Weekending 18 Jan 09

Monday: Gym and a spin. Lucky to get a bike as it had been sold as I turned up. Forgot the watch so no data for the class. Onto the gym for a session. Weight machines  then a 2 mile run at 9.5 km/hr. Side stepper for 15 minutes at the 150 watt level then 30 minutes rowing. Did about 150 metres more than last time at 6482 metres. I’d averaged 130 watts for the session as I put a spurt on at the end but it was around 125 watts for most of it. 375 calories worth.  Crosstrainer for 15 minutes and I’d had enough.
Quality Street have a lot to answer for as I’d tucked  into a box of them last night. They’re all gone now so there is no more temptation. Top gear getting cancelled for Darts mucked the evening up a bit.

Sorted the kit out and will probably do another class tonight. With a watch this time.
With all the fuss about 100 watt light bulbs  getting in short supply as people hoard it was a surprise to see 5 of the low energy versions for the grand sum of 40p. As I’d just just paid the electricity bill of £160 I thought it was time to make a few more savings.

Got to the evening class in good time with the HRM this time. Another first timer signed the death warrant.
Had a good class finally burning 675 calories. Shower and home. Catch up on some cycling sites and news.
Shooting Lance on a ride with Stuart O'Grady and .Stuarts dad... on TwitPic
Tuesday: Morning spinning class, last day off work so got to make the most of it.
Lost a kilo over the last day but should have had this as a recovery day. 650 calories burnt in the spinning class. Walked a mile on a 7% incline on the treadmill as the knees didn’t take to running.
No second class today.
Wednesday: Work. Called in at the Lifestyle and weight management class on the way home. No Ron this time as he has had a knee op. Had planned on going the gym but put it off until tommorow night.
Picked up some info about the changes to the Course. Shorter but with an emphasis on the monthly classes, no longer called followup classes. A tie in with Slimmimg World and another with the Pharmacies.
Not sure how it will all pan out for them as they are now in competition with the dieting industry.

Part of the problem is that the course is tailored for the problem cases like I was. Results are hard to come by in a reluctant group where the overwhelming desire would be to pack in. I haven’t bumped into anyone out of my class two years on.

Had some Aldi dried exotic fruit at work during a break, just as well I didn’t polish the packet off as there were 400 calories in it. Didn’t realise until I read the label.
Thursday: Work. Logged in to Twitter to see Lance heading the list saying he had been drug tested. Off to work.
Comic on the way home, interesting to see a review on a Tifosi Audax bike which gets slagged off for being a triple, Sora shifters get a mention for getting to the down button on the drops which I think I mentioned two years ago. I still think a tripple is the best thing since sliced bread. Gears low enough for a mountain goat but with a big ring for the big hitters. 8 speed Sora NEVER misses a shift.
Friday: Work and a bleak one at that. Glad to get out of the place.
Saturday: Work, last day. Still haven’t got around to reading Thursdays comic. Looking forward to following Lance and the Tour down Under, even following it on Twitter.  Dakar in South America needs it own event, stages cut short but it was still a decent event.
Sunday: Eureka for breakfast.  Gave someone a 21mph wheel  as far as the Hinderton Arms traffic lights then got dropped. Eureka heaving, and only just got a place on the rail. By 10:20 with most of the club rides gone the place was pretty empty. The chap on the table I was on told me that the missing link was getting worked on and there was 6 inches of mud in it. With that it was back home via Puddington, Burton, Denhall lane and Ness Gardens. Carolyn going the opposite way  to the Eureka. Neston via Church lane and then down to Parkgate. A slow ride along the empty front and then it was a Discovery versus CSC battle up to Leighton Road. On the stretch up from the Boathouse I’d managed to stick a fair distance into CSC and I thought that was that. I’d eased up a bit hadn’t looked back and next thing he’s looming large on me only to turn down Leighton road. 17 miles, better than nothing.
More Thomas the tank engine with Jack and a trip to Chester to see the trains.
Pauls launched WWW.Frienddeck.com which is an aggregator for Friendfeed for Twitter.

11 thoughts on “Weekending 18 Jan 09”

  1. Hi Frank,
    just thought i would check how your doing??? website as boring as hell! you really are one saddo!!! are you not?

  2. Anon, wasn’t expecting you for another year never mind two weeks later. Your a bit like a rash, you keep coming back. Use the delete button like you promised. At the end of the day it’s a blog, some get something out of it, your the other end of the extreme get a bloody life.

  3. Haha, anon, you can’t help yourself can you? Frank will know each and every visit you make, and every time you come on here to say you’re “deleting” his site (itself a laughable statement), you’re giving us all a laugh at your expense. You swivel eyed, slack jawed, mouth breathing moron 🙂

  4. Suggest that no one feeds the troll (Anon).
    Well done Frank great site, with some excellant advice. I’ve lost half a stone on the same diet now also 🙂

  5. Hi Frank AlexB here again. Just to ask could you give me more info on the Garmin update… can’t seem to find it! Keep up the great blog and try to twitter more, really enjoy hearing about your rides!


  6. Frank,

    I’m not sure where to put this, so maybe you could locate it in a better place …..

    I would like to draw your attention (and others who discover courses, coursepoints & free web-base route mapping software via YOUR site) to the latest http://www.bikehike.co.uk/ …. this now supports manual coursepoints and works very well with Garmin Edge GPS devices and Tracklogs software. It enables a user-defined warning distance to be applied when downloading the route to a GPS or file, and unlike BRT does not double up the number of coursepoints. It also counts them and warns when exceeding the infamous “100 limit”. The coursepoints have the correct Garmin icons.

    Just thought you’d be interested. IMHO this app supersedes BRT, now ….



  7. Hi Frank,
    Really appreciate you and your “mates” commenting on my posts!!!
    I just LOVE winding YOU up and you bite every time,afraid it doesnt alter the fact your weblog is CRAP though!!!

  8. Hi Frank, Anon really does go on anonanon, has anyone a spare patch for his deflated blow-up doll? hes starting to feel lonely.

  9. What an absolute moron. The site gets a fair amount of traffic because it is fairly diverse. With about 6000 hits a month 30% come back for whatever reason. I’m an easy target as I let everything through, he’d get knocked back on other sites.
    What a prick.

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