Weekending 07 Dec 08

Monday: Spinning class at West Kirby. Sounds like they had a good night at the party. Altered the seat height another notch higher. Gym afterwards, ran 0.5km usual weights then hit the shower.
Picked up the BlueRay player from BlockBusters and set that up. Comes with 4 disks with two others from Sony.
Work for a meeting about my future role.
Home through the traffic, I was going to ride a Tacx dvd but it was getting on. Tried to play Hancock on the new player but it wouldn’t have it so I decided to update the software.
Big mistake it takes ages and is up to 3 out of 9 while I write this. Might not get to watch a film at this rate.
Bit of a poor show not being able to watch the films that come with it.
Tuesday: West Kirby for a spin and the gym. Cut my nose shaving and it looked like I had a nosebleed when it opened up during the class. Upped the weights and would feelit later.
The blue ray player final upgraded itself so we can finally watch Hancock.
Tacx setup for another ride.
Rode the Col de Azet and down the other side in an hour. Had a fan this time but it wasn’t big enough. It’s about 8% for most of it, cadence was about 80 rpm.  Still got a climb to do but maybe another day.
Now I could have done a spinning class but it wouldn’t have given the same sort of workout.
Wednesday: Ride day cancelled due to ice. Treacherous conditions mean it’s not even worth thinking about. Went to the gym when I’d scraped the ice off two cars. I was slipping and sliding walking to them.
Weight machines, crosstrainer for 15 mins. 2 Km row in 8:50.1 Santa run this Sunday but not for me as I’m in work. Treadmill for 5 km which went like this 1.6 km (proverbial mile)@ 9km/hr recovery 0.2 at 5, 1 km at 9 km 0.2 at 5, 0.8 at 9.0, 0.2 at 5 and the final km at 9 km/hr. Burnt 433 kcals. It’s about the length of the cross country run at school and I was hopeless at that always in the last 10.
A couple more weights, shower then home.
It’s still icy in the carpark where the sun hasn’t touched. 
Took things easy in the afternoon, read the Sunday times sorted the phone out.
Lifestyle and Weight management followup class.
A chance to meet another group going through the same course, these are four weeks into the first twelve weeks. There is a bit of scepticision about the exercise but that is what makes it a winner over dieting alone.  We’ll see who makes to the next one on 14 Jan 09.
Thursday: Trip to the gym if I’m not snowed in. Last day off, make the most it.  Maybe sort the CV out.
Half empty spinning class at West Kirby with a lot cancelling. Gym afterwards. Did 5 km on the rowing machine this took 24 minutes 50 seconds but only burnt 274 kcals which is exactly a Mars bar. It seemed like a lot of effort.
Ordered two Tacx DVDs and did a 50 minute training session on the I magic. Nothing too hard I thought maximum gradient is Only 3%. A few minutes in and I was wondering what it was going to throw at me next. Sweats pouring out of every pore of my body, forgot to switch the fan on, not that it does any good.
667 Kcals in 50 minutes at an average of 232 watts (max 505) Heartrate max of 172 which is getting near to my max. I’ll have to come up with some shorter ones as some of these look hard with a capital H.
Friday: Work. No spin no gym, its a long day in a place you don’t want to be in.
Saturday: Work. Two Tacx DVD’s arrived from Chain Reaction Cycles which was a really quick turn around.
Finally got to watch Mama Mia, good to watch something good and something I’ve lived through for a change.
Sunday: Work. Only one shift left but no early darts to the gym these days. Top gear when I got in.

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