m loosing shedloads on them.
After Drayton motors I’m catching my minute man and also Allan who is two minutes in front. The problem is I’ve got cars that won’t overtake between us.
Nothing for it but to go down the inside. It did work but I should have done it a bit sooner as every second counts.
Time for the night was 17:42 which is a new PB for this course. Previous was 18:51.
I still felt slow going past the Seven Stars but it is all relative. To take over a minute out of your previous time is great.
Retired to the club room after the event for banter and beers. Rode home before the light went.
Had a look at Chicago’s bike with a new Zipp disc wheel on the back. It weighs next to nothing. Barry goes from strength to strength with Chicago’s old disc wheel in his bike. Showed me his £10 helmet from Ebay. Aerodynamic but you wouldn’t want to hit the deck  in it. I won’t ride without a helmet these days, I’ve only got one head and want to keep it undamaged. 
At the end of the day it is all relative, if your improving  you’ll set a faster time than your peer who isn’t. My peer is Dave Large, managed to put 8 seconds into him tonight so it was a great result never mind the handicap.
Wednesday: Ride day. Set the bike up first though.
Out to the Eureka for breakfast and then it started to rain. Riding out through Capenhurst a few abandoned the ride and I had thought about it myself. Nip back home and watch the Tour. Just as well I didn’t as it proved to be a good ride the rain stopped and the sun came out on the way back. Stop was at Delamere Visitor Centre returning through Cotebrook. Downhill back to the Eureka. Windy on the way home, down to 10mph.
Picked up the DVD recorder, £185 for a DVD drive is a bit steep. Still got all of last years Tour on the harddrive so need a method of copying it.
No spin or gym as they are all on strike.
Thursday: No spin or gym again, Tesco for the comic and Aldi for the fruit which is cheap. Don’t need any of the Aldi cycling offers this time.
Watched the Tour. More bad news with another rider caught doping.
Friday: Got to grips with BikeRouteToaster Course Points. Plotted a course to the eureka and then rode it only to find it closed. So Ness Gardens it was, only to reach the lights at Two Mills and have the gear cable snap. Climb out of the dip in Puddington taken in the granny ring. I did have a spare cable but no means of taking the alternative nipple off the other end of it. The difficult part is getting the old nipple out of the shifter. Home for the Tour and just dodged the rain too.
Added the Garmin 705 CoursePoints page.
Another win for Mark Cavendish and it was time to sort the indexing out on the Toy. Going through the Missing Link undid the clean I had given it.
Margaret’s spinning class at West Kirby to round the day off.
Saturday: Last day off, got to make the most of it. Woke up looking at the binder of Pro Cycling on the bedside table. Riccardo Ricco was on it so I had to reread it. He’s been on this stuff since he was 17 and has Pantanni’s masseur.


Went to Chester and parked up by the Race Course with the Lord Mayors parade on. So far so good. Walking up to the centre the heavens opened. Hid in a doorway for a while and then made a break for it. The parade got a good soaking, medival dress just soaked it up. Kids were crying as there was nowhere to shelter and this was probably the first time they got wet. Brightened up latter and you would have wondered what all the fuss was about. Spotted Lance on the way there.
No ride but a fair trade off. Duttons for lunch, forgot my shopping so had to go back for it.  Will leave a bigger tip next time. Don’t have anything with chips in it as they are frozen  chips and soak up the fat.
Sunday: Work.

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