Weekending 22 Mar 09

Monday: 88.2 kg this morning, so yesterdays short ride and spinning class did have a result.
9.30 Spinning class at West Kirby followed by the gym. HRM had me doing 500 calories in the class but it was more as it stops counting when doing chest presses.
One of the class mentioned how hard it was and I’d tend to agree.

Gym afterwards for weights, 1 mile run and the crosstrainer and another 2km on the rowing machine.
I’d set the crosstrainer to count calories and see how long it took to burn 284 calories off ( a Mars bars worth). The resistance was set midrange with the display showing 150-160 watts. 32 minutes later I was done. Part of my problem with weight gain was hitting the vending machine at work because I wouldn’t be getting anything to eat for a couple of hours.
Two Mars Bars a day will make you gain a pound a week or 52 pounds a year (3stone 10pounds if you prefer Imperial) .
Sort my dads Skype out.

Booked an X bike class at Leasowe. Hopefully this will see me through the 88 kg Colnago weight limit in the next day or so. It will also give me a chance to see if the leg muscle soreness returns.

Only six bikes and a shorter class at Leasowe with a bike empty from someone that booked and never turned up. The Liverpool and London videos were played after some exercises to get newcomers used to the moves. Saw the icons that tell you whether to increase or decrease the resistance this time around.
As the bikes are brand new I didn’t have any problem with slippage this time. Can’t give you a calorie figure as I forgot to wear the cheststrap. Shower and home.
Tesco finest pizza for tea 620 calories, always read the label.
Tuesday: Booked in for the second spinning class at West Kirby as the first is full. Probably the gym beforehand like last week.
87.6 Kg this morning so the trend is still down.
A few weights in the gym before the class.
I was under the impression that this was going to be an empty class but all the women from the Pilate’s class piled in.
This turned out to be one hard class partly because of the fast tempo throughout it. One section was the closest thing to climbing at speed which is just what I need. The HRM hit 184 BPM on this stretch.
Shower and home for lunch.
Had problems with Outlook only getting it sorted after 5.
Another spinning class at West Kirby not as intense as this morning but still gave it a good go.
No Barloworld for the Tour.
Wednesday: Ride day. Report coming up. Route http://connect.garmin.com/activity/2616698
Thursday: Work for the next four days. Back up to 87.6 kg so I was dehydrated on yesterdays ride. The scales read 87.2 kg yesterday.  More writing for yesterdays ride and updated a few links for the CTC page.
Friday: Work. Wrote the above post. Sorted out a washing machine. Need to sort out some after work routine even if it’s half an hour on the bike once the clocks go forward.
Saturday: Work. Deleted 240 odd texts that twe2 had sent me and flattened the battery. Sorted a few more links out here and there and checked my spelling on a few pages which can be patchy on some words. Hope to stay up to see Cavendish on Milan SanRemo. Did some pressups and I’ve lost form.
Sunday: Work.

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