Weekending 15 Mar 09

Monday: Waited in all morning for someone who didn’t turn up. Watched Paris-Nice on Eurosport and washed my kit and that was about it. Should have jumped on the Tacx. Blogged
Tuesday: The right side of 89 kg this morning so the weight is slowly coming off. Weather looked a bit grim for the day so it was off to West Kirby for a Spinning Class and a session in the gym.
No space for the first class so it was off to the gym to hit the machines.
Sidestepper for 10 mins, ran a mile which felt OK. Cycled at 100 rpm for 10 mins to see if I’m cut out to be a Lance style high cadence rider. Guess I’m not.
A gel before the spinning class which went well then a 2km Row which took 10 minutes. Some weights and then a shower. Took a Rego recovery drink to see if they work.
Weather nice and bright when I got out so perhaps I should have chanced it.
Settled down to watch Paris-Nice on Eurosport. Rang up about an X bike ride and was told to turn up 15 mins early and enjoy the class.

Turned up at the Sports Centre in Everton Valley paid my £4 and did my first class. I ended up burning 850 calories which is a new record. It is more like mountain biking with the added advantage of SPD pedals.
Friction is controled by a twistgrip. Couldn’t quite get the hang of the freewheel as needed all the resistance in to stop it slipping.
A video is projected on the wall which in parts is computer generated similar to a Tacx Catalyst ride.
Other parts are filmed in Liverpool and should be put on YouTube, they are brilliant. Must have been done by a courier with no fear. Jumping red lights and a host of other transgretions it is really good to watch and sure beats the hell out of staring at a spot on a wall of a squash court.
Wednesday: Work. 88.5 kg this morning so the Christmas excess is coming off but at a slow rate.
Legs know about it today so yesterday wasn’t a waste.
Lifestyle and Weight Management Followup class tonight so I’ll be off early.
11 turning up.
Had to modify my Twe2.com settings as the texts were getting out of hand. Deleted over 500 with someone mentioning LanceArmstrong in, the setting is now @LanceArmstrong so only his should come through. TourdeTweets on twitter gave good updates on Paris-Nice with RaboBank dishing another battering to the peleton.
Thursday: Work followed by Northend club night. Signed up for the Time Trial series again so I’m going to have to get my finger out now. Also thinking about track accreditation (pink slip) as I’ve already done the taster sessions. Daves got a new 705 for his Majorca training camp using BikeHike to plan his courses.
Caught the end of the Tirreno-Adriatico on Eurosport. An interesting point came up at the meeting regarding the recent Eddie Soens race, average speed for one of the riders was 26 mph with a max of 37. Now I know why I keep getting dropped in TLI roadraces, they are fast events right from the off.
The Club has a good facebook page with Barrys excellent training ride writeups, the club website is not being updated. The only problem I foresee is that you can’t get to see what’s happening on facebook without being a friend.
Friday: Work.
Trixter vids on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFJtIlu5kNs&playnext_from=PL&feature=PlayList&p=327B2BB593DD0297&playnext=1&index=18

Deleted the Trixter search comment as I’d spelt it wrong and entered Twixter which is probably due to too much time on Twitter lately.
Saturday: Work.
Last Wednesday at the LifeStyle and Weight Managet followup class I picked up some of the British Heart Foundation booklets there are 23 in the series dealing with all aspects of the heart and health. Here’s a link to the High Blood Pressure one.
The legs have finally recovered from Tuesdays efforts, the X bikes hitting a different set of muscles.
Paris-Nice on twitter had Alberto Contador blowing up 4 km from the end. No evening repeat on Eurosport means I’ve missed it. The Toy is getting an airing early tommorow as the trainer tyre is coming off tonight.
The bag got a dose of looking at removed a tube, a spoke key and a pair of pliers. The long nose pliers came out when I found the tweezers tucked away.
Sunday: Ride day, well a short one.

15Mar09 021

15Mar09 022


The Toy came out today, out for 8:30 and I set off for breakfast. Headed down to Parkgate and on towards Neston. Here I picked up Chicago Dave in his Barloworld kit. He thought I was Barry and we stopped at Neston Cross for Barry to arrive. Barry on his best bike too. Barry is leading the 9 oclock group ride so the Eureka was fairly empty. Took the group photo above and went back in to see the others. Spoke to Ray and a few others I haven’t seen for a while.

Come leaving time there as no space left for parking your bike and Allan took my spot bringing out his Scott CR1.  It was best bike weather today and I’m heading back via the Missing Link on National Cycle Route 56. I’m heading back as others are heading out and everybody is enjoying the fine weather.

The rest of the day was a Jack day with a trip to Loggerheads and Royden Park for the minature trains. Steam this week and busy it’s a slick operation running 4 engines and three trains.
Home for Paris-Nice finish.

Margarets Spinning class at West Kirby, tough class. Mentioned the X bike class I did at Everton Valley and how many calories I burnt.  Had a good day today, thinking about the next three days off now.
Paul has had 500,000 texts through Twe2.com with steady growth.

8 thoughts on “Weekending 15 Mar 09”

  1. Sounds great, though the film of cyclists running red lights is likely to reinforce the perception that all cyclists do it. They don’t.

  2. Dave it’s something else, they were flying through 12 inch gaps. Wrong side of the road through lights. Crashes. Riding around the Albert Dock, we’ve all got it in us but some of us have the brain cells engaged. Ended with a photo montage of Liverpool which looks good. It’s an interval based session and looking at the numbers does seem to work. Short intervals with half the rest period. Longest was at the end with 8 minutes with it ratcheting up a click a minute.
    Think of a London Courier and throw away the brain.

  3. Frank

    The VT is too easy for the likes of you 🙂

    Freestyling is harder no VT just instructor lead 45 mins awesome


  4. Dave why not try a class. They will be coming over our side once the council gets their finger out.
    Janice, I’d run out of resistance a lot of the time and the cordination at times was a bit suspect.
    The legs know about it today but that could have been the running.

  5. Dave I’ve just watched the youtube link. It’s very similar with local content. Margaret who has had the x bike training mentioned about hanging on to door handles so that link could be part of one DVDs.

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