Weekending 14 Dec 08

Monday: Work, last day. Four off to look forward to. No gym.
Tuesday: Morning spinning class at West Kirby followed by the Gym. Garmin Forerunner 50 threw its hand in and reset itself. Found it missing a screw and the strap wants replacing. Should have stayed for the second class as I wasn’t up to much in the gym.
Tacx Giant of Provence DVD waiting for me when I got back, even the box reckons this is a challenge for well trained cyclists. I’m off out to buy a bigger fan.
This proved to more difficult than it would seem, none of the shops have them as we are in the middle of bloody winter. Barry picked up some surplus winter cycling clothing and then it was off to West Kirby for a spinning class. Things are slackening off before christmas as there are a few empty bikes.
Aldi HRM threw it’s hand in in the class so no calorie counting.  Not sure whether it is the strap or the watch. One first timer and another from Tina’s classes from the Oval that I haven’t done for over a year now. Hopefully she is starting up again in January.
In case you don’t know Tina’s class was my first one, I didn’t know what I was letting my self in for but have never looked back.
Classes were unusual in that they were in the dark. The mirrors may have something to do with it  but they got steamed up anyway. I allways got  a bike under the aircon as there were no fans.
Shower, home.
Wednesday: Northend ride. Spent most of the evening writing this post only to loose it. This was a day when only hardy souls and fools ride and I wonder which group I’d be put in.
The problem is ice the gritted roads are Ok but side roads are lethal for anything on two wheels.
I wheel the Iceni to Brimstage Road as it is icy underfoot. My front mudflap fell off by the Tudor Rose only for a car to run over it. The sun is low in the sky and it is a dangerous time to cycle on main roads. Side roads are out of bounds on a day like this too.
The Northend rides are heading out soon after I arrive, the CTC are hanging back as they are off to the ICF for Christmas Dinner. Northend is next Wednesday.
Saw lots today as there was time to take it all in, rode on my own as conditions meant a group was going to hit problems.
You need to be well dressed for conditions like this, I’m in the Bioracer winter bibtights, a  compression shirt (a bit like someones giving you a hug all day) and Steve Cummings’s Discovery Channel Winter training jacket. BBB winter gloves proved up to the job most of the day.

It’s my decision to ride on my own as i consider group riding too risky in these conditions. It proves to be well founded.

The A5117 upgrade is missing a few things like a cycle route in places, foreign lorries are getting pulled at the weighbridge. I’m trying to take an ice free route to the ICF, things are OK on the A roads that I don’t want to be on but off them things are dicy. I stop a Christleton to take a picture of the birds on the frozen ice, all this does is confirm how treacherous it is underfoot.

There is one moment by the two bridges before the Ice Cream Farm but by enlarge it is incident free but not without taking a lot of care. Peter and three others are about to leave as I arrive and the CTC are waiting for their riders to arrive. The CTC have had a number of falls and Allan advises me that the route I want to take back is treacherous. I see the group on the way out and they warn me about the ice.
Back to the Eureka via the A41, the Bike Factory ,Chester, the River Dee, Chester Racecourse and the Dee Cycle path.
The Northend had a load of fallers on the ice, Barry came in with his yellow crane sport jacket muddied, he’s only had it a day.
Cycled back home to take the mileage up to 50.
No spinning class as I was messing around on the Xbox.
Thursday: Turned up at West Kirby for the spinning class, sorted the bike out but Barbara is having trouble with the sound system. A lot of trouble. The maintenance guy gets called in and he can’t sort it. On of the girls from the class has a go but still no joy.
Time passes and some of the class leave to get on with other things. You just can’t spin to no music it just doesn’t work. Finally I have a look, Barbara swapped over the audio lead to the amp and we were back in business. Well it was for four of us as that was what was left for the rest of the class.
25 minute class then the gym for weights. Ran the proverbial mile (1.6 km) at 10 km/hr which had me burning 142 calories which doesn’t seem a lot considering I was at about 90%.
Thursday christmas shopping didn’t live up to what was promised.
WallE on  HD was good. Mags are full of Armstong on  the Tour or training or  anything, it’s silly seasion.
Friday: It was a toss up between riding the Ventoux or riding around the Wirral in the cold and biting wind. Ride around the Wirral won but not before I had to fix a puncture from Wednesday. I felt quick today but it was only the wind behind me.  Stopped at Morrisons and Vale Park, avoided the tacks on Telegraph Road by taking to the Road. All the phantom tacker has done is provided a load of repair work for the cycle shop in West Kirby. Called in at the bike shop in Moreton for patches and glue.
You’ve got to wonder what the score is with the wind turbines. It blowing a gale down the Mersey and all the Bootle ones are parked. Out in Liverpool Bay it doesn’t look much better.

It hasn’t been a good day for Garmin as both the 705 and the Forerunner50 start playing up.The 705 altimeter is going crazy showing daft elevtaion gains and gradients of 200% plus. The Forerunner 50 just kept reseting itself all the time.

Back home it was time to clean the bike before putting it away for next Wednesdays Northend Cristmas dinner at the Ice Cream Farm. After faffing around the chain came off thanks to the split link and got a thorough clean and now a wax lube. The wetlube was attracting too much grit.  30 miles and before I sign off I did the Northend Freewheel down Resthill. As I can’t make the event I thought I’d see how I fared. Well I got 10 feet past a molehill by the edge of the road on the righthand side. Just past the watersplash if it rains.
Saturday:  Work. Only another 3 days of this and I’m off for 20 maybe more. Been in touch with Garmin about the Forerunner 50 strap problem.
Sunday:  Work. Was going to avoid Liverpool as it was hosting BBC Sports Personality of the Year and I thought it would be packed. The car radio traffic report had me hanging a U as the Runcorn bridge was blocked. Got in just in time to see the British Cycle Team ride down the ramp. Voted for Chris Hoy.
Result, Chris Hoy won.
705 profile problem finally sorted thanks to Motionbased.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 14 Dec 08”

  1. I was out today and was really looking forward to beans on toast (with a spare – natch) at the Eureka, but it was closed 😦 These days I never know for sure if it’s going to be open or not on a Wednesday or Friday. They should put updates on their site if it’s due to be closed.
    The mudguards I’ve fitted to the Giant TCR have really opened my eyes to riding in poor conditions, it’s a lot better with them!

  2. Hi Dave, the Eureka has been closed on Friday since last year and the site hasn’t been update since then either.

    I need a better flap on the front as the chainset is getting a battering and the chain with it. Cleaned it again after the ride.

    Do you get the “Can’t unlock Maps” message when using the OpenSource
    Mapomatic maps? I get it twice before the 705 fires up.

    I’ll add another link to your site about the maps and and PCbasemap renaming.

  3. Hi Frank,

    I didn’t know about the Friday thing! Ah well, I guess that gives me an excuse to go further afield 😉

    I just use a piece of old plastic that i cut to shape and bolt (I have experimented with pop rivets but bolts seem a better solution) it to the bottom of the guard. The best I’ve found is those 1 or 2 litre bottles of milk, they are perfectly shaped to shield the wheel and don’t look tatty when they’re fixed on, they also weigh bugger all once you’ve trimmed the excess off with a Stanley Knife.

    I tend to clean my chain and block after every ride, it only needs a wipe with a rag and it’s like brand new for the next ride. I use an old credit card with T shirt material wrapped around it to clean between the cogs on the block, again, dead quick job but makes the cassette look completely new.

    I’ve not seen the ‘can’t unlock maps’ error mate.

  4. Thanks Dave. Surely not the prized Liverpool-Chester-Livepool T shirts. Guess the error is generated by the bits of garmin map in the img files. I’ll try a clean install with the opensource maps.
    They are very good for free.

    The rear is fine I just need to do the same for the front.

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