Weekending 05 July 09

Monday: Ride day 82 miles up Moel Y Parc which I ‘d like to show you but it’s stuck in the 705. Version 2.80 software upgrade has been a complete waste of time. Scorcher of a day, no pictures.
Tuesday: Wasted 2 hours with 2.80. went for a Spinning class then wasted more time on 2.80 .
DELETED yesterdays ride AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH. Going back to 2.60.
Found I had no History Folder so the rides would not upload as they were in memory somewhere and not the folder. Contacted Garmin support after I’d made a new history folder and lo and behold it worked. Went for a drive to Eureka Sports to give it a try and it was fine. Unit is still 2.80 as I couldn’t get the 2.6 downgrade to work.
Time to head out for tonights 10.
What a day this turned out to be, finally got the 705 sorted which was just as well as it was eating me up with the Etape coming up. Mondays ride data that was lost had me doubting I would be up to the challenge. It would be borderline the way went on Monday where the idea was to see how I went up comparable gradients.
Bottom line is 6.6-6.9 mph up an 8% gradient, a good 2 hours on the Ventoux IF I make the cuttoff.
Northend 10 from Pulford, cutting straight to it 25minutes 5 seconds which is a PB by 1 second.
Can’t seem to crack that 25 minute gold standard but it does seem to confirm that I’ve platauxed.
What’s missing these days is the amount of riding I do.
What has set the alarm bells ringing is having to get off and walk last month on the Aquaduct Challenge. Ok it was 20% and was at 100 miles but I just wasn’t up to it.

So I’m no better or worse than I was last year.  Which is comforting in some way.
Wednesday:  Work, only four days then I’m off for the rest of the month. Some big rides to fit in.
Had a look at Motionbased reply and I could have saved my Monday ride by saving it as a Course. If only I hadn’t done a Hard Reset.
Booked a ticket for the last day of the UCI world track championship at Manchester.
Thursday: Work. Been reading up on the Etape tips, one of them is not to start at the back. Not knowing if I had an entry I did a search on the Etape site. Guess what number I am: 8480 out of 8500.
This set the alarm bells ringing, with me just in front of the broom wagon never mind making the fixed cuttoffs in checkpoints.
Going to have to get some similar length and gradient climbs no matter what. Monday was too steep in places so nothing over 10%.
Slipped 2 places down the TT Handicap league with the women giving me a good hiding.

Lot of conflict coming up Sunday, should I do Liverpool Chester Liverpool, an Etape training ride or play with the grandson and watch the Tour.
Fan that I bought Monday is way too loud, It’s like a turboprop on takeoff. Going back asap.
Friday: Work. Measured the bikebag up and it’s Ok. Downloaded the route off BikeHike.
Saturday: Work. Last day for the rest of the month. Would have liked to have seen the Prologue today  but bigger things are coming up. Planning an early start in the morning whether it is a park and ride or a straightride out into Wales again.
Offical entry for theEtape came through.
Sunday: Rode out to the Eureka via Parkgate after getting directed by one of the marshalls on the Liverpool Chester Liverpool ride. Turned off before the next marshall came up.
Only Peter there but we were soon joined by Vicky. Dave Large got caught up in the ride telling of how the marshalls were sending them through red lights.
Ended up going out with Tempo’s group to the fisheries. Got dropped on a few of the climbs around Cilcain but they were steep. Got caught in a shower and took a picture of the Northend hiding in a bus shelter.
This was the point where a few dropped off the ride. Namely Newby ,Vicky, Andy, Tim and AN Other.

Service at the fisheries was slow with such a large group coming enmase. A couple gave up after we had ordered. It is nice but having such a long break means  that other options on the ride back are a bit limited.

Managed to stay with the group on the way back (must have been the pancake). Set off the speed camera,s at (god knows where) with the group flashing through at 36 mph.  At least four flashes.

Eureka had all the usual groups finishing there, Leisure, CTC, Club and solo groups. Grabbed a wheel off Allans group after having a look at Steve Cummings bike on the rail.
63 miles.

12 thoughts on “Weekending 05 July 09”

  1. Lost all my History when I upgraded I’m not a happy bunny after todays episode. Need it sorting before the Etape. when it saves the ride after you plug the USB lead in it lasts about 1/2 a second instead of a couple of seconds.

  2. Frank

    Sorry to hear you’re getting problems.

    I’ll definitely stick with v2.60 until after my End-to-End in July. I’ve not had any problems since going back to 2.60, although it seems that it loses the satellite signal indoors a bit more often, but that may be just that I’ve not yet disabled the beeps since going back & losing settings.


  3. Rick

    It’s turning out to be a disaster, did a hard reset which deleted yesterdays ride and I could have done with the data. I was planning to use that to see how I was going to do on the Ventoux.
    The trip up Moel Y Parc was at 18% and down a track the other side.
    2.6 here I come.

  4. I’ve gone down to 2.60 now, yet another lost ride today on 2.70 (didn’t bother with 2.80 as that isn’t without its problems either!).

  5. A post on MotionBased said I could have saved the ride as a course, pity I had done a hard reset by reading another post on the site. Phoned Garmin support and they noted the missing History folder so at least the fix is logged. They are well clued up on Edge 705 problems now and it didn’t take long seeing as I’d sorted the problem at the last minute.

  6. Frank – regarding your start number. The starts at the Etape is in blocks: 0 – 500, 500 – 2000, 2000 – 4000 etc. so the key to a not being at the back is to get to the start of the event early – that way you can be at the front of your group…

  7. Noted Phil, Looking at the broom waggon times I’ll be about 20 minutes in front of it at the start so obviously can’t afford to have anything go wrong. Still waiting for the paperwork to come through. I only know I’ve got a ride because of a search of the Etape site.

  8. Frank mate, Hope you are well, Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support, I got some discovery shorts from eBay :), Not got the Trek Back yet, Purchased a Hybrid today, a Scott Sub Classic 30, Picking it up on Tuesday, Not sure what I will be riding to Blackpool yet though, Cant believe its a week away now, scary 🙂

    Thanks Gaz

  9. Although the Etape organisers are fairly keen on starting you in number order, it’s often possible to sneak into an earlier group. Since your time starts as you ride over the timing mat, there’s no penalty in doing this and it will put you a little further ahead of the broom wagon. Arrive early, pick a Brit with a low number (Foska jerseys are a give away), and move to the front with your new buddy.

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