Weekending 21 DEC 08

Monday: Work.
Tuesday: Work. Last day.
Wednesday: Ride day and Northend Christmas Dinner at the Ice Cream Farm. Last weeks chain cleaning episode came back to bite me, I was running late anyway but opening up the garage revealed the Iceni with no chain. Back in for the chain, fit chain then back in again to wash my hands.
Had a good turn of speed through the temporary traffic lights on the Chester High road but the Eureka was empty of Northenders. Merdeyside CTC were off to Parkgate, they suffered a broken hip last week and there were 5 cyclists in the same ward.  I’m glad I stayed upright.
Set off through Capenhurst to the Ice Cream farm with not much hope of making up that much time.
At Waverton Stuart and Dave are going the other way as they don’t know the way to the Ice Cream Farm.

We set off at a decent pace fending off a tractor in the lanes only to meet Clive and Peter emerging from the Huxley road at speed. 37 of us had a great Christmas Dinner at the Ice Cream farm and this was just the upstairs sitting, it was full downstairs to with a mixture of Northend and Seamons cycling clubs.

Clive led a rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas which went down well.

Outside I took a few pictures of the milling riders and promptly missed the ride back, to compound things it split at the top of the road. There was a Chester group that I followed but did not catch and the groups that went back via Waverton including a group with Steve Cummings. Took Route 5 back to the Eureka this meant going over the A5117. Now it is hedgecutting season so you ride away from the edge.
Well I did until a transit van came the other way and I went through a load of cuttings.

Back at the Eureka the front tyre felt softer and sure enough it was flat when I emerged from meeting up with the others. Getting dark by the time I got home but it was a chance to try out the lights. The 705 had sunset at 3:54 and we’re getting near to the shortest day.  53 miles.

A lacklustre spin at West Kirby and that was me done for the day.
Thursday: Gym then a good spin. Ran a kilometer had a 2km rowing session @ 9 mins 11 secs. Had a look at the Concept 2 settings. There is a measurment of resistance in there which varies on the condition of the machine. The setting today was 77, once you know about it you can set up the machine to a previous level. 
Birkenhead to pay the mortgage off, cancel the contract on the mobile. With a recession upon us it’s time to tighten the belt.
Friday: Rest day, went to Chester. Was going to do the evening spinning class at West Kirby but the Iceni needed the front mudgurard extending in preperation for tommorows training ride. Cleaned and polished the bike while I was at it. Picked up a new toy on the way home, a helmet camera so video’s next year.
Adjusted seat height and position, next thing is a stem change.
Saturday: Ride day, two bottle ride, expecting it to be hard. 28th Wedding aniversary to boot. Whatever happens it’s going to be one to remember.
Rode out to the Eureka in the rain with only the Northend making a show in the miserable weather.
Went out with Clive and Tempo’s group  and the drizzle didn’t let up all day. Two punctures on the ride and I had the front tyre bubble on the first one. On the second one Clive used the time to get my seat position sorted. Chicago was telling me about Steve Cummings saying I had more Discovery Channel stuff than he had. It’s probably true as I had just about everything they listed.
I still ended up getting caught in wheel spray and being the only one in overtrousers all the grit showed up.
New rider on a Bianchi did an impressive track stand at the Backford traffic lights for the full light change.
Eureka for breakfast, with Carols group coming in as I’m about to leave. Putting on wet gloves was no fun and my hands went cold on the way home via Willaston and Route 56. Washed the bike when I got home which was in better nick than Wednesday thanks to the front mudguard extension. Hot bath to get some heat back in me. 53 wet bleak miles and hours later it still hasn’t stopped raining.
Still a good day. Freewheel course on Sunday is clear with no watersplash. Rest hill is a 30 mph descent with a bend at the bottom of it, the brave will do well. This was my start of Every ride up until a year ago and the finish.


Sunday: Jack day. Signed up to Twitter to follow all the Lance posts also looked at Paul’s http://www.twollo.com/ site which now has 700 users after only being live for a week.

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