Weekending 26 Apr 09

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work, packed the gym bag but forgot to take it out of the door. Own goal.
Wednesday:Work, had the gym bag but worked late to 8pm. No gym, another own goal.
Thursday: Work, some joker swapped some of the keys on the computer and after putting in the wrong password too many times I was locked out and had to phone IT for a password reset. Even this wasn’t straight forward as they didn’t have me on the system. It gets better, IT reset my password but I still can’t login because R and T have been swapped and you can’t see what you are typing when entering a password.
It doesn’t click until I log out and can’t enter my login name correctly.
Made the IT guys day.
Picked up the comic on the way home and there is a full page article about the Eureka Cafe in it.
The picture looks like it was taken last week.
Friday: Looked at the satellite distribution system for the flats as one of the residents is having trouble with sky reception.  Tuesdays time trial start positions came out last night, with me having a 2.5 minute handicap. Wondering if a new bike will make me any better as I could have done with some bar end shifters at times the other week, it’s going to be too much hassle swapping bars and cables over every other week.

Called in at EurekaSports to see Keith working on an Orbea timetrial bike that was going out with it’s new owner. I was thinking of buying it but I was beaten to it by another northender.

Updated the link to the Eureka Cafe after Dave reported a problem. Ann had a look at the links a Google search generates and the first one was faulty. Cheshire Oaks for some cycle mags, Tesco’s for some fruit and a carwash.

Margaret’s spinning class at West Kirby. Starts off easy then ramps up eases off a bit and up again. Last sprint is Sandstorm by Darude and Margaret asks the class if the want the full 7 minute version as Frank wants the full version.  I hadn’t but they ask who’s Frank?. I’ve the whole of the class looking at me as I’m stuck on the back row. Some were going to have words after the class, Margaret sure know how to drop a guy in it. 640 calories worth and a bucket of sweat, no water bottle so had to buy a bottle of Lucozade Sport out of the vending machine and it isn’t enough. Shower and home.
Saturday: Ride day. Rode out to the Eureka for Frank’s breakfast  with it looking a bit overcast in the distance. The Northend arrived and it was a toss up to which group to ride with. Tempo has a new bike and that means a pub stop, could be a big round looking at the size of the group. It’s starting to rain as we assemble outside which is not the best start as I’m in summer kit, armwarmers on and a Disco Channel gilet that I removed the label on, so it’s new.
Spoke to Big Phil of The Sunlight in the cafe as our paths haven’t passed in a while.
Went out with Muriel’s group but it didn’t last long. Not equiped for the ride with no waterproofs I dropped of at the Strawberry roundabout and headed back to the Eureka. I was shortly joined by the “Dog” who had had enough of the club ride at Hawarden with a river running down the road.  Very few had mudguards as it was supposed  to brighten up. I ended up doing a Wirral coastal ride back to the Eureka and back home via Route 56. Took some more pictures at New Brighton but the sun wasn’t in my favor. At Woodside I took to the front that leads you to Cammel Lairds. Went down Rest Hill, turned around climbed it for the first time in a while. It was a decent pace with it slowing when I was into oxygen depletion.

Just made it past the cow milking time and past the motorway bridge two guys on carbon bikes pass me as I’m a world of my own. Not a word is said, coming the other way is another Disco Channel wannabe with two mates. Big ring stuff up Talbot Avenue had me passing the guy on the Dolan but not catching his mate who promptly stopped at the top. Back to the Eureka and then home to clean the bike. 68 miles now dried out, could have done more but it’s early in the season. Peter told me about last Sunday’s ride which sounded like a real leg breaker after Saturday.

Sunday: Didn’t do a tap today as Jack was around. Didn’t even get a spinning class in as Liege-Baston-Liege was on Eurosport but delayed because of live snooker. Missed out on Stan’s Horseshoe Grimpeur which I would have liked to have ridden.  Watched F1. Superbikes and MotoGp and read the paper. Started to update the Dummies guide to the Garmin 705 page, which was called the knowledgebase.
Listened to a 10 minute  version of Confusion by New Order, OK but you couldn’t spin to it for 10 minutes.
I keep coming back to this clip another Darude mix but it is good and something I’ve watched over ther years.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 26 Apr 09”

  1. How’s it going Frank, stunbled across your site and i have to say it’s very inspiring. I myself have dropped from 16.7 stone to a shade under 13 at the minute and reading you blog makes me want to loose a bit more. I’m 5′ 7” so my weight should be 11.7 or there abouts. My main problem is loosing the last stone an a half, i still have a large stomach but because of the spin classes and body pump classes i do i’m not as flabby elsewhere, though my chest needs to lose a bit also.

    Any ideas on different training regimes to help shift it?

  2. Liam, I’m 3Kg up on last year and it’s all fat so I’m in a similar position. I’m under the impression that it’s hard to target a specific area. Looking at the fat and muscle percentages I’m 2% up on fat and 1% down on muscle.
    Lately I’ve been taking in too many empty calories so although I haven’t piled it back on it is proving hard to shift.
    At 82kg I was pretty lean and out on the bike a lot more. The Sunday rides have gone so I,m looking for something else.
    If your OK elsewhere there is nowhere else for your body to store the fat so you should loose the stomach. Ask the gym instructors for a routine for the chest and core.
    Mens Health magazine has plenty of stuff about abs in it, probably too much at times but it is aimed at a specific market.

  3. Hi Frank,
    I came across your site when buying a Garmin 305, since then I’ve been keeping up to date with your great progress. You live in a lovely part of the country for cycling, unlike in Bahrain which is hot, dusty and has terrible drivers. I have just bought and set up a Garmin 605 for LE2JOG this summer, and came across some items that you don’t mention in your Dummies Guide:
    – you can get around Garmin saying you have to have an original Mapsource before applying the latest version as an update by unzipping the download file, then running MSMAIN.MSI then SETUP.EXE
    – bikehike.co.uk seems to do all that BikeRouteToaster does, and has ordnance survey maps displayed that can help with very detailed route creation. I have just noticed a recent update that says “The GPXX Route option allows Garmin 705 users to do SatNav type navigation and not be restricted to the 100 waypoint limit. Hardpoints in the route become ‘via’ points. You can add hard points by ctrl-clicking on the route while in drag edit mode (hard points are the black dots). You will need to add via points for off-road sections – or disable the 705’s route recalculation (if possible).” So if you are on road this looks better than a) waypoint routing which only gives compass directions and b) Courses which don’t reroute you back on course when you go off course, just telling you that you are off course. I look forward to trying this out when I get to a country/map that has rerouting.
    – you can get OSM maps that have rerouting, unlike the Talkytoasteruk ones (which as you say currently has a broken download link).


  4. Hi Stuart, I’ll add the Mapsource info to the guide. I’ve been in touch with Velorider about the link and he mentioned about Bikehike and GPXX routes. He rode one he had planned yesterday and it went fine for him.
    Lots of sites link into the 705 page and with close to 400 comments covering all aspects of it, its getting out of hand.
    I went for a fresh install on a new computer yesterday to see what problems a first timer would hit.
    Still annoyed that you can’t get a TCX file into or out of Mapsource.
    I’ll have to get up to speed on the OSM maps as a 705 without a map is a fairly useless piece of kit.

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