Weekending 23 Nov 08

Monday: Appointment with the practice nurse for a followup BP reading. It was borderline high last month so I went out and bought the Lloyds Blood Pressure Monitor BPII. Been monitoring for the last three weeks and looking at the readings I would say it was up compared with a cuff BP monitor.
A 9:20 appointment was going to shape the day.
Surprised that it was 126/75 on the practice machine and much the same with a manual reading.
Scare over, I’d put it down to the Lloyds machine engineered not to give a false positive. It can’t read low as you would think that you were fit and healthy when the opposite was true. 
Cleaned the Iceni and found the rear wheel bearings dry so it was off to see Colin at Wheelbase for a cone spanner.
Called in at the Oval to see what’s on. Spinning classes start in January.
Booked in for the evening class at West Kirby. Barbara asked how last night went, which was well as I woke up with a twinge in places I don’t usually get them. Shower and home.
Tuesday:  Knew I shouldn’t have had a Thai takeaway last night as the scales don’t lie. Faffed around trying to get some matching kit for the morning spin and gym session. Missed breakfast but had some malt loaf and a banana and apple after the first class.
Gym afterwards, weights and 2km on the Concept2 rowing machine. 8:15 which is 45 seconds faster than last week. This requires a lot more effort with a stroke rate at 41 at the beginning. As the row went on the stroke rate dropped but the ETA also dropped as my efficiency at rowing went up.
I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the Santa run in Liverpool from last Saturdays chat with Dave and Carolyn at the Eureka.
The idea was to see if I could do the distance. Started off at a slower pace and it seemed to be taking an age, upped the pace a bit and started to get a twinge in the ankle so rather than soldier on I stopped. I’m not looking to pick up an injury. Shower, home, blog then sort the wheel out.

The greasing of the rear wheel bearings went OK if a little messy. The cassette got cleaned but the freewheel feels like it wants sorting out. The bottom bracket felt rough so it was off to Colin at Wheelbase for another one.  Was going to go to Europa Pools  for a spin but had a call about what’s happening at work.
There is an envelope for me tomorrow with what shift pattern I’m doing, if it’s two days two nights I’m looking for another job. That shift is a killer with regards to disrupted sleep patterns.
Wednesday: Work, not looking forward to this block. The Iceni is set up for a ride when I get home that’s if I’m up to it. The envelope said Days which wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t for a 25% paycut that comes with it. Never known a place that puts so many square pegs in round holes.
Oncall for the last time.
The bikeride didn’t happen. Found out there is a 100 CoursePoint limit in the Edge series.
Thursday: Work. Another black book entry.  A trip to A and E to see my dad. Picked up the comic but haven’t read it.  Booked a block of 20 days off over xmas and still have time owed. Work life balance has swung the wrong way. Looks like time to move on and the time will be of my choosing.
Friday: Work.
Saturday: Work.
Sunday: Off, Jack day. Borders for a cycling mag. Weather dire but see Roy and Joan out on the way home.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 23 Nov 08”

  1. Hi Alex, the comic is Cycling Weekly. Little or no info for Mountain bikers in it. Aimed at road and club cyclists has good training and diet tips, race results and rides.

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