Weekending 28 Dec 08

Monday: Rons funeral at Landican cemetery.
Tuesday: Spinning class at West Kirby then a session in the gym. Pretty chaotic at the shops.
Thursdays comic is in the shops, top 50 UK riders and a calender for next year but little else.
Twitter seems to be where it’s at these days, following Lance, Hincapie, Bruyneel it’s basically a texting service but is current, Lance has 15,000 followers and it grows by the day.
Wednesday: Ride to the Eureka and maybe a short ride. Two years ago I fell off and ended up in A and E with a chipped colar bone. Eureka for breafast just as the groups are going out for the day. Mulled wine and mince pies as well then a ride home via Mollington, Denhall Lane, Neston and Parkgate. Rear mudguard bracket snapped in Neston so now the bike rattles. Could do with sorting it out. No 705 on this ride but it’s about 13 miles. Fitted the bracket for the video camera to the Iceni. Took Jack to the station to see a train.
Thursday: Christmas Day, up late, walked to Freds for Christmas Dinner and generally overindulged.
Starting afresh in the next few days will look at the portion sizes again as I feel they have crept up. Cut back on the empty calories and get back on track.
Friday: Great day for a ride but not for me. The much vaunted sales were nothing but, lunch out at Cheshire Oaks then home to sort out the Iceni mudguard. Bodged it for now but it will need revisiting.
My brother Andy rang up asking about his new Edge 705 and how to do Routes. One big problem is that he doesn’t have internet access at the moment and you need access to download the software as it doesn’t come with any. It’s bad enough trying to fathom out a 705 with net access but the joke of a manual that comes on a CD as a PDF is something Garmin need to address.
Watched Mr Beans Holiday and polished the Iceni. New batteries in the video camera, bike mount seems sturdy.
Saturday: Ride day. Training ride or leasure ride, I don’t know which.
Woke up to heavy frost and -2 deg C. Rode out to the Eureka for Breakfast and rode home, frost on side roads. I missed the rides but I don’t ride in a group on a day like this. Tried the video camera out on the way home. The audio is picking up everything through the frame and bar mount and will have to be turned off. Saw a collision at Gordale, nothing serious but that’s another statistic for the safety signs.
Liverpool 1 was a bit of a letdown sale wise and there are going to be an awful lot of disgruntled Zavvi customers out there. No Refunds, gift vouchers wothless and Itune cards blocked.
Stuff is still full price, I wouldn’t bother.
Parking is £2 an hour so heading back I looked at the watch as I joined the queue. 10 bleeding seconds left and by the time I got to the machine 2 minutes later it cost me another £2.
Back on to Lance following Liz Kreutz used to do a lot of the Discovery Channel pictures and she is still in there. http://www.elizabethkreutz.com/main.php some really good shots of Lances comeback. Follow her on Twitter too.
Sunday: Jack day, played with a Thomas the tank engine train set for most of the day, went for a walk. A good day but no exercise as such.

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