Weekending 07 Sep 08

Monday: Work but left at 5, managed to get a place at Europa Pools. Gym beforehand for some weight machines, 2 km of rowing, 5 minutes of crosstrainer then Louises spinning class. Only 9 in the class. Good class just what I needed. Spoke to Louise after the class. One of her workmates is riding the London to Paris charity ride next year after doing the Wirral Bikeathon. It is a big step up.

Anyway she is looking for Wirral rides to do some training. This was my Wirral loop last Wednesday, rode it on my own at a pace I choose. Realistically you should be looking at doing this TWICE to get anything like the mileage in your legs.
It may need a new bike and this is what I’d recommend.


£500, 9 speed triple. A really good road bike.

Narrow tyres for reduced drag, has mudguard eyes for all that winter training your going to be doing. The first step is to buy a speedo with average speed on it. You need this to work out your average speed, @ 13mph you’ll cover 26 miles in two hours, @ 15 mph you will cover 30 miles in two hours.


Seacombe to the Ice Cream Farm would be a good ride and would get you outside the Wirral, Once outside the Wirral the world is your oyster.
Tuesday: Morning spin, more laminate flooring by the look of things.
Wednesday: Ride day. Northend ride to the IceCream Farm. Got drowned getting there dried out a bit and got back for the Vuelta time trial.
Website went down which took the edge off things.
Lifestyle and weight management course followup class had us being introduced to another new class. More later.
Thursday: Morning spinning class and a session in the gym. Packed class with all the kids back at school. Really hot. Came out to a parking ticket for parking in a restricted area as when I arrived the place was full up.
Friday: Not the weather for cycling. Gym then a Friday evening spinning class which was half empty because of the weather. Left the HRM in the shower and it was still there when I returned for it. Honest bods in West Kirby. Still no sign of the Tacx I-Magic turbotrainer.
Saturday: Work. Came out of the tunnel down Dale street to find the mechanical spider by the Liverbuilding in a fake snow scene. The things you see when you haven’t got a camera.
Sunday: Work. Birkenhead tunnel closed as the spider is in it. Site is back up and running. Lifestyle and Weight management links don’t work as healthlinks is no more.
Only way of getting on the course is through your GP or practise nurse.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 07 Sep 08”

  1. Hi Frank im louise’s friend and would like to thank you so much for the info you have put on here for me i shall be buying this bike as soon as i return from my holiday!! And when im good enough i will come along with your group if thats ok.

    Take Care and Thanks Again


  2. Hi Diane.
    what I haven’t said was last Wednesday a woman from Liverpool came on the Northend ride to the Ice Cream Farm on the very bike.
    It looks great in Red and White.
    Northend social rides midweek or on a Sunday involve a cafe stop depending which group you go out with. You need a set of mudguards fitted to it as if you haven’t got any you get put on the back of the group. This goes for any club rides including CTC rides.
    A Wirral loop of 30 miles is going to take me two hours.
    You’ll easy do 50 to 60 miles on a club ride, if you ride to and from the Eureka you’ll be looking at a lot more.
    What sort of bike are you riding now? I’d guessed on a mountainbike.

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