Weekending 22 Feb 09

Monday: Work. Tour of California on late, a bit too late after a 12 hour day. Lance got his TT bike nicked, he’s now got 105,000 followers on Twitter.  Levi had a good ride after loosing a minute to Mancebo of Rock Racing bad boys on Sunday. Good to see it on Eurosport Live.
Tuesday: Work. 3 years ago today I was 19 stone and signed up to the lifestyle and weight management course, I’ve never looked back.
Wednesday: Work. Final day, desperately need to get out on a bike but it’s not to be. Watched the Tour of California when I got in. Sprints are going to be good this year with Cavendish and Boonen both in form.
Thursday: Spinning class at West Kirby followed by the gym. Row 2km run and weights. Did another session on the side stepper and it does seem to verify that high cadence is better. The machine ask you to step at a certain rate to varying resistance. Higher resistance demands slower stepping. At a low resistance it sets a steprate of 186 spm. This had me at the 400 odd watt level. Upping the resistance and lowering the steprate had me back down to 325 watts. Its still hard work and the heartrate is just below the red zone. Picked up the comic on the way home and there is an article on Lance and his high cadence technique. They also had a pop at him for Twittering everything and cutting them out of the loop. I’ve got news for Cycling Weekly, Lance has over 120,000 followers now which is twice the circulation of the comic.

Not only that the letters page is full of the usual British mentality of lets knock anything that gets to the top. This week it’s the track team. 
Sorted the Iceni chain out by giving it an ultrasonic clean and lubing it with some fancy chainlube I got from Eureka Cyclesports. Testing it out tomorrow. Don’t EVER EVER buy Finnishline Wet Lube it is truly useless, it’s taken me four years to reach this conclusion. It attracts every bit of grit and dirt that the front wheel throws up and this on a bike with extended front mudguards.
Starting to think about what rides I’m going to do this year which maybe a bit late in the day. Time trials are on the list as I need to do a 10 in less than 25 mins.  The Tour is at the top of the list and I’d really like to be on the Ventoux, that and the time trial at MonteCarlo.
This years Team Kit (any team) is looking expensive now with the bottom dropping out of the pound. £80 for a jersey takes some justifying.
Friday: Ride day, got a few things to sort out a few things on the way. Delayed the ride for an hour to let the frost thaw. Took Route 56 and had a trip up Resthill for the first time in a while, picked up a prescription and then called in at Wheelbase to order a new freewheel for the Iceni. The rebuilt freewheel is still noisy. On then to Hamilton Square which is very quiet these days and then on to Seacombe to pick the prom up. Tea and cake in the park and then on to New Brighton and Leasowe.
Called in at the Leisure Centre to see about the Twixter bike sessions. Took my bike in with me as it doesn’t look like an area to leave even a locked bike outside.
Maybe something next week as they have to get someone to take the class and then publicise it.
On to see Brian when I managed to get out of the estate, turned on the map to see where I was. Then on to Hoylake to see about a price for a Polo cambelt change. Then onto Morrisons at West Kirby for an Afternoon Tea.  As I was locking the bike to a post two were having a go over a disabled parking bay. One guy has been waiting 10 minutes for it and someone in a scenic drives straight into it.
Inside it’s not much better, with slow service and lack of seating. Morrisons in West Kirby must have the oldest customer base anywhere.
The woman opposite me is having fish and chips and when I look around nearly everyone is having them.
Call of nature and then head out to unlock the bike. Just about to get on my way but  give another cyclist the nod and see his bike, a Trek. Chat with him about the bike which he got from Harry halls in Manchester.
It’s an early Trek Madone that he’s had for about 10 years and still looks good. Turns out he’s 80 years old and still riding a carbon bike. Goes the shops on it and rides to Chester on it. He makes my day.
Straight up the hill and down the other side at 30 mph and then up Thurstaton cutting which can be scary with a lorry on your wheel. Pulled in to let the lorry pass which was greeted with a toot.
There no need to wind everyone up just because your in the right all the time. This is a narrow road with double white lines. Cycle path past the Cottage Loaf with a stop at Tesco pharmacy. Had a few strange looks while I was waiting, mind you I was in the Discovery kit, could have been worse it could have been the Slipstream Argyle.
Home for 32 miles.
Gave the bike the once over when home only to discover the chain worn out. New chain from Wheelbase went to CycleSurgery for The Lance Armstrong training manual and had a look at the Pearl Izumi kit with  40% off. A bit plain when when you like team kit.
Borders for Cycle Sport and then home. Settling down to watch the Tour of California time trial.
Saturday:  Fitted new chain to the Iceni, changed a tyre on the motor to keep things legal and had a look in a few bike shops in Chester. Can’t justify £5,000 for a time trial bike to do a few club 10,s. 20% off Treks for Feb at the Edge.
Sunday: Jack day, Paul’s  http://www.twe2.com doing well with an article in the DailyPost last week and a conference call with venture capitalists next. Called in a Formby Cycles to look at some nice bikes and kit. Specialized Transition TT bike for £2k but with Aksium wheels. Armstrong now at 152,000 followers. Can’t really justify another bike for time trials but I can dream.
Had some mail from Dave about the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool 2009 ride now with a 90 mile option.
looks like it clashes with a certain event that starts in Monaco that I want to be at.
Anyway it’s a great event if your looking to ride an organised event for the first time.
Various distances, go for it and surprise yourself.
Wild Wales entries are now open, 600 entry limit, not for the fainthearted. About as hard is it gets without being in a race. A piece of welsh slate that you value at the end of it. Triple or Compact reccomended.

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  1. Thanks for the comments Emmanuel and Heather, things have suddenly got a lot busier thanks to Janes BBC Health section post.

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