Weekending 15 Feb 07

Monday: Work. Other than that had no central heating as the boiler had packed in on Sunday. Really missing a ride now but it isn’t happening.
Tuesday: Work. Just when I’m thinking about a Wednesday ride the bad news is British Gas are coming to fob me off again. Can’t be the pump that was replaced 3 and a bit days ago. We’ll see.  Another way of looking at it is a week to today 3 years ago I made the decision to turn things around. Been a great success, even today I got told by one of the canteen staff at work that I’ve managed to keep it off. (totally unprompted)
Wednesday: Should be down at the Eureka but this clashes with British Gas giving me the run around. Hope to get out on some sort of ride. Life style and Weight  Management Followup, a month off my first class 3 years ago.
It’s raining but the central heating is sorted and off out to the Eureka. Nothing big today but at least I’m out on the bike.
Got to the Eureka with only a few non club riders there. It soon filled up with Weaver Valley riders most of whom were in a right mess. The lanes being particulally snotty at the moment.
Rode home via Denhall Lane and Parkgate with a stop for water and a view of the snow on the welsh hills. 18 miles.
That’s the thing with the Eureka, it’s a local base for Wirral and Chester clubs  but a destination for clubs further afield.
Iceni rear mudguard bridge got replaced when I got home. Then it was off to Eureka Cyle Sports for some wheel bearings, some chainlube and front wheel support for the Tacx trainer. Cyclops 9701 Climbing Block. Had to buy it when I saw it as I had just been telling Keith about my trip up the Ventoux.  
Follow up class this evening,  6 turned up including moi. Two women had just finished their twelve months. Just 2 out of 25 starters. In my case it was 1 out of 25. NEXT CLASS IS 11 MARCH.  That’ll be my third aniversary of starting this life changing course.
Talk after things were sorted revolved around the PCT funding a lot of which is going into free classes for the overweight plus the equipment for the obese kids. Those big buck spinning bikes all paid for by the NHS. Along with the dance mats and it goes on.
The problem is that they have no one trained up to supervise the use of the kit.  I hope it takes off as there has been an awful lot of money invested in it. Can’t attend the roll out on Saturday as I’m at work, a four letter word.
Thursday: Comic day. Spin and the gym.  No central heating yet again, thought it was third time lucky but it was not to be. Off out for a spinning class. Gym afterwards, ran a mile at 11km/hr. 2km row in under 10 mins some weight machines and I was done. Threw away a lot of my 8 bit and 16 bit computer past. The start of a major sort out. There was a lot of it and there is more to go from the loft.
C64s, Spectrums, Amstrad mother boards and my first 386 machine went to the tip. The 386 had a clockspeed of 33 mhz which was quick at the time.  Iceni rear wheel got new wheel bearing and the freehub serviced. The freehub wants replacing even with some shims removed. Good to see how it all works. Bought an ultrasonic cleaner from Aldi and it worked really well. dunk the cassette in and it comes out like newish.
Northend Club night.
Friday: Rest day, put the wheel in to the Iceni change another tyre a piece on the cars and I’m off out.
Went to the Trafford Centre, wondered who would spent £20,450 on a mobile phone when there was a similar one for a bargain £4,000 pounds next to to it.
Found this on Twitter.
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Just the thing for a club 10.
Didn’t see anything like it at Decathlon in Stockport, undergoing a refit they have lost some of the cycling lines. Came out wih some Btwin tyre levers as getting the latest tyres off rims is becoming hard work. Bendy nylon ones don’t cut it anymore. It’s not the place it was and as it’s a French group the Euro is starting to hurt it. Some items appear to be a third dearer than they once  were.
Two tyres from Costco on the way home. The guy in front of me spent £960 for tyres for his BM and that was with 20% off, I got off lightly.
Saturday: Work. Going to watch the Tour of California when I get in. Managed to stay awake for most of it.
Sunday: Work. Someone has robbed Lance Armstrongs time trial bike and three race bikes from the team lorry. Barloworld had 21 nicked last week in Italy. You wouldn’t have thought it could happen in the USA. Lance up to 105 thousand followers now, the bike should be easy to spot. It’s plastered all over Twitter.
Managed to get the Times at 8 pm, this is unusual, there were loads of papers left which seems to suggest that everybody is cutting back on luxuries first. I’d like to see the circulation figures as I think they would be vastly down. The Times on Saturday is now £1 which is about right seeing as the format has changed, @ £1.50 it was too much for what it was. Good to Lance laying into Paul Kimmage at the TOC press conference and then answering his question, he should sue and see if the Times backs him up. Walsh article with Nicole Cooke was OK but wasn’t what it was billed as. A clean champ, no news there.
Lance’s bike only has a couple of km’s on it and he hasn’t ridden it for more than 5 minutes.

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