Aldi Winter Cycling Offers

Time to be first in the queue  this Thursday if your interested in winter cycling.
I’ve rode in Aldi winter gear for the last two years and it just gets better each year. They have raised the bar for winter cycle clothing. The value is unbeleivable.
This week also includes some cycle shoes for £20.
Winter gloves are the same as last year and good for a couple of degrees above zero.

Like all cycling clothing fit is everything, you’ve a month to take it back. A refund is offered but if your not quick you are unlikely to get a replacement.

You’ll find double layers on the front for wind and water resistance. Reflective 3M piping too as it is now dark at 7 pm and the clocks haven’t gone back yet.

The cap and overshoes for £6.99 now come in shoe sizes but you need to check the fit around the ankle. Last year they were a bit loose. Looks like they have addressed the problem this year.

Some of the trousers had footstraps some didn’t, if you have waterproof socks these need to under the strap to stop water running in. It’s hard to notice these things in a scrum to get the size you want.

I’m not about to fill my boots this year as I still have some stuff unworn from last year.
The £8 waterproof overtrousers are at least as good as match for the cheapest (£30) Altura overtrouser I have.

With any fluorescent jacket you don’t want to be getting it dirty by riding with no mudguards.

Fill your boots, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Bought a Jacket and a pair of trousers this year. The prices have crept up a bit but thats inflation for you. Improvements to the jacket are a zipped chest pocket and zipps on the cuffs so fit is improved and the arms are longer.

2 thoughts on “Aldi Winter Cycling Offers”

  1. Hi Frank

    Just checked your blog to make sure you knew about the Aldi gear. I just got a range of stuff this morning from Aldi in Batley. They also had lightweight (290g) adult cycle helmets on offer at £6.99 – don’t know how good yet, but seemed too good a price not to pick one up. They are not being advertised on the web page, and were also not with the other cycling gear in the shop – so worth browsing around.

    Cheers, Dominic.

  2. I stocked up too. They are incredible value – I got 3 bottoms, 3 pairs of socks, gloves, 2 jackets & a t-shirt for a similar price to what I paid for a single winter jacket from Foska last year (but I couldn’t resist the design –!

    The legs on the bottoms seem to be longer than last year – the mediums are almost too long on me (but will probably shorten a touch with use), whereas last year’s were verging on the too short. With the ones I got the bibs have footloops & the waist ones don’t.

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