Weekending 01 Mar 09

Monday: Work first of four days in. Woke up to the phone going daft with texts coming in about Lance Armstrong. Pauls new site WWW.Twe2.Com doing the business and steaming them through. This has the making of something big. I’m up to 200 texts in two days now.
Tuesday: Work, booked most of July off, phone going daft again. Added BarlowWorld to Twe2 searches.
Wednesday: Work, got told a headlight and a sidelight were out so it was a trip to Halfords on the way home. Now the £100 bulb change is with us it’s time to loose some more flesh by changing them myself. The sidelight bulb proved to be a right struggle and the headlight needs the fuel filter removing. Sceduled in Friday Morning for that one. Phone going daft with Twe2 texts.
Thursday: Work. Picked up the comic on the way home.
Friday: Sorted out the blown headlight bulb on the Polo, not a five minute job on modern cars. Then turned my attention to the Iceni. Fitted a new freewheel I picked up from Colin at Wheelbase and then replaced the front brake block which were worn. Proved rather difficult as the locating screw was seized in the alloy housing.
Margarets spinning class at West Kirby, 650 calories a great stretching routine.
Asked about the Twixter bike classes as no one seems to be doing anything about them.
Saturday: Ride day, my only real opportunity for a ride this week. Got to make the most of it.
38 miles to Chester and back, Eureka for breakfast and then on to the River Dee cycle path.
Met up with the NorthEnd at the Eureka, sorted a map problem out on a 705 and showed Chicago Dave the 705 maps. Was told the story of how he got lost in europe following a stage and didn’t know where and the name of the hotel he was staying.
Sunday: Jack day, minature railway ride in Grosvenor Park, Blue Moon Cafe for lunch and back to feed the squirrels which are really tame. Booked a spinning class at West Kirby.
Twe2.com has really taken off for Paul with over 200,000 txts sent.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 01 Mar 09”

  1. Hi Frank, just thought I’d pick up on your comments about the X-Bikes…I work for council and have been trained on them along with about 10 other instructors. The original plan is that they are for “kids” as the PCT have donated the money to the council for the purchase of them. They have the bikes at Tennis Centre, Leasowe (which you already know) and Guinea Gap. We are hounding council to get the classes up and running for adults but as such no one knows what is happening with them. If I hear anything I will drop you a “comment” on here. They are absolutely unbelievable!!! The classes will only be for 30 mins and can burn up to 900 calories in that time. The classes will either be instructor led or the class will follow a projected cine film which is really fun, as they simulate riding through the streets of San Francisco, Iron man, Mountain runs, Beach run, flat etc….

  2. Thanks Alex, I’ve been told they are really good. I don’t know about burning that many calories in that time as the most I’ve burnt is 850 in an hour and I was absolutly flat out for all of it.
    I run a Tacx trainer that uses Real Life Video that increases the resistance as the hill gets steeper and it is hard work.
    The last one I did took me 2 hours.

    The PCT is going to have it’s work cut out getting kids to use them, if they are anything like the adults even a free pass kept me out of the gym until near the end of my 12 weeks.

  3. Nice to hear back from you..the reason the sessions burn so many calories is because the bikes work upper and lower body as there is resistance in the handle bars as well as the free wheel pedals…they are truly amazing, I just can’t wait to get going with classes…like I say I will keep you posted as and when I hear back from the council….Alex

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