Weekending 26 Oct 08

Monday:  First the bad news the blood pressure is up, I haven’t been checking it like I should have been assuming it was OK. The good news is the glass finally arrived. Read the CTC magazine and there was an article from Peak Audax about the the audax from Cheadle to the Eureka and back.
Don’t know whether it wise to drive out to Cheadle then cycle to the Eureka, cycle back and drive home.
It’s a nice ride by the way.
Managed to get a spinning class at West Kirby had a good go with a 177 bpm burst at the end.
BP not helped by frequenting takeaways while the kitchen is being done.
Tuesday: Booked in for Barbara’s first class, BP the right side of 90. Gym afterwards, did a program on the side stepper that proved harder than it looks much of it spent at 300 watts which gets a good sweat on.
2 Km row in 9:05 which is relaxed. Weights, shower and home. Told one of the class about this blog and the lifestyle and weight management course.
There has been a bit of a pattern in the weight swings over the last few months, I work 4 on 4 off. My weight rises on the days I am in work mainly due the the latte Costa Coffees and the complete lack of exercise. A twelve hour shift with 40 mins travelling each way doesn’t leave a lot of time for that 30 mins of exercise we all should be doing. 4 off no problem, it all goes down here.
New music for Barbara’s class tomorrow so no more finishing to dooby dooby do, dooby dooby da.
Aldi for some lunch on the way home had them dishing out mince pies.
Picked some bits up for the car, looked at some expensive stuff at the Cycle Surgery and went for another spinning class at Europa Pools. First class 6:30.
Still too many not turning up for classes here too.
Mapei kit tonight as the Disco kit is in the wash. You get a few odd looks in Birkenhead wearing this kit.
A couple of machines in the gym before the class. 
One newcomer in the class tonight with a couple of regulars. Louise’s classes are good as she is always on the bike and makes sure everyone has some tension in on the climbs.  Had some feedback from one of the class about the site. She turned up this week with her own fan, see what you’ve started Hanni.
Listened to Radio 4 on the way home and punctures came up again for the second time today. Stayed in the car to listen to the end of this one as it was so relevant to what’s happening. I’ll put it in the new CTC page when I get around to writing it.

The talk I had with the woman from Barbara’s spinning class did have some benefit. She wanted to go out with a group but not a club as club riders are too fast. I mentioned the CTC and the slower pace and did mention mudguards and punctures.  No mudguards meant it was a mountain bike so the tyre issue comes up. You need slick tyres to stay with a group on road bikes. Next thing is punctures. The phantom tacker came into the conversation. I carry two tubes and a puncture outfit as I have to be self sufficient on a ride.
A leisure rider carries nothing as it is a phone call or pack the bikes onto the back of the car if things go wrong.

The CTC ran women’s beginner rides this year as there is a picture in the Link mag I’ve just received.

If your a woman looking to expand your cycling you need to be self sufficent. There are Knights in shining armour out there but you need to be carrying a tube, a pump some tyre levers and a puncture outfit and a pair of tweezers. If you carry less it’s  a walk back to where you started and even 8 miles is a long walk. 
Practice at home first as there is a technique and a cold wet day is not the best time to try to fix a puncture, trust me.

Wednesday: Ride day, desperate for a ride. Definite chill to the air these days may mean going out in the winter kit. It started off bad as I was running late jumped on the Toy only to find the battery flat on the 705. Luckily the 305 was charged up but it took an age to get satellite lock.
The Eureka was packed when I got there and it looked like I wasn’t going to get a ride as I hadn’t had breakfast. Ray came over to rib me about it. I was going to go out with Barry and Stuart to the Ice Cream Farm but caught up with Carols group going to Rose Farm Cafe. There were 13 of us in all and it proved to be a good day. It was a steady pace sticking together until the hills where you could see who was on form and who was not.
Once at the Cafe it was full of Northenders and another cycling club who were into all day breakfasts. With the economy going tits up this cafe would have had 1 customer not 20 odd.  Back to the Eureka is all downhill, Carol takes us on to the Chester Cycle path and we went across the new A5117 bridge which has really smooth tarmac. Once the sort the rest of the lane out this promises to be a top class route. Maybe the last time for bibshorts as most were dressed for rain .
About 57 miles as I forgot a stretch of logging to Backford.  Back home through Willaston and Route 56.  A great day out at the end of the season.

Shopping for bits for the new kitchen then booked a place on Barbara’s spinning class.
Run Fat Boy Run has brought about a spinning class boom here. 6 first timers tonight, two groups of three. Give Barbara her due she did look after them and they weren’t wasted at the end of it.
They did have to sign the death warrant though.
New music tonight, but it’s basically the same format sprint, hillclimb, chestpress etc finished off with a big sprint.
Great day out, woke up the right side of 86 Kg so the plan does work.
One of the Sunlight was on the bike next to me at the Gym.
Thursday: Weight the right side of 86kg and the BP the right side of 90(high normal) so back on the Ramipril. Weather turning for the worse means the car won’t get it’s service today.
 Spin, Gym. Garmin at the Bike Factory in the evening. Get your questions in fast if you want me to bring them up.
Phantom Tacker claimed another victim in the same spot on Telegraph Road cycle path that claimed me. I was under the impression I’d missed the extra tacks by not examining the repair thoroughly , this put a new perspective on this nutter.  10 minutes in the Gym and then Barbara’s spinning class.
With the new music and a sprint early on the profile is quite different to the way they were.
Picked up the comic on the way home.
Off to the Bike Factory for their open evening, Madison who distribute Garmin were there along with memory map.  Hopefully they will get back to me having viewed the site. Garmin themselves weren’t there unfortunately. Explained the importance of CoursePoints and how Garmin don’t support them with any of the planning software. MemoryMap is in the same boat.
Then Dave Newbie came in raised the missing 3rd bike problem on his 305 and said Garmin should be giving me free stuff for the amount of effort I put in helping them out.
The brocken bracket problem got raised as everyone is suffering from the odd broken tab.
Then it was in to tryout the Elite turbo trainer they had set on Alpe de Huez. Very similar to the Tacx unit I have i.e hard work if you do the full ride.
Spoke to the SIS chap about the different energy drinks and then it was home. Some very nice bikes on show with a Trek 1.2 with mudguards and lights being sold as a winter trainer.
The Specialised Time Trial bike in the window was £4500, I make do with a £30 set of tribars.
Friday: Work
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Work

4 thoughts on “Weekending 26 Oct 08”

  1. Frank, some questions for Garmin:

    1. Why no wireless route uploading from the Garmin Edge 605 and 705 to the PC like you can do with other Garmin fitness products.

    2. What’s next for the Garmin Edge (805 and 905?)

    3. Will Garmin consider removable batteries for the Edge series for expedition cyclists.

    4. When are Garmin going to improve the reliability of the bike mount for the Edge? (I’ve broken loads of them, and so have other people I know – the release tab often snaps).

    5. Please consider including some intelligence to take hills into account when autorouting and maybe give an option (hilly versus non-hilly route). At the moment the Edge only looks at distance and road category, from a cyclist’s point of view, the incline of the road is a very important factor).

    That’s all for now, enjoy the evening!


  2. Noted Dave. I can see the hills question being a problem as Garmin don’t do maps. My bike mount is starting to play up so I might have to lubricate the rail.
    I’d like to see the 100 waypoint limit removed.

  3. Cheers Frank, even if something is done to mapsource to give options for climbing options (though you can see altitude profile of a route in Topo, you have to design the route first).


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