Weekending 07 June 09

Monday: Work.  One mistake I made on yesterdays ride was to remove my sunglasses for the final climb around Panorama. I suffer from hayfever around this time of year and I’d been alright until the end.I was in a bad way by the time I got home, that along with a chest infection meant I’d really slowed up near the end. Other than that I felt fine Monday, no aches so to speak of  and only a bit of sunburn on parts that hadn’t had factor 50 on them.
Tuesday: Work, Need to get the bike out of the car as it is ride day tommorow.
Found the camera so will start on the Aquaduct ride write up.
Wednesday: Stan posted the finishing times for the Aquaduct Challenge. I spent a bit of time seeing where I lost time. Phils punctures took about 25 minutes maybe but it took over 20 minutes to get from the canal to Panorama Walk as I had to stop for a gel and walked up the two steepest bits. Wrecked a pair of cleats in the process.
Eureka and back for a sandwich, Dave was leaving as I arrived.  A chap that I met on the start line of the TLI Oulton Park roadraces came across and introduced himself, he was recovering from a broken back then and is now back on the bike after a broken femur,(ouch). 16 miles via the missing link.
Munchman flapjacks are back in stock at the Eureka so I got a couple for the rides. I could have done with these on Sunday rather than just the gels.
Thursday: Sort the house out day, missing out on great riding weather. Hot spinning class at West Kirby, shower and home. Much the same tommorow, got to be done. Saturday is ride day this block.
Friday: Another sort the house out day. No gym , no spin.
Saturday: Rode to an empty Eureka in the rain. What a weekend for a Northenend club weekend. Rode home in the rain. Pissed down all day, went to Chester and came home with nowt.16 miles at best. Will cycle another time. Blog and little else.
Sunday: Work.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 07 June 09”

  1. hi frank, big chap here from manchester wheelers, i asked keieth boardman about the 5 mile tt’s and hope to enter all of them, would like to ask you advice about weight though, when i was racing in the 1980s i was racing at about 14st, i was racing for the manchester wheelers from 1983 to 1991 and have been off the bike since 1/991, im now 17.0 st and could do with loosing about 1.5 st do you have any advice,? thanks, martin owens

  2. Martin, on virtualy every other occasion I would go with Keiths advice. You’ve been at a decent level to know what is required so no big steps are involved.
    You’ve put on 3 stone in 30 years so the reverse should be acheivable with a few changes.
    The first thing is to give up the booze if you do, they are empty calories and although you could be a saint in other areas you won’t acheive you’re goal.
    You could try dieting for initial gains in weigtloss but a 500 calorie reduction a day will loose you 1 lb a week.
    It means choosing between the healthy option when others are looking at the carb option on a ride.
    It’s quite a small adjustment that you have to make but you should retain your power.
    You could go beyond your 1.5 st target once you get into it as I had no idea I would get to my current weight sticking to the BHF plan.
    Theres a big chap on an Iceni that took a minute out of me that I need to repay this year.

  3. thanks frank, just got weighed today im 110kg/17.32st, weird thing is since ive been back on the bike ive put about half a stone on? one big problem is im a diabetic, so weight control is a major problem, as a diabetics “diet” is counted in gramms of carbohydrate,this is a problem as you may know as high carb food is usually full of starch and loads of fat, ive been modifing my intake over the years espescially when riding, taking in more slow release carb foods as they help when riding, ive been off the beer, as you say its empty calories,and im trying to cut fat out of my diet, the main thing ive found out is how much my body has changed over 20 years,things like my legs still ache 2 days after a ride and not a hard one,if i have an injuryit seems like i cant get rid off it for weeks,im getting there but its bloody hard, keith said to me just do what you can and enjoy it, he is righ as always ,but i want to push myself ,ive always taken keiths advice as he used to give me some coaching in my wheelers days in the 1980s and with his advice back then got from a 27min 10tt to a short 24min 10in 6mths, i dont think ill ever get that “young fitness” back,but what im finding is my riding style has changed,ive never been a climber as im to big, but now on climbs im staying in the saddle longer and using deeper quad muscles, ive found the whole cycling life ive experienced over 29 years is a huge learning curve and im still learning

  4. Martin, have a good look at the BHF eating plan that I’m on. It’s low fat and just means following the healthy option most of the time.
    The important thing to realise is that there are 9 calories in 1 gramm of fat hence 9,000 in a kilo of the stuff. Alcohol(pure) is about 7 I think.

    If you’ve put weight on since you’ve been on the bike it sounds like you need to have a good look at the diet and don’t fall into the trap of overeating for the ride. You’ve got 7,500 calories stored in each extra kilo so you’ve plenty of reserves to draw on.

    A normal start for the day for me is about 75g of Quaker Oat Granola and 3 berries over it. It may be too high in sugars for a diabetic but is lower in fat than other oat granolas.

    I’ve been on this from the start, so it really works for me.

    I’m starting to wonder if I’m taking it too easily on rides as I’m not getting the aches others are complaining of. I generally feel fine the next day but I’m riding on my own to my limits.

    Any weightloss is going to improve all aspects of your life. Any performance is going to be improved loosing a few kilos.

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