Northend Ride to Plassey

Rode out to the Eureka Cafe with the intention of doing my first decent ride of the year. Rode out on empty for Franks Breakfast which was going to have a bearing on the first part of the ride. CTC were going to Trevor Arms and Carol had The Plassey by Bangor on Dee in mind.

18Mar09 002

While waiting for the ride to assemble Allan Negus turned up on his recession busting new toy. Rode with Allan with the CTC, always immaculately turned out, slows down before the cafe stop so not to arrive in a sweat. Lots of summer bikes out now mine included. Amazing what a bit of sun can do. Picked up a set of car keys on the A540 on the way out.

18Mar09 003

Seventeen on the ride and I nearly missed it as it was off up the road after this picture.
Went down the outside of the traffic to catch them up at Woodbank an oncoming lorry driver flashing me onto the back of the group.

All was going well with me playing tailgunner with John on the back. That was until the roundabouts at Rossett where a lorry gaped us from the group. We fell of the back with Vicky leading the charge up the Gresford hill.

John called it a day further on and headed to Holt. I was playing catchup until Llan-y-Pwll.
Last through the lights at Cross Lanes the elastic snapped again with Barry going for it on the rolling road.

Once a ride gets to a certain size the front has no connection with the back.  There were times when we held up traffic because those on the front didn’t hear the shout to single out. This was on solid white lines those at the back did but the message didn’t reach the front.  This time it was OK  but there are times when the motorists get agressive. Usually ending in them speeding past and chopping up the front outside rider.

Turning up the drive to the Plassey I glanced down to the Edge to see the gradient at 10%.

Parked the bike up and joined the others on the benches outside to order.
18Mar09 004

This was my cake stop, it tasted as good as it looks and that is without the optional ice cream or cream.
I’ve already had a Eureka breakfast in me so anything more will be too much.

18Mar09 005

This was Barry’s Lasagna, you can’t fault the place for any of the food.  Got berated by Lisa for not taking pictures of the views “Why’s he taking pictures of the food”.
There were shots I wanted to take like the two lambs running along side us bleating away but the windshell meant I couldn’t get the camera out. 

18Mar09 006


18Mar09 007

Took a turn on the front on the way back, there is another shot with Barry on the front but as I sped off to get a shot from the roadside he chased me down and nearly ran into me as I pulled up sharply.

 18Mar09 009

 This was the resultant picture.

  18Mar09 011 

That little dot in the distance is Barry going off the front. I’m off the back a bit.
I join the back again to see Barry going off the front again.
Had another stint at the front and came of at Aldford as the Saighton 10 I haven’t ridden yet and wanted to see what it looked like.
Carol and Barry were on the back with a car or lorry between us next thing they are gone. Lisa goes back.  I thought there had been a mechanical but no. The camera case wormed it’s way out of the pocket and Barry thinking it was my wallet stopped for it. Thanks Barry I owe you one.

18Mar09 012

Carol and Lisa opt to take the cyclepath through Chester and avoid whats coming next. Backford Hill. It’s not the hill that is the problem it’s what goes on up it. Not a problem for me as five of us missed the lights but you know whats going on up front.
True to form there is a break and it’s hard enough getting on the back of the group after a change of lights.

It’s steady then to Chapel Lane where my rattling bike (unthreaded valve stem rattling on the rim) takes a change of tone, like something is going to drop off. Found nothing and met up with the others at the Eureka. Everybody has had a good ride and it’s been a great day. Rode home via the Missing Link with Barry and Vicky until she turned off.
72 miles, best ride of the year so far but there will be others, a lot more others. use the player button, it’s really good.

7 thoughts on “Northend Ride to Plassey”

  1. Great day out and a cracking ride Frank, really set me up nice for the weekend. Although I might manage to sneak out on Friday for a blast over Hope Mountain.

  2. Hi Frank,
    You’re a Eureka regular. Do they have a notice board or similar to publicise local rides? I’m looking to give my Poncysyllte Aqueduct event a plug. Also, since it’s not on any of my routes, would you mind putting one of my posters up for me?

  3. Stan, there are boards for the CTC, Northend, Sunlight and adverts.
    It’ll be next Wednesday before I’m at the Eureka. I could see Keith at Eureka Cycle Sports Tuesday or you could give him a calland try and get something up for the weekend.
    Janets Spring 50 entry forms have been popular.
    I meant to get back to you about plotting routes for GPS users.
    If the route hasn’t changed you always use last years GPX file.
    Send me the routes you want plotting and I’ll see what I can come up with.

    Barry that sounds like secret training, make sure you wear black and not the club kit as your bound to get spotted.

  4. Eureka – yes, if you can put one of my A5 poster up for me that would be very helpful. How shall I get it to you?

    And GPS plots. I’ve traced the route of my Horseshoe Grimpeur on 26 April in and put the generated .GPX on the event page: . I see a few people have downloaded it but nobody has come back to say whether it’s any good. Any chance you could have a go with it, maybe write a sentence or two on what’s needed to downloaded into a Garmin? If MapMyRide traces are ok I’ll do the other events too.

    You’re free to blog our conversations but for private info, like addresses, maybe we should use direct e-mail?

  5. Stan, send me the document and I’ll print it out and take it the Eureka tommorrow. I’ll take a look at the route and see iff will go into my 705.

  6. Thanks Frank I do tend not to wear club kit when out on my own….you never know whose watching lol

  7. I’ve got enough time when out about to see who is doing secret training. Saw another Northender out today and it wasn’t Lance going to work. Saw him twice last week.

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