Wirral Way Punctures

What started out as a circular Wirral ride  with some pretty foul weather thrown in had me picking up three punctures on the Wirral Way. Someone has it in for cyclist using this path as they were all tacks which didn’t get there by accident.

It started out as a ride to test out the wet weather gear for the coming winter. This meant it was going to be an Iceni winter bike ride. Meant to be out for 9 with it throwing it down. Found the new front tyre flat with a pinch puncture. Conti Ultra Sport Kevlars are hard to put on and I hadn’t been out on it yet.

Found I’ve been carrying 3 tubes around for a couple of thousand miles so one went in the front. Out for 10 now with the roads soaking wet and glad of the mudguards. NCR 56, up Rest Hill and through to Birkenhead where I take cover under the flyover by Central Station.

This ride is about testing out the gear for wet weather riding. Today it is Crane Sports Floro Jacket which didn’t pass the test. Crane Sports overtrousers which did. Aldi socks from last weeks offers, also a pass.
Gloves were Sealskinzs, the thin ones. Waterproof, but not that warm. Nike bibshorts and legwarmers and two shirts, one long and one shortsleeved. Probably a shirt too many. Cap and a helmet.

Stopped at Seacombe tunnel vent to take some pictures of the Mersey, bright up towards New Brighton, foul across to Liverpool. Once I’ve turned into the headwind at New Brighton things are really hard. I’m down to 6 mph in 39 X 28, this is a hillclimbing gear. Good weather for kite surfing but I can’t stop.
The tide is as high as I’ve seen it and took some more pictures of the surf and Moreton lighthouse.

At Hoylake once you were off the front it was a totally different ride. Recession is starting to bite everywhere, empty shops, plenty of to let signs appearing over the last six months.  Looks like we are to become a Country of charity shops.

Morrisons for an afternoon tea, clean my hands and then  book a spinning class at the concourse.

Onto the Wirral way, came across a group of 6 women  walkers that let me past no problem. A couple of dog walkers and then my first puncture.

Took my time over this one but it was more involved.  Used the bench to support the bike, found the first nail and set about putting a new tube in.  Came off the Wirral Way at the visitor centre and headed up towards Church Farm. Puncture number 2 was right by the gates on the climb to the juntion. This time in the front. Took a picture of it for good measure.

Tried to patch the tube which didn’t work as I hadn’t removed the talc of the tube. So out comes the tube again.  The new tyres are a tight fit on the rim so you have to be careful not to pinch the tube.
There is plenty of time to contemplate what sort of idiot sprinkles tacks all over a path. I’m now about an hour down and out of tubes. Heading along the cycle path on Telegraph Road the rear tyre goes down yet again.

The puncture outfit is getting a bit of a hammering now not helped by the fact theat one of the tubes won’t hold any air. Traffic meant I couldn’t hear where the leak was. There is also a chap in a green Lambourghini blasting up and down the road. It sounds like it wants looking at rather than music to a petrol heads ears. He was still out when I was returning from the spinning class gone 7 pm.

Pictures when I sort things out. The Aldi jacket failed the test as the sleeves are too short. They continually rode up past the watch. I had the sealskinz gloves on beause of the long cuff but to no avail.

4 thoughts on “Wirral Way Punctures”

  1. Might be a good idea to report that, Frank. Also a danger for dogs and horses too.
    No doubt the anti-cyclist nutter hasn’t thought it through very well…

  2. As a regular blog reader, fellow cyclist, Eureka regular, Edge 705 user and Wirral Council employee, I’ll pass it onto some relevant people as well tomorrow…

  3. Thanks Olly, for me to get 3 of the same type of tack in two tyres means there must be a full packet of them strewn across the path. They are the sort of tack that you would use on the bottom of furniture but only 1/4 inch long. Not a problen on an MTB but stopped me in my tracks.
    Hard to spot as it’s about the size of the gravel the track is made of.

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