Wirral Way Puncture

DSCF3630, originally uploaded by Frank Kinlan.

Finally got around to posting the picture of the tack in the tyre, I gave up repairing one of the inner tubes as the nail had penetrated both sides of the tube.
A puncture outfit from Tesco’s proved a waste of time as it only had three patches in it.
This is the first post I’ve edited on Flickr  and it has saved a lot of bother compressing pictures for one.
I’ll be playing around with it later seeing how the mapping works.

10 thoughts on “Wirral Way Puncture”

  1. Without wishing to say anything on a public forum which I shouldn’t – I wouldn’t get back on the Wirral Way quite yet…

  2. I saw an incoherent anti cycling rant in last month’s Champion. I didn’t even get to the end of the article when it became obvious the author was angry with life, not just cyclists. Has there been another article this month? The Champion has been delivered to us but to be honest, it goes straight in the bin now.

    Also, Olly’s message is a bit cryptic, can you share the information privately?

  3. Dave, there was a reply from a cyclist. There was a copy of it floating around the Eureka.

    That was Ollys message, I suspect it isn’t too high on the list of priorities.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Mapsource is a truly useless piece of software. I can’t load any saved rides in it. Doesn’t support courses. Doesn’t support Coursepoints, dosn’t upload anything but waypoints off my 705. The 23rd at the Bike Factory could be interesting.

    Big list of Cycle Cafes and pubs on the Chester and North Wales CTC site.

  4. Garmin are there for an open evening. Discounts on bikes, etc. Saw a flyer for it on Thursday but nothing on the net. The Madison rep told me about it on the Mel and Jack memorial ride.

  5. Just reading your blog – very interesting stuff ! The WW tack thing was a bit of a git last year – I got two flats – both in the same place – or at least thats where my tyre went flat – the car park at Parkgate, and both on pitch black evenings. Pah.

    Keep up the blog !

  6. Les, It’s OK now, didn’t realise Parkgate had a problem too.
    No problem about keeping this up as things have gone through the roof with the BBC link.

  7. Hi Frank, I think most of the tacks have rusted away now. Been Neston to West Kirby with the kids now (3 bikes) six times now, and no punctures! (touch wood)…

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