What it takes to lose a Pound.

I don’t want to take credit for someone elses information but here is a useful link explaining the difference between body fat and food fat.


The crux of the article is a Kilogramme of body fat is 7,700 calories but a kilo of pure food fat is 9,000 calories.  Any oil fits the latter category even if is a good one.

This is how the discrepancy as I see it occurs, burn 7,700 calories and loose a pound of unpure body fat. Eat 1 kg of pure fat and gain 1.25 kg.  No one has ever explained it to me like that and I stand to be corrected.

I know about the 9,000 calories a litre of oil contain and that is why I avoid crisps like the plague. ( crisps 30% fat) Don’t get back to me saying Walkers crisps are healthy mono fats and good for you fats, they are still high in calories per gramme which ever way you look at it.

Ever see a vending machine with an apple or orange in it?

So from a weight loss point of view I see it as more effective to limit your intake of fats, eat healthily, do some exercise and loose weight naturally. 

Linking this to my recent posts on what it takes to burn off a Mars Bar it makes sense to cut out those fats.

5 thoughts on “What it takes to lose a Pound.”

  1. Great blog, thanks for the inspiration. “This is how the discrepancy as I see it occurs, burn 7,700 calories and loose a pound of unpure body fat.” Should that be lose a kilo of unpure body fat? I seriously hope so cos i’m frigged otherwise;)

  2. Thanks Nick, that was probably a mistake but lots of errors have been creeping into posts and comments recently due to a sticky keyboard on an IBM thinkpad. Letters get missed and dropped spaces mean words run into each other.

  3. Hi Frank.
    Well the Dragon ride was a tough event and according to my edge 705 I burnt about 5400 kcals for 133km over the six hours. Previously on my London – Canterbury effort 190km over eight hours I burnt 5200 kcals. have you come across this discrepancy before and if so how do you correct for it? I reckon the polar calculation is more accurate so what is the Garmin issue?
    Time to spare now as I got knocked off the bike by a car today so want to resolve this little quandry.

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