Weekending 14 Sep 08

Monday: Work. On call.
Tuesday:Work. Spin at West Kirby, hard work at a heartrate zone down than what I normally do. Vuelta for 15 mins then watch Steve Cummings in the Tour of Britain on ITV4. Now 5th on GC. Steve took a minute out of me in two miles on the Brimstage Time Trial. It was a life defining moment for me, ex 21 stone Discovery Channel wannabe gets a minute taken out of him in two miles by an Olympic medalist.
You can’t make this stuff up, the following Sunday Steve broke his arm in the Team Time Trial at Eindhoven.
I love my Disco kit, spin in it, ride in it. The only time I ride in Northend kit is for club events. Got bollocked for not riding in club kit but what do you say to a chap that was nicknamed “Blackadder”. This was before he joined the club. It was commented on that not many get a nickname before they join the club. Last year  was a good year for me  I’ve got to admit. 
Wednesday: First day off, ride from the Eureka. Sign up for the Eureka ride on Sunday:
what a conflict. I’ve taken time off to do the ride and that is what I’m going to do. 79 miles with a ride to and from the start. Tour of Britain,  got to give it a miss as my ride is more important on this occasion.
Windy ride to the Eureka for breakfast. Lots going on opted to go with Murial to Vale Royal. The big hitters are marking out the Mel Vasey  and  Jack ride for the 20th.( A Saturday) Lionel has maps and the route profile which is hilly. This is a two bottle ride.

Todays ride. This was at a leisure pace which was 14.7 mph average. Just under 70 miles , Cafe stop for an hour, cafe is optional as this was a true greasy spoon. Struggled to get anything to eat. All day full english breakfasts a speciallity.
Had breakfast at the Eureka  so I wasn’t riding  on empty.


Evening spin class at  West Kirby, hot, lost a load of fluid. Shower, home.

A good day, seen a few more bits of England that I haven’t seen befofe.
Thursday: Morning spinning class at West Kirby. Got there too early so went the gym. Mentioned about last weeks parking ticket as one of the class was in the same restricted space I picked the ticket up on. She found a space when she went back out.
Picked up Cycling Weekly on the way back. They rumoured Lance Armstrongs return last week about 4 days before the news broke.
Northend club night.
Friday: Work  OT, Margarets spinning class at West Kirby, sweated buckets. Shower,home catch up with this blog. Northend doing the 79 km Eureka ride and riding to Liverpool for the Tour of Britain. With a 9 prompt start on Sunday. I’m tempted to change routes and kill two birds with one stone.
Had an email off Martyn of Marego fame saying he has a new version of the Route planner in beta.
Saturday:Off. Nice day for a ride but plenty to sort out. Not least what I am doing tommorow. Plenty of cycling on Eurosport too.
Swapped rear tyre on the Toy as it had squared off.
Sunday: Eureka ride. 79 miles this year. Doing it as a Course on the 705 when I get the route. Tour of Britain is taking second place.
This is the ride in TCX format using CoursePoints from BikeRouteToaster.
Saved it straight into the 705 as Toaster is GarminCommunicator enabled, great stuff. Took three attempts as I hadn’t saved it and had refreshed the page.



Above is the short 79 km Course that it looks like we will be doing tommorow

Turned out to be quite a day, misty for most of it the sun coming out for the Tour of Britain which I made just in time. Ride to the Eureka for the short ride had the rear light flashing away and Trek had condensation froming on all the frontal surfaces as it was on me too.
The planned link up with the Northenders for an early start on the short route didn’t come off. Set off with an early group and it all went well till the bit where it said continue to T and turn right over canal. Which I did as it was programmed into the 705. The others had a different idea and that was the last I saw of them.
The plan was to do the 50 miles at 15 mph average.
At Long Green I’d been on my own for a while and the Sunlight passed en mass and I grabbed a wheel. I’d been chugging along at 15 mph and they were doing 17 mph. It was short lived as they were on the long route and I was on the short route.

Anne had warned me at the start about getting to Holt too early and things were going well. Heading towards Farndon it’s still misty and soon enough I’m heading over the Dee only to find a car jumping a red light at the other side.Signed in at Holt village hall at 10.45. First there no queues so 15 minutes later I’m back on the road with still no one in sight. Next stretch is to Borras where on a good day you would stop at the top and take a picture of the Cheshire plain. Today is not that day but the Edge is doing its job and calling out the turns.Now the Edge is feeding me lots of info. Time and distance to next CoursePoint(turn)  so although I don’t gain time at least I don’t loose any. There is also a small Icon indicating the direction of the next Coursepoint  so you know in advance which direction the turn is going to be. Arrived back at the Eureka at 12.30 .
Tea and a cake later I’m on my way to the ferry and the Tour of Britain finnish.
Wasn’t expecting to pay £5.30 to cross the Mersey but Sunday ferry trips are classed as cruises. Met Dave and his 705 on the ferry and we arrived just as the riders were completing their second lap.Took some pictures but didn’t have a place on the barrier and I’ve yet to see how they turned out.Rode home with Dave along the sea front. 87 miles and another cracking day out.

Just had a look at the pictures. Can’t seem to upload them to the editor. 








One thought on “Weekending 14 Sep 08”

  1. Good to see you yesterday Frank, thanks again for waiting for me at Leasowe Lighthouse – that’s the last time I get caught in the ‘sand trap’ 😉


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