Weekending 10 Aug 08

Monday: Morning spinning class at West Kirby followed my a session in the gym. Went on most of the equipment along with a 30 minute session on the crosstrainer.
This had me burning off a paltry 275 calories or a Mars bars worth.
The plan is to loose 4 Kg to get back to what I was last year or at least get close to it. We are looking at close to 5% increase over last year. No wonder I’m finding things hard in the hills.
Now we are talking 36,000 calories in 4 Kg so it isn’t going to happen overnight. As I’m supposed to be on around 2,500 calories a day It’ll mean watching what I’m eating and especially what I’m drinking.
Bought a window that is coming Thursday so that’s taken care of.
Had the chance of making another spinning class to get off to a good start but decided to make sure the window job wouldn’t get delayed.
Carted a bag of plaster and a bag of sand an cement into the house each weighing 25 Kg. One is heavy enough but two is truly frightening.
Camera has packed up as I was trying to download the ride pictures so no audax write up yet.
Tuesday: Morning spinning class booked. Hot class even with the fan. A lot are doing the two classes. Gym for an hour, weight machines and ran a mile at 8.5/9.0 Km/hr. Shower, then home. Seeing as it was throwing it down I booked another class in the evening.
PM work on the house. Looks like the ride is out the window as I need to urgent work before the window arrives on Thursday.
Spinning class at West Kirby. Really hot, no fan. Lots of banter.
Wednesday: Big ride day. Worlds End if the weather is good. The weather not looking good, rode to the Eureka for Breakfast. 85.3 Kg this morning, so the weight is going in the right direction. Home, sort the window out. Spin and maybe the gym.
No gym as it is shut for two days for a refurb. Sheila’s spinning class after a wait. £1 an hour to park is steep. Good class, no second guessing Sheila again. Intervals and pyramiding on sections of the class were hard work for everyone. Hot and humid due to it absolutley lashing down outside. Shower, run to the car, home.
Thursday: Fit a window day. It could have gone a lot worse. No spinning today but bought a Chris Carmichael Time Trial Training DVD. Looks like I’ve got a lot of work to to on my cadence.
Found this on Velonews. http://www.velonews.com/photo/81438
Friday: Depends how Thursday goes. No ride by the looks of things.  Finished off the window, found the receipt for the duff camera. Gym and a spin at West Kirby. Had planed on a training ride with the Northend but the Olympics are on and it’s cycling first thing.
Gym was full of guys hogging machines and not moving on. Bad time five on a Friday. Margarets spinning class, sweated a bucket, a steady build up of intensity followed by a great stretching routine.
Saturday: Cycling at the Olympics first thing. Had planned on a training ride but it can wait. Rain put me off a ride.  Wild Wales route came in the post will plot it as a Course. Got a full refund from Costco for the camera but what to replace it with.
I like the look of the Panasonic FX35 with a wide angle lens but it feels a but lightweight. The Fuji F40fd did have a robust feel to it.
Lost the Wild Wales route as I forgot to save it first.
Sunday: Watch the womens roadrace and a Jack day. Means no ride. Maybe a spin. Feed the ducks on the Liverpool Leeds canal.
Margarets Spinning class at West Kirby.

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